How to View & Clear Watch History YouTube iPhone app, Mac or PC [Manage YouTube History]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020Unable to find a recently played video on YouTube iOS app, very functional YouTube app we can do all the stuff like Find Recently played YouTube video, Add or Create a new Playlist, Clear YouTube Search History on iPhone/ iPad, Filter video in the search result. Also know how we can see also other devices like Android, Mac, Windows PC Browser (we must log in YouTube account with common Email and Password on other devices).

Search history videos saved in the queue in a single account, not saved on Device specific.

So most recent videos are easy to find then before a few days or months. If you are using your YouTube account on multiple devices or regularly, it will be in search history on the list.

YouTube saved search history in the cloud. Once you cleared it, it will be erased on all devices. After that, there is no option for restore.

Steps to View Recently played youtube video on iPad/ iPhone

  • Step #1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Step #2. Tap on Library from the bottom right corner of the iOS app screen. and Find the History that you have recently played or Watch on this device or Other device that’s signed with the same google account.

Youtube App settings for recent Video history

  • To Remove Selected video only from Watch History, Tap on more option next to Video and Tap on Remove From Watch History.
  • To Clear all videos from Watch History from the Youtube iPhone app. Tap on more options at the top left corner of the screen. Find the Clear Watch History under the History and Privacy section. Tap on it.

    Remove All videos from Watch History on iPhone

    Remove All videos from Watch History on iPhone

  • Verify and Go with the Clean all Youtube Video watch history for all time.

    Clear Youtube search history on iPhone

    Clear Youtube search history on iPhone

  • That’s it.


Enjoy your recently played video. To clear Watch History tap on Delete icon from the top.

Clean YouTube Watch History from Mac or PC Browser

  • You have been seen YouTube video on iPhone/iPad, wants to access on a desktop browser.
  • Click on Direct link; See the All played the video for your account.
  • A note has an iOS app. Yes, we can try on iOS Browser, after login YouTube.
  • That’s it.

You are searching every time your favorite recently played video in-app history, a Better solution is Save Video offline or Add-in YouTube video in Playlist.

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