Apple Watch Battery guide: life, Watch Battery saving tips

🗓️ May 7, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelBattery usage quite different for each apple watch user, So you have to manage it and know the value on where I have to use apple watch for batter battery power utilization. Apple already tested on critical condition before launch it for publically. So set your mind how much time I have to use different functionality like music tune, Apps access, Workout, Talk time and more for full day active on tiny apple’s watch device.

Apple Watch External Battery charger:

Apple Watch Battery guide 2015

After full night charge over the beautiful and best-designed charging dock and stand, you need to concern power usage, like when using some facilities that will drain your charge.

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Apple watch Battery guide and saving tips: Apple watch battery saving tips

Officially apple giving 18 hours time period after uses all main functionalities. Battery test conducted on a different continuous process like Talk time test, Audio Playback Test, Workout test, Power reserve and more defined below.

Apple Watch battery set behind the face and you can charge it with MagSafe inductive charger, So using this charger you can charge fully within 1.5 hr to 80% and Complete 100% charge with extended 1 hr.

Whole day charge for 18 hours, included 90-time check, 45 min use of the app, 30 min workout and up 90 notifications.

Up to 3 hours continuously talk test

Up to 6.5 hours Audio playback Test

Up to 6.5 hours Workout Test

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Power Reserve: 72 hours, Power reserve mode quite different in Apple device that’s you never seen, When your watch lose power below comfort zone, All functionality disabled automatically. After that, you can see time only up to the next 72 hours.

All above charging time slot might be vary for different users and factor.

What to do for save watch battery life: Apple Watch Battery guide

To Save battery you can control over streaming, Remote control access and other background processes where you want more power as you know. So you can access other feature more the one day to two days hopefully. Other wiser you can use Apple Watch charging dock and external battery for a charge anywhere and anytime.

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