Apple Maps on iOS 17.1.2 vs Google Maps: Which is better?

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Apple Maps and Google Maps both are popular mapping and navigation apps. Apple Maps was first launched on September 19, 2012, while Google Maps was launched on February 8, 2005. Both have their plus and minus points. Apple Maps offers many features same as Google Maps.

Apple has recently announced a new iOS 17 beta version with new feature updates. It now offers a unique “Offline Maps” feature, previously available on the Google Maps app.

Difference between Apple Maps Vs Google Maps

Apple Maps and Google Maps are both useful Mapping apps, but they have some differences. Here are a few key differences:

SpecsApple Maps Google Maps
Release DateSeptember 19, 2012Feb 8, 2005
CompatibilityiOS, macOS and, iPadOS.Android, iOS, macOS and, iPadOS.
Voice CommandsContext CluesDirections
Appearance🔹Search bar at bottom
🔹Fewer buttons
🔹No Shortcuts
🔹Search bar at the Top
🔹A Couple of buttons
🔹Shortcuts below the search bar
NavigationNo shortcuts on screenEasily accessible shortcuts on screen
New Features🔹Offline Maps🔹Air Quality
Specification comparison between Apple Maps and Google Maps


Apple Maps has a clean and modern interface with fewer buttons on the screen. Google Maps look slightly dull and flat. With Apple Maps, we see a clear emphasis. Each of the App’s home screens usually looks very different. Apple Maps offers a clean, user-friendly interface. It integrates with other Apple apps, such as Siri, and provides users with real-time traffic updates.

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Google Maps is the most used navigation app, with a large user base providing real-time traffic updates. Also, it offers a street view feature, allowing you to see a street before you get there.


Google map is a cross-platform service on Android, iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. On the other side, Apple Map is a default app for Apple devices. Before Apple Maps, Google Maps was the default app for all Apple devices. In 2012, Apple Maps replaced Google Maps on Apple devices. It is compatible with iOS, macOS, watchOS and iPadOS.


The Google Maps search bar and shortcuts are available on the top side, and for Apple Maps search bar is available at the bottom. There are a couple of buttons to quickly tap below the search bar on Google Maps that helps us to discover what is around us. In comparison, Apple Maps requires tapping search to reveal these features-dinner, hotels, etc.


The buttons on Google Maps are handy. For example, if we want to stop navigation, it’s just one tap on the cross button, whereas, on Apple, it requires two taps, one for the opening option and a second to tap on the exit button. Apple doesn’t crowd the screen with a bunch of visual clutter; they like their stuff to be clean and friendly.

So in terms of Appearance and function, Apple has a better interface, and Google provides a better user experience.

Voice Commands

Google Maps offers advanced voice search facilities to explore. When you start navigating from one place to another, it gives accurate directions, whereas on Apple Maps, it gives context clues, like at the next stop sign. So, Apple Maps provide initiative voice commands compared to Google Maps.

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With the latest release of iOS 17, Apple Maps will support Offline Maps. It allows you to download new maps for specific areas. Google Maps also offers the same feature to download offline maps. One plus point for Apple Maps is the updates will download automatically.

Here are some feature differences:

FeaturesApple MapsGoogle Maps
Offline Maps
Open App in private mode
Air Quality
Real-Time Traffic Data
Change Departure or arrival time
Feature Comparison of Apple Maps vs. Google Maps


Apple Maps doesn’t track you; it only stores data it needs to help you on your device. In comparison, Google Maps tracks you and saves all information on a distant server. In addition, Google uses your data to show area-specific ads on your phone. So, Apple Maps is better in my preference.


With end-to-end encryption and Siri speech processing, Apple provides strong user privacy and security. It does not store or share your search information with external servers. Conversely, Google Maps stores your data for personalizing Google advertisements.

To overcome this issue, use the Google Maps app in incognito mode. It will prevent your data from storing.

Pros & Cons

Apple MapsGoogle Maps
Pros🔹Clean Interface
🔹Interactive 3D views
🔹Context Clues
🔹Check Air Quality
🔹Protects data from storing
🔹Detailed user Interface
🔹Immersive Views
🔹Turn-by-turn directions
🔹Check Air Quality & Wildfires
🔹Stores history
Cons🔻Doesn’t keep more information 🔻Lack of data security
Pros & Cons of Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Ultimately, the choice between Apple Maps and Google Maps will depend on your preferences. Both services are comfortable and free, so it’s worth trying and seeing which works best for you.

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