What do I need to turn off on my iPhone when traveling internationally 2023

what to turn off on iPhone when going to overseas

Let’s look at some iPhone settings for international travel. There are various purposes in them; people would like to move for an international trip. For instance, Guys go on an international trip to know other cultures, for discovery, relaxation, Vacation duration, for a business meeting, and so on. You are having a plan. What are your destination and purpose?

We don’t know but mate if you’ve own iPhone or iPad and you going to Overseas with it. Then, know here about, how to use and what to turn off on iPhone when going overseas for traveling Aboard. You don’t need any particular type of technical knowledge. I hope, this tutorial on Ways to Avoid Big iPhone Data Roaming Bills will become helpful.

How to beat bill shock when using your phone overseas: when traveling internationally

what to turn off on iPhone when going to overseas

You should turn off Cellular/ Mobile Data on iPhone, iPad – if you’re traveling without an international data plan at your destination. Let’s look at iPhone Settings for International Travel.

On your iPhone or iPad Home screen

Go to Settings App→ then Cellular or Mobile Data. and turn on Celluar Data toggle On/Green.

Next, Tap on Cellular Data options – Turn toggle Data Roaming Off/white.

After these steps are followed, then you can comfortably avoid big iPhone data roaming charges abroad.

disable data roming screen on iPhone 7Plus iOS 10

How is disabled Data roaming beneficial? It will save your pocket money and altogether you can protect yourself from big data roaming bills.

Another thing is to turn on Airplane Mode when you on the plane. No longer eligible to use any kinds of cellular services.

If still, you’re planning for the trip, then you have below given ideal options that you might help to get second internet data overseas and accessible to online on your iPhone.

Contact your cellular provider and shop roaming plan from them. For that, your mobile company must be offered an international roaming service.

After arrival this kind

For those iPad users who have Apple SIM embedded.

You should explore cellular data plans by choosing proper carriers in more than 90 countries, regions, and territories.

Buy Or rent local SIM cards

Before you go on an international trip, you can buy or borrow a nano-SIM card for your destination country or region. For more information, you can take the help of a travel guide’s website or tour planner to the state.

God bless you. Safe journey, if you have any other idea to prepare your iPhone to go aboard.

Let’s put your caption in the comments on how this helpful on How to beat bill shock when using your phone overseas. We will appreciate your time.

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