Auto forward all Mail from iCloud to another Email : Automatically

Auto forward all Mail from iCloud to Other Mail account permanently

Auto forward all Mail from iCloud to on your Primary email address. iCloud Mail features are really awesome, One of them is bypass all mail coming to your iCloud ID to Targeted email Address (Like Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, Outlook or Top Lavel Domain Email).

Very useful features, who have number of Email Address, Wants faster access or notification on incoming mail to iCloud Mail. So user can instantly take action on mail, and the other end iCloud is total 5GB limited free space but you can manage it easily by forward all iCloud Mail to Gmail or other third party Email address. After that delete automatically from iCloud account.

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Steps on Auto forward all Mail from iCloud/ Apple ID to Gmail, Yahoo or Any Other

1. Go to the and Login with apple ID and Password.

2. Click on Gear icon at Right/ Bottom corner of the screen. Mail setting in iCloud Preference

3. Next, Under the general tab, in Forwarding section Enter your target Email address where you want forward all incoming iCloud mail to Other. Auto forward all Mail from iCloud to Other Mail account permanently

Note: Don’t want copy of forwarded email to iCloud login, check marked “Delete Messages after forwarding“. So your iCloud storage space automatically release.

That’s it.

Selected Mail Only Forward to The Other Mail address

Create your own rule under the Rules tabMail rules for iCloud

At there you can set different forwarding rules like From address, Subject title under the if a message section.

Under “then” section, Enter target Email addressForwarding mail settings in iCloud

So, you can create set of Rules then reorder or delete individually in easy way. By tap on I icon.

Note: if you are forwarding all email address or selected address to any other email, you must verify. Otherwise wrong email address might be bounce your important mail at sender side.

Stay touch with us if you have any confusion on Auto forward all Mail from iCloud ID / Apple ID to another ID. Hope that min time apple give many beautiful features in Mail app than other.

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