WatchOS 9.0.1 compatibility List of 2023

WatchOS 7 Supported Apple Watch List
WatchOS 7 Supported Apple Watch List

As expected, watchOS 8 was revealed along with iOS 15 during the event. Apple Watch is an important part of the Apple Ecosystem just like iPhone, iPad, and MacOS, if you have everything Apple, then undoubtedly, updating the WatchOS would be your first choice. watchOS 8 summons up breathtaking features including Hand Wash Detection, Updated Maps, Cool Workout Options, Improvement in Sleep Monitoring, Face Sharing, and as usual gorgeous New Watch Faces. The Apple Watch is far better than any other fitness watch, it’s a fine combination of all the elements that one could need to ease life with enjoyment.

If you don’t own Apple Watch, then grab the deal as early as possible, from your favorite store. Coming back to the watchOS 8 Supported Devices, under the terrifying environment that the entire world is dealing with, Apple decided to keep the support to the old Apple Watch, read further to know what is the Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 8.

What are the watchOS 8 Supported Devices? Apple Watch Models Compatible with watchOS 8

  1. Apple Watch Series 3 [50% Chance].
  2. Apple Watch Series 4.
  3. Apple Watch Series 5.
  4. Apple Watch SE (2020).
  5. Apple Watch Series 6 (2020).
  6. Apple Watch Series 7 (unannounced – 2021 Model)

watchOS 8 is totally compatible with Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 5, paired with the iPhone 6S or later and updated with the latest iOS 14. Alongside, the future Apple Watch Series 6, that might be launched in the coming days, ultimately there will be four Apple Watch models working with watchOS 8.

Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2, breaks off with the newest watchOS 8, the reason is, due to outdated hardware of Series 1 & 2, Apple decided to throw out the latest watchOS support.

Take a Glimpse at the watchOS 8 Features

Better sleep tracking Improvements

Last year released watchOS 7, packed up with a sleep app for the apple watch, but much improvement was required. So we hope better sleep tracking programs will apple put into watchOS 8 pack.

New Mind App

The brand new mind App possible that offers mental health help. This Mind naming App found in the Apple Watch app store.

Latest Watch Faces

watchOS 8 brings the capabilities to customized the watch faces, on your own. No matter what, you can create as much as watch faces, discover realities of it, and set new watch face every day.

Multiple Complications

The Multiple Complication enables several features at the same time while letting you change the watch face. In a single watch face, you can organize multiple complications to use.

Face Sharing

If you found any interesting Face, then sharing the same Watch Face is as simple as texting someone. Discover new faces from the iPhone, share it via Email, Social Apps, etc.

Sleep Monitoring

Previously, Sleep Tracking was limited, but this fall, Apple has added more aspects, so you can sleep without disturbance while monitoring how well are you sleeping. You can easily create a bedtime routine to keep a healthy mind, alongside, the Watch will put the iPhone and Watch itself to DND mode.

Fitness and Sports improvements

Former Activity App has changed to Fitness App. The watchOS 8 announced a new feature that tracks your dancing style, like Bollywood, Hip Hop, Latin, and more. It uses an advanced Gyroscope and Accelerometer to detect your dancing style.

Handwashing Detection improvements

To answer the World’s Biggest Pandemic, watchOS 8 presents an amazingly detect and record the time taken by you washing hands, it uses the Apple Watch’s mic and the motion sensor.


The limelight of the Maps App is Cycle Directions. In addition, to show the maps for Vehicles, Apple has included the Maps for the Cycle riders, to avoid busy routes.

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