Turn On/Turn Off Firmware Password using MacOS Recovery on Mac Big Sur, Monterey

1 Turn on or Turn off Firmware password on Mac

Sometimes we need to reset NVRAM and PRAM on your Mac to fix some hardware issues from Volume, Screen Resolutions, Startup programs, and more. Also, we can Erase or Reset old values using NVRAM or PRAM. But some old Mac models can’t reset because they installed Apple A2 Chip. But we have the solution to reset NVRAM & PRAM that set the Firmware password.

We need to turn off Firmware password in some cases like Reset NVRAM AND PRAM (Otherwise Keyboard Shortcuts didn’t work). Let’s see how to turn off Firmware Password using the MacOS Recovery option.

Put your Mac into MacOS Recovery with MacOS Mojave & Earlier: Turn on/OFF Firmware Password 

1 Turn on or Turn off Firmware password on Mac

Turn off firmware password in macOS Recovery:

  1. Shutdown your Mac from: “Apple Menu” > “Shut Down.”
  2. Now Turn on Your Mac, quickly Hold-Down “Command + R” key. Continuously holding down until you see “lock icon” on screen. You can also see the Password field.
  3. Enter the Firmware password.” Note: if you do not remember firmware password, contact nearest apple store to book your appointment and ring your Mac with the purchased invoice or correct identification proof as an owner.
  4. Next, you can see the utility windows on your screen. Click on Utilities from top Mac Menu Bar. Now, Select Firmware Password Utility or Startup security Utility.
  5. Select “Turn off Firmware password.”
  6. Re-Enter Firmware password when popup prompt.
  7. Now Close the Utility, and Select “Apple logo” and “Restart.”
  8. Now you removed firmware password.

Turn on Firmware password in macOS recovery mode

  1. Shutdown your Mac: “Apple Menu” > “Shut Down.”
  2. Now, Press the power button to turn on and Quickly Hold-Down “Command+R” key.
  3. Lift up your finger and release keys until you see utility windows, From the top menu bar, “Utilities” > “Firmware Password Utility” [You can see this option only on that support Firmware password].
  4. Click “Turn on Firmware Password.”
  5. Enter a secure password in the field you provided.
  6. Quit utility, Choose apple logo then restart.
  7. Select startup disk, select disk. Mac will ask for system recovery password from macOS Recovery mode.

That’s it.

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