How to Send Animated GIFs in Whatsapp on iPhone- Search Feature

Secure, reliable and most popular free chatting app Whatsapp on iPhone has been rolling out with allowed of Send Animated GIFs in Whatsapp on iPhone in its latest version 2.16.16. In the result of that, Now Whatsapp’s latest version is specially revamped for easy to send various type of mimic and funny GIF image with search icon for chat conversions. Hence, now iOS Whatsapp supports GIF, then users chatting experience will be reached at a new peak. Therefore, To Send and receive Animated Gif and live photo on Whatsapp is an admirable function after the bookmark or starred Whatsapp message on iPhone.

Now you don’t needed to take help of the third-party app to send GIF in Whatsapp. Just you will have to install Whatsapp version 2.16.16 on your iPhone then everything is yours. Sharing GIFS and live photos is not hard, even though, I will share with you, how to send GIF image on Whatsapp on iPhone.

Let’s know dedicated search icon for the perfect animated GIF within Whatsapp. So get enjoy. Before the following steps check out you have latest version of Whatsapp.

Open App Store – Tap on Updates – look a list of app under the Available Updates – for Whatsapp if any update available then please update it. After updated it, go for below given steps to search and share GIF image in Whatsapp.

Quite Easy to Send Animated GIFs in Whatsapp on iPhone – iOS 10

search and send Animated GIFs in Whatsapp on iPhone

Step 1. Lunch latest version of Whatsapp on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open up any Contact to search and Send Animated GIF image.

Step 3. Hit on (+) button (appear left-bottom side) to launch a popup.

search and Send Animated GIF image

Step 4. Now tap on Attach Photo & Video library.

Step 5. Tap on GIF (appear with a Search icon) option at the left-bottom side on the screen.

search GIFs picture or choose from starred GIF images iPhone

Step 6. Here you have two options, Search Tenor GIFs picture or choose from starred GIF images. then Tap on Send button located at right-bottom side.

install latest version 2.16.16 Whatsapp on iPhone to send GIFs

That’s it.

There is also option to send multiple GIFs in Whatsapp at a time. As well as very easy to crop, add emoji, and put text on GIF image. In addition, there is a Starred tab to view all bookmarked GIFs and to send often very easily. Even while you received GIFs in Whatsapp, then you can easily copy, delete and forward with other contacts of your list.

To send Live Photos as animated GIFs, you will have to just 3D touch any live photo from attach Photo & Video library, and then choose ‘’select as GIF’’.

To send Videos that are 6 seconds or shorter, you can now send them as animated GIF, trick to send a video as GIF in Whatsapp on iPhone. Just Tap the GIF toggle after picking a video for that, you must have iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

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