What To Do If I Washed My Airpods Pro? [2023 Edition]

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AirPods, as we know them, are one of the most expensive wireless earbuds released on the market. They are one of the most frequent sold-out products of Apple. Apple has released several models of the said Airpods. They are comfortable to wear, provide good sound quality, and are just stunning in general.

But you do need to pay a hefty price to listen to your favorite podcast on the AirPods. So, when these AirPods end up in the pocket of your favorite jeans and ultimately in the washing machine, the pain is understandable.

Another aspect of their journey through the machine to consider is the amount of force and movement they were exposed to, which Apple thankfully accommodates. Although they appear to be frail, your AirPods can endure a fall of up to 10 feet. As a result, they should be able to endure the washer’s centrifugal force.

It’s a given that electronics and water is the worst combination. But you must be wondering that given the price you have paid, your AirPods Pro should be alright. Read on to know more if this disaster can be rectified.

Are AirPods/ AirPods Pro Waterproof?

There’s a popular misconception that the AirPods are waterproof. That isn’t correct, and it’s most likely because the new AirPods Pros are sweat and water-resistant. The original model was unable to function in the presence of dampness. So to some extent, the Pro pods can withstand it. However, neither the AirPods nor their charging cases are waterproof. So keep these costly wireless earphones away from spills and dampness.

Also, their water-resistant feature is not something that will stop your worries forever. Instead, their resistance fades over time and use of the earbuds.

How to dry your AirPods Pro?

If your AirPods Pro do get wet, they might be salvageable. Try to dry the AirPods Pro as soon as possible with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. After that, set them aside to dry in a secure location. Depending on how wet they were, it could take a day or longer for them to dry out completely. If you want them to dry the fastest, keep the lid open and store the case upside down.

Apple advises that your AirPods be fully dry before reusing them or keeping them in their charging case. Putting wet AirPods in a charging case could lead the case to damage even more. Wait for at least 12 hours before putting your AirPods into the case. More than the time, check for yourself if they have dried completely, as it may take longer for the pods to dry in a colder place.

Can I use a Hairdryer?

Experts at Apple suggest not to use a hairdryer. Although you want to speed up the process, an external heat source could only make it more complex. In addition, it may cause more harm to your AirPods Pro.

Try using Silica Gel

You’ve probably heard that a bag of rice will save your electrical devices if they’ve been submerged in water. However, it’s debatable if it performs a decent job here or not. True, silica gel is quite effective at absorbing moisture.

That’s why many devices come with little sachets of silica gel. If there are no silica gel bags on hand, go to the nearby departmental store. They ought to have these on hand. Also, get a Ziploc bag.

Then, along with a few silica gel packets, place the AirPods Pro inside the Ziploc and leave them there for a few days. Hopefully, this will get rid of all the water in your AirPods. Carry your AirPods case in the same way. When putting it in the bag, make sure to leave the lid open.

What not to do with your wet AirPods?

To dry your AirPod, don’t use a hairdryer or blower since this may generate too much heat and may cause severe harm to the already fragile earbuds. It will help if you put it in a plastic bag instead of a rice bag because the rice grains will get into it and cause further issues. Never charge the AirPods without letting them dry for at least 12 hours.

When your AirPods are damp, don’t mistake using them. Instead, wait until they’re entirely dry before turning them on. You can now test your AirPods once they have dried out. Place the earbuds in your ears and test them to ensure that they operate properly.

Does AirPods Pro come with a water damage indicator?

Almost all Apple devices come with a liquid damage indicator, but the AirPods Pro doesn’t seem to have one.

Sign Up for Apple Care+

Apple has made it easy to sign up for AppleCare+ for the AirPods Pro headphones. Signing up for the protection plan is a good idea because it includes replacements for the AirPod or the charging case. You will also receive support if your AirPods Pro battery needs to be replaced.
The best news is that AppleCare+ will only cost you $29 to sign up for, and your AirPods will be covered. However, you may have to pay an “Out-of-Warranty” replacement by yourself in some cases. Those are usually reserved when you misplace either the AirPod or the charging case.

Visit the local Apple store

If your AirPods aren’t working after following the steps above, don’t buy a new set of AirPod Pros just yet. Instead, contact the seller where you purchased the pods and request a replacement. You may be able to replace the earbuds individually.

You could better replace the pieces that don’t work if at least one of the three major AirPods components works. If a warranty doesn’t cover your AirPods and none of the parts is working, you’re probably better off getting a new pair.


You will find several articles on the internet about people who have had their cherished AirPods ruined by being washed or damaged by water in other ways.

Thankfully, many reviews from customers have said that after carefully drying out their gadgets, they were able to save them and have them working as good as new.
Although the IPX4 rating suggests that they are only water-resistant, these little devices appear to be more durable than one might expect. So don’t be discouraged; if you’ve followed our basic instructions, there’s a good chance that your AirPods will work as they should.
We’re crossing our fingers that you’re one of the lucky ones who were able to get your AirPods working again.

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