Why The iPhone Doesn’t Come with A Charging Block [2023]

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In 2020, Apple announced that the company would no longer include charging adapters with iPhone purchases. So naturally, buyers were outraged and a massive uproar was seen in response to the technology behemoth’s decision. The general consensus was that iPhones are expensive, and the very least Apple could do was include a charging adapter with the smartphone.

Apple no longer includes a charging adapter and EarPods with any iPhone. The only free accessory included with the iPhone 12 series is a USB-C to Lightning cable for charging and data transfer. Of course, it’s a letdown for iPhone buyers. Apple defends its decision not to give away any freebies as an environmentally friendly measure. With no accessories inside the boxes, Apple will be able to provide thinner iPhone boxes while also reducing e-waste.

No Charger in the Box? Everything You Need to Know About

Several Android manufacturers have stopped including earphones in the box, citing the fact that it allows them to offer lower prices. However, it appears that Apple is being stingy by not including adapters and earphones in the box after a customer has paid more than $1000 for the product.

The company has now released some figures that demonstrate the impact of its decision to stop including charging adapters with iPhones. According to Apple, power adapters are made from a variety of materials, including plastic, copper, and zinc. According to the company’s Environmental Progress Report, Apple saved 8.61 lakh tonnes of copper, zinc, and metal by not including charging adapters with its iPhones. 

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Apple explained that by not including a charger, it reduced the size of the iPhone box, resulting in a more efficient packaging process. “Leaving out those adapters was a bold change for Apple and necessary for our planet,” Apple has stated on its website’s environment page. 

A company that makes a production choice that is both good for business and good for the environment appears to be a win-win situation. However, Apple assumes that people purchasing the new iPhone already have old headphones and chargers on hand to use instead.

If people buy AirPods anyway because they don’t already have earbuds, it’s a big win for Apple but not for the environment. The issue is that purchasing chargers or headphones separately may result in additional packaging waste and emissions from separate deliveries. Some of that may be added to Apple’s carbon footprint, while some may be added to the carbon footprints of other companies if consumers choose to purchase the accessories from other vendors. This does not necessarily reduce overall emissions; instead, it spreads greenhouse gas emissions among different companies.

However, another factor was at play when the iPhone stopped providing chargers. Apple most likely intended customers to gravitate toward its MagSafe line of wireless chargers, which debuted alongside the new iPhones. MagSafe chargers use magnets to ensure precise alignment, maximizing wireless charging time. Apple also introduced MagSafe magnetic cases, a magnetic leather wallet attached to the back of the phone, and the MagSafe wireless chargers. With a new product line to promote, including wireless chargers, it’s understandable that Apple chose not to include chargers with the iPhone 12. Instead, a customer can purchase a MagSafe case to protect their phone and a MagSafe charger for easy wireless charging. Indeed, this edition expands the number of charging options available to iPhone users, albeit at a cost. In summary, it is about more money for Apple while also benefiting the environment. 

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But there are questions arising about the warranty if the iPhone’s battery fails due to using third-party chargers.

Without a free adapter, Apple may no longer be able to ask people to use their own accessories for the best and safest experience. Apple had previously stated that using third-party adapters to charge iPhones could harm the battery and even cause a fire.

Now, the question is whether Apple can afford to turn a blind eye in the event of a fire caused by the use of any random Type-C adapter.

Apple’s decision to no longer include wall chargers and earbuds in its new iPhone boxes is good for business, but it’s unclear how good it is for the environment. Although the move saves the company money, some of the environmental benefits may be offset by people purchasing earbuds and chargers separately.

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