Apple Watch dock for Charging and Safe stand: 2015 Deals

For full day active on apple watch need one time full charging in a single day, so apple official release that for apple watch user put 1.5 hr in charging to store power in apple watch from 0% to 80% and 2.5hr in charging to store power from 0% to 100%. So that time you have to care your watch from accidental scratches, that time you need comfort Apple Watch dock for Charging and keep away from damage as a safe stand, water resistance and more features.

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Top best Apple Watch dock for Charging and safe stand Deals


HiRise Apple Watch dock for Charging and StandHiRise is #1 Apple Watch dock for Charging, built for Apple Watch 2015, Clean and Easy for stay watch over the stand. HiRise gives guarantee on no starch charging cable from magnet charging plug, Because Wire and your Watch’s charging holder fits in dock body, So from our side we only set over the dock for long time no any extra security need for fall from stand due to magnet catch your watch all time.

Note only stay there, But batter viewing experience from your Bad or and easy to access Message and reply over, Settings, Alarm and more in any view.

Compatible with all apple watch faces, Color: White, Black and Off White

Base price for this Dock: $49.99 (At the time of written) Available in April and Now you can order it.



Hedocks Apple watch stand and dockHEDock apple watch dock station built from Aluminum metal and rollover your watch on safest stand you ever seen. In other unique features Cheap in price, Easy to hold your watch for long time, and free delivery.

Order now in just: $29, Get it here



Getrest Battery Case and Stand for Apple watchThis Apple watch charging dock stand care your charger cord 24×7 by adjusting inside the wooden and for back safety heavy steel bottom. Very good foundation from base to top surface always keeps your watch more secure due to technical observation and research.

Pre Order Available in just: $9 from here and Free shipping inside USA.


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Best Apple Watch dock for Charging in 2015 for all range of apple watch faces size and models. Did you order it, if you have? Then share your experience with other on watch docking station.