How to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone – iOS 17

Keep the Carrier Settings up to date with the latest available firmware, doing this will smoothem your cellular connection.

Let’s first of all, here we discuss the carrier Settings update for iPhone and cellular iPad. Is the Carrier settings update affected by native Apple iOS? Carrier is a network company there are four major carrier companies in the United States example- Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. These companies have the right to handle their services via carrier settings. This is a carrier settings update that is different from than Apple iOS update. As an example, I’m going to show you the latest Apple iPhone – Update carrier Settings running on the latest iOS.

Apple doesn’t interfere with this kind of update. Hence, most updates are available when the user’s carrier company bugs or adds any new services like Wi-Fi calling at that time they send notifications about the carrier settings update. On the other hand, the user can also manually check Carrier settings update in the following way.

Your iPhone or iPad must be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. It’s already joined to Wi-Fi, then go to the bottom steps to update carrier settings on your iPhone. Carrier update is an ideal solution while your iPhone/ iPad is showing up with No service or searching on the top menu bar. Don’t worry carrier settings updates did not need to restart the iPhone as well as not affected by your iPhone speed.

Follow the Steps to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone

Carrier Settings Update on Apple iPhone
Carrier Settings Update on iPhone

What is that “Carrier Settings Update” Popup on your iPhone?

When any Carrier adds new technology or features to smoothen up the Calling and Internet experience, they push the update to your iPhone too, that’s called Carrier Settings Update. Of course, you would want the latest and most reliable service after paying the company, therefore, carrier settings update on iPhone 2023.

Most likely the Carrier Updates are targeted to add 5G service on your supported iPhone models and improve the Wi-Fi Calling, VoLTE, as well as other system bugs that might be causing issues.

Why am I getting Carrier Settings Update on my iPhone?

The carrier settings are a thing that might not be usually seen. but rarely your phone screen popup a box because of the latest settings needed for your phone. that’s why you update it and the new update almost improves your Apple iPhone’s ability to connect to your wireless SIM carrier network.

Is it Safe to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone?

Yes, definitely it is Safe to Update Carrier Settings on iPhone. Undoubtedly, sometimes due to software updates, the iPhone gets slower or buggy, however, in the case of Carrier Settings, it is absolutely safe and reliable. In fact, with almost every new update, they enhance security and of course the features.

No matter whether it is AT&T Carrier Settings Update or Sprint Carrier Settings Update or Verizon Carrier Settings Update, you should always keep the device running the latest carrier update alongside the latest software update.

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Should I Update Carrier Settings on iPhone?

Well, you should update Carrier Settings when available. Carrier settings update tends to improve cellular services, it can be anything from Wi-Fi Calling to the Internet. We all know, day by day, new technology is releasing in the market to make the device and communication as better as possible.

While, if you’ve unlocked your iPhone, and decided to switch the Carrier from Verizon to AT&T or whatever, in that case, the Carrier Settings needs to be updated to use the cellular services of the new carrier.

How do I force my iPhone to update carrier settings, or manually update carrier settings iPhone, to do so, connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, and navigate to the Settings app > General > About. A Carrier Update Settings prompt would appear if any update is available.

To Check the Carrier Update Version on Your Apple Mobile

  1. Launch the Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on General.
Go to the settings app open general on iPhone
  1. Select About.
  2. Tap on Carrier.
Select About Tap on Carrier on iPhone

If update any update available, tap on it and wait for the download.

Suppose your carrier not working as you expecting. I hope, coming future update relates to your carrier (carrier settings update iPhone 2023, at&t carrier settings update 2023, sprint carrier settings update 2023, Verizon carrier settings update 2023) will bring new settings for your phone carrier network.

How to Manually Update Carrier Settings Using iTunes

Another way to update the Carrier Settings on iPhone is by using iTunes. Unlike iOS updates, Carrier updates take a few moments to update. Make sure to update the iTunes to the latest version and then connect the iPhone to the PC via USB Cable.

Wait for a few moments, if any update is available, a pop-up will appear saying, “An update to the carrier settings for your iPhone is available. Would you like to download it now?” click Download and Update. If you don’t receive any prompt with the same message, then it might be possible your iPhone is running the latest carrier update settings.

Manually Update Carrier Settings Using iTunes

Once the update is successfully installed, disconnect the iPhone from iTunes, and reboot it.

In case of any error during the update, you can always comment below or contact Carrier Support to resolve it.

That’s it!

What to do iPhone says Cellular Update Failed?

Cellular update failed so you iphone cannot make and receive calls or access cellular data until it has been updated
Cellular update failed so your iPhone cannot make and receive calls or access cellular data until it has been updated

Try the following points step by step to get rid of cellular update failure. I hope this will help. you can get more solutions here.

  1. Try to Turn Airplane Mode Off And Back flight mode On
  2. Disable Cellular Data toggle And turn Back On
  3. Check again for Carrier Settings Update
  4. install the latest iOS and Update Your iPhone firmware
  5. Remove Sim Card And Reinsert again
  6. Reset Your Phone Network Settings
  7. Perform to put iPhone Into DFU Mode
  8. Last solution is let’s Contact Apple Supports Or take the help of your Wireless Carrier

So Inherently, the Carrier update has no connection with the iPhone iOS Software update.  According to the Apple site, Carrier updates may affect caller data, calling, personal hotspot, network, and Voicemail Settings.

Like to know: when you insert a new SIM card into your iPhone or Apple iPad, at that time you need to download the carrier settings for your new Carrier.

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