How to Turn on or Turn Off Back Tap on iPhone 15, 14 (Pro Max)

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This tutorial will explain how to turn on or off Back Tap on iPhone and use to it. Back Tap is a kind of Accessibility feature that makes it easy to access certain functions by double-tap and triple-tap.

You’ll be given a long list of features, from which you can pick, for say, Screenshot; when you double-tap on the back of the iPhone, it will take a screenshot.

This is how Back Tap on iPhone works. It is incredible to use the daily routine functions of the iPhone with just double-tap and triple-tap. Apart from Screenshot, it offers dozens of system settings, like locking the iPhone, navigate to applications, Siri, and more. In addition, you can expand the use of the Back Tap function by using the Shortcuts App in it. The shortcut App of the iPhone is beneficial for home automation, and if you are active on HomeKit App, then don’t miss setting the Back Tap to turn off and on lights or controlling other electronics.

How to Enable Tap Back on iPhone? For Screenshot, Lock, Reachability & More

The Double-Tap and Triple-Tap are available in the Accessibility. Take a look and learn how to set Back Tap on your iPhone.

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Note: Updated iPhone to iOS 14 and later following the steps.

Step 1: Launch the Settings App. 
Step 2: Scroll down and tap Accessibility.

Open Accessibility Settings On iPhone

Step 3: Under Physical and Motor, Tap on Touch.
Step 4: Swipe down to the end Tap on Back Tap.

Enable Back Tap On iPhone

Step 5: Choose from Double Tap or Triple Tap.
Step 6: Lastly, tap on choose an action.

Apply Back Tap Action on iPhone

Now you can see the range of features, select one.

If you want to access the Shortcut that already exists in the Shortcuts App, the locate the SHORTCUTS section and select it.

To set Triple Tap, go back.

Again the same list will be displayed, choose one system task.

That’s it.

How to Turn off Back Tap Screenshot & More on iPhone!

Don’t want Back Tap on iPhone? Here’s how to turn off back the tap on iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the Settings App.
Step 2: Scroll and Tap Accessibility.

Open Accessibility Settings On iPhone

Step 3: Under then Physical And Motor Locate Touch.
Step 4: Then, go to Back Tap.

Enable Back Tap On iPhone

Step 5: Choose from Double Tap or Triple Tap.
Step 6: Lastly, tap on None.

Choose Double Tap Or Triple Tap Then None Option In Settings On iPhone

That’s it.

Thanks for Visiting! We can add Shortcuts for Double Tap Back and Triple Tap Back. Open the Shortcut app and Assign the Action that you want to make. Now Save Your Shortcut and Find Your Shortcut under the Double Tap Back or Triple Tap Back.

Watch the video to get more on Back tap feature on iPhone

Video to understand Back Tap iOS Accessibility Features

I set Google Assistance for Double Tap Back; we can use a Camera for Double Tap Back in the same way.

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Write the comment below to create Your Custom Shortcut and use it for Tap Back iPhone Feature in iOS.

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