What happens when you block a number on iPhone

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One of the best facilities in iOS setting is block and unblock a number on iPhone and iPad when you want. Here I will show you how to block number for what and what will be after that. Once you “add contact number in black list” or Block contact list you will not receive notification or reminder. So do that only if you know what you are doing?

When you block contact number on your iPhone or iPad, iPhone never sent notification or giving caller tuned you blocked or more, and this is the best part.

What Happens When you Block a Number on iPhone

Are you blocking number from the Phone app, Message App or From Settings app? It doesn’t matter; this number automatically block for all facility like receive the message, Incoming call on that number.

A blocked number will get “Busy tone” when they call if voicemail disabled or not available. Also unable to send the message to your number.

If Voice mail-enabled: You can send Voice mail, at the receiver end get the message under Blocked Message on a Phone app.

To Remove Single or multiple contacts from Block List

Go to the Settings app > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification > See the Blocked Contacts section (Swipe right to left and Delete the contact)

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How to Text a Blocked Number

If your number is blocked but want to send a text message, you can send from your message app, but you didn’t get delivered a message.

Otherwise, you can send WhatsApp message (Search name in WhatsApp, to know WhatsApp is turn on for this number), because WhatsApp not block the contact saved in blocked list contacts.

Also, use Social app and account.

When you block someone do they know?

No, They didn’t get the information when you blocked you or right now you are blocked on Unblocked.

What does it mean when your message doesn’t say delivered?

Hope you get above guide, Got the alternate ways to contact after block you.

Message doesn’t say deliver, Try to send sample text message on another number because your network might be down or poor signal (Unable to send Audio, Picture or text as well).

What happens when you unblock someone on iPhone?

Blocking rules are not different for Message, Call and more. When you unblock from a call, contact will unblock for text automatically. You can unblock without verification and alert to the blocked contact safely or securely.

Alternate options from Block contact

You can use Do Not Disturb in iOS, or Hide alert for Message. For quickly manage or stop call and more.

Also, you can turn on Airplane mode. Open control center and Tap on Airplane icon.

Hope you got the ideas behind the causes and what will happen after block contact on iPhone or iPad.

Jaysukh Patel
Jaysukh Patel

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