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is your Apple watch Not receiving notification after WatchOS Update? Several users reported the issue with an app notification or Call notification not notifying me (Notification not working on Apple Watch after WatchOS 8 update). Here covered workarounds will help you to fix. Generally, Apple Watch is a beautiful smart gadget that is showing time and does much more like do your iPhone. For instance, you get notifications alert on your iPhone on an unlocked screen or in sleep mode. Similar way, you can also get your all notifications on paired Apple Watch without putting out your phone from the jeans pocket.

In Case, if your Apple watch fails to show notifications then you feel something miss or time is over for important things like Facebook chat opponent users will be offline when you see late Alerts, As well Calendar event not getting on AW then you perhaps lost something like attendance in a meeting, etc.

By the way, to rapier Apple Watch not getting Notifications, we have experimented following methods that work well for All Apple Watch users. So you should also try this thread to getting Notifications to continue.

Guide to Fix Apple watch not showing Notifications

Apps like Messages, Mail, Phone, Photos, Activity, calendar, Maps, Reminders, Passbook & Apple pay, and other third-party apps (Twitter, Spotify, Podcast, and more).

Is apple watch Notification not working? Go through the below steps,

Fix #1. Turn off Focus [Do Not Disturb] on your Apple Watch

if Focus in WatchOS 8 or later and DND mode is earlier watchOS is enabled, Apple Watch can’t get any Notifications. So please make sure that your Apple Watch has DO No Disturb Mode Off. Otherwise, you get a notification on your iPhone instead of the Apple Watch. Once you enabled it, the half-moon icon will appear on the Apple Watch status bar. we can manage it from the apple watch settings app or from the control center,

  1. Open the settings app on apple watch, Press Digital Crown button to move your Apple Watch home screen. and Scroll to Focus.
  2. Tap on Disable Focus Mode – Do Not Disturb, Driving Mode, Excercise or Sleep.

Turn off from Apple Watch Control Center,

  1. Swipe up finger on apple watch dial screen, to open control center on apple watch.
  2. Tap on Do Not Disturb [Half moon icon] mode if it’s enabled.
  3. That’s it.

Also, check other Apple Watch settings to receive notifications on the apple watch too.

Fix 2: Make Sure AirPlane mode is off

As a Professional and Business users, We have total control of some disturbing alerts and notifications on the apple watch in just a single tap like Airplane Mode, Focus[DND] Mode, and Theater mode this keeps your Apple Watch screen black.

Airplane mode turns off WiFi & Cellular connection on Apple Watch. Turn off airplane mode fix the issue if you are not getting On Apple Watch only, But your iPhone is getting. If this setting is okay, then quickly check other settings too.

Open control center on apple watch from the bottom edge of the Apple Watch screen, and Keep AirPlane mode is off.

Fix 3: Restart your iPhone and Apple Watch too

Most of the case apple users are fixing this bug by restarting the whole pair [Hard Reboot your iPhone and Apple Watch one by one].

iPhone 8 or Later iPhone User: Quickly Press and Release Volume up button and Volume down button. Now, only press and hold the side power button until you see the Apple logo after the black screen.

hard Reboot Apple Watch: Press and hold both the Digital Crown button and Side Button at once until your apple watch sees the apple logo on the screen. release both the button and Wait for a few seconds, the apple watch screen appears. Enter Passcode for apple watch.

Now, hope your Apple Watch Not Getting Notifications fixed.

Fix 4: Set Customized Notifications on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch Notifications do work as like setup to reflect your iPhone Settings. In simple terms, if you have set up an iPhone calendar App to alert only for upcoming events, then you can see only upcoming calendar event notifications on your AW.

Go to the following Steps to Set customized steps

  • Step #1. Open up Apple Watch App on your iPhone – Tap My Watch Tab – Tap Notifications.
  • Here you can see two options one is the Mirror my iPhone and other is Custom.
  • Choose Mirror my iPhone: If you want to get any App notification settings to reflect settings on your Phone.
  • Go with Custom Settings: in Case, you wish something different Notifications settings then your iPhone App Notifications.

Fix #5. Turn Wrist Detection Off on Apple Watch

You Must Turn off the Wrist detection setting through below given settings

  • Hit on Apple Watch App – Tap on My Watch – Tap on General – Turn Wrist Detection toggle Off/Gray.

Hope you will get All Applications Notifications on your Apple Watch Series 3/ Series 2 and Series 1. The wrist Detection method worked great for you the Green and infrared LEDs Sensor not working accurately.

Fix #6. Cover to Mute Option: This for Check Sound and Haptics Settings

  • Let’s see this way: Launch Apple Watch App on iPhone – Tap My Watch – in the Sounds & Haptics tab

You can navigate the Cover to Mute setting. You should Turn this Option Off/Gray. Now you will get Apps Notifications on your Apple Watch.

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Some other settings are listed below that you can also try if the workaround, as mentioned earlier, does not work for you.

1 check. Your iPhone is unlocked, at that time you must get alerted on your iPhone screen, not on iWatch. Unless you lock the iPhone, you will not receive direct notification for an app in the Apple watch.

2 check. Keep your Apple Watch and iPhone as near as possible or check it’s paired or not.

3 Check. Enable Mirror iPhone alert from to Apple Watch for Official apps or Third-Party apps.

  • Go to the Apple watch apps.
  • Tap on My Watch > Notifications.
  • Scroll down the screen, and Mange built-in apps and Third-Party apps notification under “Mirror iPhone alerts from.”
  • Enable Toggle on for getting alerts while your iPhone screen locked.
  • And More custom settings for Pre-installed apps, Tap on App name > Choose custom > (Under Alert)
    Toggle for Show Alerts, Sound, and Haptic.
  • We can also change the Repeat Alerts mode.

Everything is okay on Apple watch iPhone app. See some settings on Apple watch next.

Not Sounding or vibrating/ Haptics on incoming Notifications

Go to the Apple watch unlock screen, Find Settings > Sound & Haptics > Enable sound toggle for getting notification tone. you feel apple watch not receiving notifications if no any alert is active.

Next, to the screen below, One more option is Haptic, Enable Haptic.

Factory Reset & Repairing is also helpful solution.

The above solutions are on Apple Watch notification not working that installed WatchOS 8 and later updated.

if your solution does not cover in this article and still has the same Apple watch notification does not work issues occurred? Please comments below or you can mail us at we will update the post soon.

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