How to add text to a photo on iPhone 14 [Video Guide]

Add Text on Photo From iPhone, iPad

An effective way to share your speechless emotions on the picture is set to text on photos, Change contrast of pictures and also a new one and most popular for these days is emojis. If you experience Facebook web post with new pictures. Same here you can also do on your iOS device. Stitch text on your any size picture by add text to photo on iPhone.

To learn how to add text to photo in iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running on the latest iOS. Not only simple text but you can set it on any writing style, colors, Weight, Watermark styles, and natural Handwriting text style (Most of the folks like and want this).

  • How do I put text onto a picture?
  • How do I add a caption to a photo in iPhoto?
  • Can you add text to the photo on the iPhone?

Ways to Set/add text to Photo in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Without App or Using App

Officially there is a no single option without any default iOS app, till iOS 9.3 or earlier. So, we must go with some special app that will very useful for Set or add text to photo on iPhone especially. Might be you can do or use many useful tools within the same app.

#1: Photos app on iPhone Using Markup

Open Photos app on your iPhone and open photo from camera roll for additional text. Without any third-party app, we can add text to any picture. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open Photo on your iPhone Photos app. Tap on Edit from the top right corner of the screen.
Edit Picture on iPhone photos app
Edit Picture on iPhone photos app
  • Tap on markup edit button at the top right corner of the screen, Use Markup.
  • Open and Edit Photo using Markup on iPhone Photos app
    Open and Edit Photo using Markup on iPhone Photos app
  • Next, Tap on (+) sign to use the Text editing tool, and Type some text that you want with the color option.
  • Add Text on Photo on iPhone Photos app
    Add Text on Photo on iPhone Photos app
  • More you can apply the text style and Size. Now, you can save by tap on done.
  • Change Font Size and Style on Picture iPhone Photos app
    Change Font Size and Style on Picture iPhone Photos app
  • That’s it.
  • #2: Photo Director

    add text to photo in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    The Photo director is one of my favorite app to add a text to a picture on the iPhone. Download the app from the below link, launch it. And Slide below tolls from left to right, Tap on text Bubble > There are so many free text effects mostly suit your picture background, emotions that are you want to express. More see the below pictures and enjoy it.

    Side by side there are also options for change font style and Font Color, transparent text. Don’t miss.

    Download Now

    #3: Font Candy: Photo & Text Editor

    Font Cany app for set text on picture

    The Font Candy is a free app for temporary use and if you ignoring watermark. Otherwise, you have to go with pro features to remove watermark comes after save there. Font Candy specially made for the set or add more text effect on picture beautifully. Are you a professional photo shooting/editing filed then you must go with this app.

    Download Now

    #4. Phonto – Text on Photos

    The Phonto is a straightforward app that allows users to add text to pictures. Let’s see its feature in brief.

    • There More than 400 fonts are available in Phonto App.  Users can install other fonts too. if you want to change text size then quickly easy to changeable text size.
    • Download Phonto – Text on Photos App

    The above all three apps are enough to try and add text to photo in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with up to iOS. Source Apple

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