How to Send iMessage or Message Sent as SMS on iPhone: iOS 13.1/12/iOS 12.4

Switch iMessage to simple SMS on Message app

Enable the Settings and Give permission iMessage that Force Send as SMS When iMessage is unavailable. Also not that Carrier Messaging rates may apply. Setting is a useful toggle meaning it allows to user Send as SMS instead of iMessage in iOS when iMessage is unavailable. Sometimes due to bad service area/ out of service or recipient can’t receive iMessage or in other country or carrier which not supported iMessage, then you can force a message to send as text message quickly.

A Blue loading bar at the top will stuck at 80% for 5-10 Minutes, or it will take longer. At that moment’s user don’t have time to wait Furthermore they want to send an urgent message as like emergency then the following guide will help to force a text message instead of iMessage.

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Therefore, the user wants to be able to force send a text message in iOS running iPhone or iPad.

Getting issue on Send iMessage: Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation Error.

Guide How to Force a Message to be sent as SMS instead of iMessage & Not Working After Enabled

How Send as SMS instead of iMessage on iPhone

How to Turn on Send as SMS on iPhone

  • Go to Settings app looks like a Gear icon on iPhone home screen.
  • Find Message
  • Turn toggle ON/Green next Send as SMS.

send sms when imessage is unavailable on iPhone, iPad

How you can force an iMessage to be sent as SMS instead of iMessage.

Step #1. Just long press and hold on your pending iMessage.
Step #2. Now you get a pops up menu screen says “Send as Text Message” appears between Copy and Speak options.
Step #3. Tap on “Send as Text Message”.

You can see the green bubble text instead of blue that means you message sent as a text instead of Apple’s iMessage. Disadvantage – Carrier messaging rate may apply. If you are Post-paid mobile users, then your charge will be added in your next bill cycle.

For prepaid carrier user: instant noticed a cut of money from available balance on your mobile number.  This charge may differ in the country to country.

That’s it!

Troubleshoot! Send as SMS instead of iMessage not working on your Apple iPhone or iPad

Some iOS device users can’t get affected quickly after enable Send as SMS option, So They neither send iMessage nor simple text message, I would like to recommend To follow the below point, and check it is okay.

You should apply the following issue resolving ideas.

  1. Enable MMS For send Picture as a SMS on iPhone, “Cannot send Messages” MMS messaging need to be enabled to send this message. when iMessage is not available. Some Carrier doesn’t provide MMS Messaging facility so those users can’t get the Settings over here. go to the Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging enable.

    Picture Cannot Send as Message on iPhone SMS
    Picture Cannot Send as Message on iPhone SMS
  2. You have not Enough Balance to Send Text message that your Carrier charged for single SMS. or Some Carrier company provide Free text SMS but Limits per day is exceeded.
  3. Poor Carrier signal.
  4. Refresh the Network settings by turn on Airplane mode under the settings and turn off Airplane mode. Go to the Settings > Airplane Mode > Enable and Disable it. You can also hard reboot your Device.
  5. Turn Off iMessage – Send your Message (Optional) – again go back in settings turn iMessage ON/ Green.
  6. If you unable to get Send as text message option then you should disable Wi-Fi and Cellular data. Then test again.
  7. For this time any of the solution not helpful, You have to give some time to activate Send as SMS service to Apple and Carrier company as well. so Use Social media Text Messaging app that use Wifi or mobile data.

Useful Source to Fix Sending a failed iMessage or iMessage not delivered

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