When will Apple Stop Supporting iPhone 11

Will iPhone 11 be discontinued? To remind you, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, were unveiled in Sept 2019, with the latest iOS 13 iOS Update. Though, the iPhone 11 lineup got iOS 13 out of the box. Usually, after four major updates, Apple stops supporting the iPhones and doesn’t release new updates, as the older hardware couldn’t match up with the new software updates. Looking at the past records, the iPhone 11 might stop receiving major iOS updates by 2023 or maybe 2024. Apparently, that’s Five Years of new updates, to the iPhone by Apple without any disruptions.

On top of that, the app developers will give you app updates for more than two years, after Apple stops releasing new updates for the device. So that’s somehow, seven years of time, a device can be used without feeling outdated if you’re just a casual user who doesn’t need trendy features and apps.

If you haven’t heard yet, Apple has already discontinued manufacturing the iPhone 11 Pro, when iPhone 12 came to the market. So if you go around the stores and couldn’t find iPhone 11 Pro, don’t fight back or startled. Apple decided to keep continue the production of the iPhone 11 though.

With the release of the iOS 15 update, iPhone 11 receives its second update, we can assume if Apple follows the same iteration, iOS 17 or iOS 18 should be the last update by Apple for iPhone 11 flagship.

To be honest, most people use the devices for around three years, or a maximum of five years, because whether it’s an iPhone or Android, it gets somewhat obsolete impaired, and damaged, either the battery would be dead or you’ve dropped the phone accidentally and it won’t respond.

Meanwhile, in the course of time, you’ll read several rumors about when will Apple stop supporting iPhone 11 and more, so just keep reading the articles, to get accurate news about the same. We’ll surely keep this article up to date with the latest information.

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