Whatsapp iPhone Verification Code not Received: [Best Solution]

Get how to fix Whatapp iPhone Verification Code not received

Whatsapp is pretty secure and reliable chatting App. it frequently updates and brings brand new features for its worldwide smartphone users. Including Status Update, Strong security by Whatsapp 2-step Verification, Whatsapp Video and Audio call, Send GIF image etc.

To use all features of Whatsapp messenger, it asks people a cell phone number to verification and activates. In term, to use Whatsapp, the user must have an active cell phone number to verification.

When you enter your cell phone number, Whatsapp will send you a six-digit verification code. But sometimes many users encountered problem over Whatsapp iPhone Verification Code not received. And there is not any magic trick to Whatsapp Activation bypass. Hence, the compulsory 6-digit verification code required that you will get via SMS or by a Call. But, hmm it’s not possible by email. If you’re one of them, this same issue Whatsapp verification code not coming. Don’t worry. Please, you should try the following steps for activation.

Whatsapp iPhone verification code not received – Solved Guide

Get how to fix Whatsapp iPhone Verification Code not received

Make sure your input Whatsapp phone number format is correct with international country code. Everything is right, nevertheless, you don’t receive Whatsapp 6-digit activation code.

Delete Whatsapp from your iPhone

To delete Whatsapp – Tap and Hold on the Whatsapp icon until it stared shake-up. Then tap on X mark and tap on Delete appear below on the message screen.

Note: if you’re a new user for Whatsapp, then you won’t get notice related delete WhatsApp data too.

For old WhatsApp users, please take a backup before uninstalling Whatsapp messenger from your iPhone.

Hard Reboot your iPhone and turn it back ON.

Press and Hold on sleep and home button simultaneously until you appear to turn off. After that go with the same way and wait until you get Apple logo on the screen.

Download the latest version of Whatsapp from your Apple iPhone App Store.

Go to iPhone App Store – Enter WhatsApp Messenger on top search bar inside App store– tap on Get and Install – you’ll be asked to enter Apple ID passcode or Touch ID for verification.

You’re done.

Watch Video and Konow Latest Whatsapp tips & Trick

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