How to Turn Off Repeating Text Message Alerts on iPhone


Repeat Alerts is a messaging app notifications feature that reminds users that have a text message. By default when you receive a text message on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll be alerted two times. First, alert when you get a message and second alert after two minutes interval as a text reminder alert. Therefore, this exact repeat alerts message app functions. If you do not prefer to get 2 minutes text reminders on your iPhone, then you can turn off Repeat text message alerts on your iPhone/ iPad using this tutorial.

Apple provides kinds of features to its users cause when the user can’t hear the first alert or if the user weren’t near the phone at that time the second alert notify as a text reminder. But I would like to disable text reminders on my iPhone 13 Pro Max Sierra Blue, Cause the second warning is useless for me and seems annoying.

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Guide on how to turn off 2-minute text reminders on iPhone and iPad

  • Step #1. Open the Settings app from your iPhone home screen.
  • Step #2. Tap on Notifications.
  • Step #3. Scroll down the screen and head over on Messages.
  • Step #4. You will have the tap on  Repeat Alerts.
  • Step #5. Choose Once or Never.

That’s it!

I hope, this is a great sound tip (turn off repeat message alert on iPhone) for you. As well hope you maybe got here exactly what you want to do.

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Customize Repeat Alerts Text Message (Text Reminder on iPhone and iPad)

If you would like repeating text messages/ duplicate text alerts feature and wish to get a reminder more than twice, then you can choose option 3 Times, 5 Times, or 10 Times instead of Never.

Whenever you encounter a text reminder not working or not hearing, then you need to check out that ringing switch (left edge side and above of the Volume up button) is turned on (upward side) If this clue doesn’t work though restart your iPhone or iPad to fix an issue.

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