AirPods Pro Keep Falling Out: How to Prevent and Stay Secure?

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Does AirPods Pro keep falling out frequently? Usually, while running, walking, exercising in Gym, the AirPods falls out and have to adjust every now and then. While, the AirPods were not that problem concerning the fitting, but there are many reports regarding the same for AirPods Pro. Even though Apple has provided three different silicone ear tips sizes including Large, Medium, and Small, they aren’t perfectly adjusting and fall out accidentally.

There are plenty of problems that can occur if the AirPods Pro can’t fit in ears and drops down like you won’t be able to enjoy Active Noise Cancelling technology, could drop the AirPods due to poor fitting, and most importantly, it’ll make you irritate. We’ve some suggestions that will prevent the AirPods Pro from falling out, continue to read.

Note: This guide is also applicable to AirPods 3 users. and Prevent from Falling out.

How to Prevent AirPods Pro Keeps Falling Out: Pro Tips to Follow Now

How Do I Keep my AirPods Pros from Falling Out

Apart from Apple’s own Silicon Tips that you received in the box, there are few more third-party accessories such as Foam Tips that enhanced the grip of AirPods Pro. To get the correct Foam Tip size is a bit tough, nobody wants to spend money on incorrect tips size, that’s why, research and get the best product for you.

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Moreover, if your friend or colleague has installed any third-party Foam Tips on AirPods Pro, at first take advice from them, how did they get the correct size, from where did they buy and how much did it cost? Gather as much information as you can, because knowing the attributes and important factors about the product makes it easy to buy it.

In fact, it would be great if you prefer to keep the Silicone Tips and use the new third-party Foam Tips over the Silicone Tips, there’ll be double protection to your AirPods Pro.

How to keep your Apple AirPods Pro from slipping out of your ears:- Should I test the Ear tip Fit test?

This is apple’s built-in feature that helps to “Check the fit of your AirPods Ear tips to determined which size provides the best seal and acoustic performance”.

Here are the steps to finding perfect Eartip from three different sizes of Ear tips came in the box.

  1. First Connect your AirPods to your iPhone.
  2. Next, Open Settings app > Bluetooth > And Tap on (i) button next to the AirPods Name.
Take Ear tip fit test for AirPods Pro Using iPhone
Take Ear tip fit test for AirPods Pro Using iPhone
  • Now, Scroll to Ear Tip Fit Test > Scroll and Tap on the Play button. Now you will hear loud music volume for a few seconds. and results will show on screen for each Left & Right AirPod.
  • Find Comfortable Ear tip by Playing sound on AirPods Test
    Find Comfortable Ear tip by Playing sound on AirPods Test

    Adjust Or Try a Different Ear Tip: That means You should use Ear tips that are most comfortable and it comes in the box.

    Change the Ear tip and Test on iphone
    Change the Ear tip and Test on iphone
  • I changed and tried for medium-size ear tips, and I got Good Seal after one more test with Ear tip replacement process.
    See my screen,
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    Get more tips on AirPods Pro falling out from the ear.

    Flip the AirPods Pro Upside Down

    Wear AirPods Correctly in to Both the Ear
    Wear AirPods Correctly into Both the Ear

    While it may sound weird, but some users have discovered that wearing the AirPod Pro upside down increases the grip. Swapping or wearing them Upside Down would do a trick.

    Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

    During this kind of activity, you need tough protection for yourself.

    Well, it depends on how AirPods Profits in your ears. Some users have reported that while running the AirPods Pro slips out, this is one of the biggest downsides of AirPods Pro. Other than that, AirPods Pro is one of the best wireless headphones available right now.

    Non-Apple brands offer Hooks that hold the earbuds tightly whatever you do. However, there are few Anti-Slip Ear Covers available for AirPods Pro to hook up the AirPods Pro in the ear regardless of what you’re doing.

    Check AhaStyle 3 Pairs of AirPods Pro Ear Hooks
    Check AhaStyle 3 Pairs of AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

    Check AhaStyle 3 Pairs of AirPods Pro Ear Hooks, it costs around $12.59 on Amazon, and available in Black and White color options.

    AirPods 3 Ear Hooks


    Use AirPods With Case, Hinge, and Cleaning Tool
    Use AirPods With Case, Hinge, and Cleaning Tool

    Use AirPods With Case, Hinge, and Cleaning Tool

    Can you Return AirPods if they don’t fit?

    AirPods can be returned, but have you tried switching silicone tips or third-party ear tips replacement? Check the above section for the AirPods Pro Ear Hooks or get alternative Tips Foam replacement for AirPods for perfect fitting.

    Yes, you can return the AirPods Pro. AirPods can be replaced as well as returned if users have placed a return request during the returning period. However, the return period varies depending on the store’s policy.

    • Apple: 15 Days Return
    • Walmart: 30 Days Return
    • Best Buy: 15 Days Return
    • Target: 15 Days Return
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    If you haven’t purchased AirPods from any of the above stores, then make sure to contact the retailer as soon as possible before the return period gets over.

    Can I Use AirPods Pro without Tips?

    Can you wear AirPods without rubber tips? Yes, of course, you can use AirPods Pro without silicone tips. The silicone tips improve the fitting of AirPods Pro, to deliver optimum sound quality especially the Active Noise Cancelling technology. So the only downside is if you remove the silicone tips and try to listen to songs, the sound quality won’t be usual.

    How to Find Nearby AirPods that’s Missing

    If One of your AirPod or Both AirPods is missing from the Charging case after Whole AirPods Drops it from hand. or Your AirPod has been Falling from Ear while you are walking, Running, or Any Other Outdoor activity. Be Calm, Don’t be panic, and try to find using different methods showing how to find airpods that are nearby, in the below video tutorial.

    What Should you do? after falling and don’t get back.

    Only one airpods you have in the charging case, which means it going to be useless until you buy new one airpods from the apple store. Here are the price details to buy a new One AirPod or Charging case price. We can’t pair or Reset the AirPods with only one Airpod.

    AirPods Buying Charge and Replacement cost
    AirPods Buying Charge and Replacement cost

    Contact Apple Genius on Call, Chat, or Email. or Find nearby apple store from the apple website. Check the Airpods availability status, Then visit without wasting your time. Good luck, hope you found the best solutions and tips to prevent lost airpods cause AirPods Pro Keep Falling Out from ear.

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