Does AppleCare+ Cover Water Damage? here’s How & Why

If your iPhone gets wet in the rain or dropped in water, coffee, or juice over it, unfortunately, it isn’t covered under the Apple One-Year Warranty, but you can get it covered under an extended Applecare+ warranty. However, to verify it, most iPhone includes built-in Liquid Contacts Indicators that indicate whenever such scenarios occur. Here’s how you can check it!

Here’s How To Know! Prevent & Get Apple Support

Follow the guide to check water damage on your iPhone. Besides this, do know what to do after iPhone comes in contact with water or other liquid.

How Can You Tell If A Macbook Has Water Damage?

As mentioned earlier, most of iPhone include the LCI that is visible from the outside. The LCI will be automatically activated whenever the flagship contacts liquid. Usually, the LCI color is silver, but when it comes in contact with water, it will turn red in no time. And the best part is the color of LCI won’t be changed due to the humidity and surrounding environment. 

First, place iPhone on the table to check whether the LCI comes in contact with liquid. Next, equip yourself with magnifying glass and light and move it around your iPhone until you find it out. For reference, consider the below image. 



Note: Unfortunately, iPhone 14 Models don’t include the LCI Chip, so if you have one, then contact the Apple support team.

What To Do After Dropping Your iPhone In Water

Here are some of the essential steps you must consider once the Apple flagship gets in contact with water. 

1. Immediately Disable iPhone

Yes, immediately turn off the device as it could short circuit and further shake the iPhone to remove the water droplets. And then follow below mentioned troubleshooting.

2. Detach the Case

Another possibility is water will get stuck in the gap between iPhone and case. And slowly, it may make its way inside the device and harms water-resistance bonds. Which could result in a corrosive internal component. Thus, detaching the case is a gentle move.

3. Wipe the Water from iPhone carefully

Equip yourself with a soft cotton cloth or napkin and clean the water from the iPhone’s surface and between the volume buttons. 

4. Eject the SIM tray, and unplug cables, accessories

After you dry up the iPhone, eject the SIM tray using the SIM Ejector. And when doing so, face SIM tray down. This will forcefully remove the moisture or water stuck in the SIM tray. And then, shake the iPhone with a SIM tray facing down; it will remove the fine droplets.

5. Let the iPhone Dry Up

After performing all the tips mentioned above, keep your iPhone as it is without turning it ON or re-inserting the SIM tray to let it dry up.

6. Place Your iPhone With Silica Gel

Placing the iPhone or other electronic gadget in the rice bag to remove water droplets is wrong way. This is because the tiny rice grains can make their way inside the device or lead to scratches and, in a worst case, block the speaker grill. Instead, you should get yourself an airtight box, for instance, a lunchbox. Put the silica gel and iPhone for up to 24 hours—the silica gel you often find in the newly bought bag or water bottle.

7. Wait For a Reasonable Time; Minimum of 24 Hours

After wisely performing the tips mentioned above, we suggest leaving your iPhone as it is for 24 hours. Once you’re done with it, press the Side Button, and if it’s worked for you, congratulations. Next, try using the iPhone’s speaker, camera, lightning port, and other features. Lastly, insert the SIM tray. That’s It!

8. If iPhone is Not Working, Contact Apple Support!

If you have submerged the iPhone for a longer duration, damage would be beyond the above tips and tricks. In this scenario, contacting the Apple Support Team is the only solution left. Conversely, you can carry the iPhone to the nearest Apple Service Station (Contact Number).

Get an Estimated Cost (Water or Something Else)

Really Great, Apple will help you in step by step procedure,

  • Schedule a visit
  • Send in for repair
  • Schedule onsite Service
  • Contact us

In addition, we can get an estimated cost for your iPhone or Other devices to damage yourself. Follow the below steps,

For iPhone,

  1. Go to Apple Support Repair Web on your Browser.
  2. Scroll to “Get an estimate” Section, and Select Service type “Other damage“.
  1. Select “Product or Accessory” > Model.
  2. Click on “Get Estimate“. See the estimated cost Without AppleCare+ and With Active AppleCare+ Plan. That’s it.

To Know the answer in your Geolocation, For all Apple Devices…

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Final Thought!

I hope now you might know how to check water iPhone damage and, additionally, the precautionary steps that need to be taken after it. 

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