35 Auto Reply text Message Ideas: Funny, Professional, and Effective in 2024

Here're interesting Auto-Reply text Message Ideas with Examples for DND Message, Busy in Work, While Driving or Focus on iPhone, iPad.

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  • Try these best messages for an automatic reply that will boost your response time.
  • Good instant reply message, which works as the best quick response messages for business & Funny for Friends
  • Driving focus message ideas for safe drives

here’s I’ll share with you funny out-of-office messages that you copy and paste as Best out-of-office messages (professional out-of-office messages).

Auto Replies are lifesavers. Think we are exaggerating? Were you ever been in any situation where you need to pick up a phone urgently but could not due to other immediate obligations? Yes, we have all been there. It is where automatic replies come in handy to clear the confusion and prevent misunderstandings. But the effectiveness of it goes beyond this. Sometimes we are too occupied to revert to a text. When this happens, you send a text to assure the sender that you are available but busy. The standard auto-reply is a message you send to inform a connection that you acknowledged their message and will contact them soon. You can mention your business hours, a link to more information, or a deadline for your response. But auto-replies are not used for family and friends alone. If you are an owner of a small business, you can utilize this feature to keep in touch with your clients. It is a basic courtesy that when one of your leads converts to a paying customer, you demonstrate your gratitude and make their transfer as smooth as possible. In such a case, if you are unavailable to communicate with new clients right away, you can use auto responses instead. 

It is a common belief that auto-responses are monotonous and boring. We are here to challenge this misconception and provide you with templates to make auto-reply text messages funny, professional, and effective. If you’ve been gone and returned to thousands of emails, or if one of your social media campaigns goes viral, you may find yourself with more messages than you can process right immediately. So keep in touch with folks by using auto-respond while you keep up. Automated text messages are a must in today’s corporate world, but not just any auto-reply message template for business will get you there. The most efficient automated text messages are individualized and reflect the essence of your company. 

Use Below Text to Turn on Auto Reply Text Message on iPhone.

Let’s look at how we can make all of this interesting or Email

1. Funny Auto Reply Text Message Ideas

Is hilarity allowed when it comes to auto-generated messages? Yes, no doubt that. You can take a step back and work your way through funny messages in response to queries. One such scenario where funny auto-reply texts demand their presence is the out-of-office scenario. Are you going on vacation? Are you going to a business meeting? You’re taking a break from email, which means it’s time to activate the nasty “out of office” message. Not only is it tedious to compose, but most people will be disappointed to receive it when they were anticipating a genuine reaction from you. So it is when you spice things up a bit, not in a creepy way, though. 

Receiving an auto-reply is, by design, impersonal, but with some intelligent characterization, anyone can convert a frigid response into a friendly dialogue. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Thank you for dropping by! For the time being, I am inaccessible. But thank you for giving my life meaning and purpose!
  2. If you need to reach me, come to my home country of Canada (just for example).
  3. When I return to society, I’ll get back to you.
  4. Who has access to email: The email auto-responder. 
  5. I’m currently out of the office and most likely relaxing on the beach. Have a good work week.

2. Auto-reply Message for Friends [Profestional & Funny]

Are you disturbed because of a busy schedule like Exams, Preparation for something, and Left for a limited time duration. then you must enable auto-reply service from the app settings like mail app, Messages [iMessage on iPhone, iPad], and Other social apps like Whatsapp. Here’s a quick free sample to use it for auto-reply message for friends.

  1. I am on Vacation
  2. I am not at Home
  3. I am in School or Collage
  4. I will respond your Call on my return
  5. I am out of Town
  6. Call to Mom for Emergency, 123456789
  7. Call to My Family for Emergency, 123456789
  8. I’m on Holiday
  9. I am away until the Exam completes on [Date]
  10. Don’t Message, Call Only
  11. I will Connect in free time.
  12. I left the Chat, Because Bad Habit
  13. I left Messaging, This is my Resolution.
  14. I’m with your Girlfriend
  15. I’m with your Boyfriend

3. Professional out of office message use as Auto Reply Text Message Ideas

Automated responses are not a novel notion. However, an auto-reply text message can save energy and serve as a crucial transmission medium that works by notifying and reassuring your customers when you cannot reach them. First impressions matter, which is why welcome messages are critical in showcasing your company’s personality, and engaging customers, partners, and others as soon as they make contact. Automated text messages come into use because it is not always feasible for an employee to personally respond to each of these welcome messages. Here’s how you can utilize this option:

  1. General Auto Reply Text: Thank you for contacting [Business Name]. We received the message and will soon contact you within [Time Frame].
  2. Welcome New Customer Messages: Hello and welcome to the [business] family! You gain hot benefits as an official team member, such as those listed at [this site]. Analyse them on your own and share the experience with others on social media using the hashtag #ourhashtag!
  3. After Hours Text: Hello, you’ve arrived at [Business Name]. Our offices are presently closed, but we will contact you when we reopen. Our business hours levy from Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. PT.
  4. Opt-In Response Text: Hello [Name], and thank you for signing up for [Service Name]. Do respond with Y if you want to confirm your opt-in decision, or STOP if you want to unsubscribe.
  5. Thank You Texts: THANK YOU for buying at [company]! Your purchases enable us to do good elsewhere. God bless you!

4. Auto Reply Text Message for Marketers Ideas

Businesses use SMS marketing to send promos since it is one of the most compelling and cost-effective ways to engage leads and consumers. Waiting for people to communicate with you on your website vs going out and connecting with leads is more effective. SMS marketing is a crucial and the most effective proactive methods. You should employ business-texting technology to take full advantage of your text message advertising and marketing activities. Automation tools like scheduled messages, auto-replies, templates, and keywords will save you time and keep you focused when contacting all of your customers. Rearrange anything that can speak directly to your company. Here’s how you can take your business forward:

  1. Prompt Responses: Hello, (company name) here. We’re currently assisting clients, but we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You will receive a response within one business day. To stop receiving texts, text STOP.
  2. Discount Messages: Give yourself a present for the new year. All personal workout sessions (for example, for a sports firm) are at a 20% discount for today only. Visit the studio to receive your discount!
  3. Retail sales promotion template: Our end-of-season deal begins RIGHT NOW. This week, the shop is offering 10% off on summer clothes and chosen accessories. There are only a few left!
  4. A promotional text message with a reward incentive: Get to the movie theatre early today! If you stand among the first 100 people in the hall, you will receive a complimentary Avengers limited t-shirt. We’ll see you there!
  5. Sample SMS from a restaurant for birthday treats Happy Birthday, (First Name). Show this text to your waitress during your next visit this month, and we’ll offer you a complimentary appetizer. KFC – Best Chicken. Send STOP to unsubscribe
  6. Notification messages for customers when new stock arrives: Our best-selling corduroy pants were out of stock for months, but they’re now back in stock. Grab The Pants before it’s too late! Purchase now: ADD LINK.

5. Auto Reply Text Message While Driving

It is common knowledge that one should not be on the phone while driving. But the sender does not know that you’re driving. In such a case, automated text messages help notify others. It’s pretty enticing to respond to a text message while driving, but perhaps less so when you consider that reckless driving kills thousands of people and injures hundreds of thousands more every year throughout the world. Not only are you putting yourself and the drivers around in a fix by reacting to texts (or anything) on your phone, but you’re also likely to be pulled over. Auto-respond is a built-in function of Android Auto that you can configure on a compatible audio system or install on any recent Android phone. Tap the menu button, then Settings, then Auto-responder, and then compose your message. When a message comes in, you still need to press the reply button, but it’s yet another, one-glance process if your Apple Carplay or Android Auto app is on your dashboard.

Things aren’t nearly so straightforward with iOS. There is no native iOS option, but if your vehicle supports CarPlay, you can tell Siri to answer texts with “I’m driving.” Things get complicated if you don’t have CarPlay. You can create an SMS template, but doing so demands you to interact with your phone for more than you’ll ever while driving; also, there is no third-party access to messages, so you can’t simply download an app. Except if you’re an AT&T client. They have easy access to the AT&T DriveMode, which operates at the operator level and activates when your phone moves faster than 15 miles per hour. Following are some messages you can share as replies:

  1. I can’t reply, behind the wheels now.
  2. I’m driving. Safety first!
  3. Text me later. I am in charge of the wheels today.
  4. Driving now.
  5. It is more fun to be alive than dead. On that note, I’m driving now; I will text you later!

6. Auto Reply Text Message During Bedtime

Bedtime is for sleep. Not everyone is a social bee at the wee hours of the night. While some people use this time to sleep, other night owls are drawn towards the stillness of the night when they get most of their work done. If you set your phone to Do Not Disturb(iOS option) and see calls from family, you can craft a personalized message that blends into different scenarios. Make it look appealing and certainly less offensive to others. Here are a few examples of text messages you can share during bedtime:

  1. A long day awaits me tomorrow; I got to sleep. Catch up with you as soon as possible. 
  2. DND, trying to hit the sack!
  3. I’m probably studying or sleeping, or both! I will call you tomorrow.
  4. I’m taking a phone-free day starting tonight till tomorrow. 
  5. Early to sleep, early to rise! I will call/text you later. 

Turn on Auto Reply On Mac While Focus in Enabled.

Automated text messaging allows you to successfully target your potential clients in an “under the same umbrella” approach. It helps you decide where you should give greater attention and invest in ads where it is more feasible. Creating an automated message asking for feedback from your consumers can give you an idea of what problems you have and what you can do about them. Automated responses should be utilized till their full potential is received as it helps in making life way easy. 

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