How to Access Remote desktop on iPhone, iPad, iPod on Chrome 2023

Access live remote PC or Mac on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

After long waiting google finally released the best remote apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this will help your live access your Mac or PC located at home or office. Google built unique ways by high tech performing techniques on Client and server architecture. Google also maintained security and live desktop picture quality on your iOS device running on the latest iOS. Now big screen iPhone gives the amazing experience that you want. If you don’t be fond with chrome and chrome plugins that alternative way to access remote desktop on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch also available.

Note: to use Chrome Remote Desktop for remote access, you have to login with same Gmail login on both side (host side – Mac or PC and Client side – iPhone, iPad or iPad touch)Access live remote PC or Mac on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Google chrome or other apps for Access remote desktop on iPhone, iPad and touch

Using Chrome Remote desktop

On client side you have iOS device, from there you have to access remote Mac or PC from different location. So on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you have App installed.

For iPhone: Download Now – Free

For Mac or PC: And the remote side Chrome remote Desktop should be installed in your Google chrome browser.

Here is the simple steps how you can Access remote desktop on iPhone securely

Step 1: install app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch where you want access.

Step 2: install chrome extension, and launch it in your browser.Access remote desktop on iPhone using chrome app

See option under My Compute > Get started.Start remote access on google chrome

Step 3: Click on Enable remote connection, Then setup will be download in your browser. After download complete run it on your PC and then Click on OK.Setup for Download or Access remote machine

Step 4: Next you have to set personal PIN number for security, You have to enter same pin number from iPhone or other iOS device whenever you want to Access remote desktop on iPhone.Security pin for access PC remotely on iOS device

Step 5: Launch App in your iPhone (login with same Gmail), and you can see list of all device connected with same ID. Tap on Name of remote device and enter PIN for access remotely.currently accessed on iPhone remotely


Alternate Way to connect your Mac and PC with iPhone

Screen VNC also available for iOS device ($19.99)  or Mac ($29.99)

iTeleport Remote desktop for iOS device ($24.99) or Mac ($29.99)

Amazing app by Google so thanks and Have you any confusion on Access remote desktop on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch? Then share with us.

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