How to login, Logout Gmail Account From Mail App in Any MacOS

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Try different Email login from Bing, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud or other private web email account on OS X mail app like Microsoft’s outlook alternatives. In case you are facing in change your Mail login from Gmail account then go through the below steps given in this tutorial. Hassle free and straightforward made an apple for any account that you want. Most popular email login or setup you don’t need to submit other details like SMTP, SSL port and more. Yosemite Mail App will automatically be configured with your mac when you choose email service on a new setup. Here I discussed on how to Logout Gmail account from Mail app and re-login with same email or another one.

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Note: if you want to log out your Mail account, All the emails deleted from your Mac for security purpose. Currently, are you using iCloud Mail account, want to switch with Gmail then you must have to remove your iCloud account from the iCloud app in your OS X.

Steps for Login and Logout Gmail Account from Mail app in OS X

Step 1: Go the Spotlight search and find “Mail” and Open it.

Step 2: Your first screen should look likes in below.

new user can select account type from here

Step 3: Choose Google and Click on Continue

Step 4: Enter your Email ID and Password.

Submit Valid gmail details

Step 5: Choose what types of data you want from your account on your Mac – Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, and notes.Choose what types of data you want on Mac

Step 6: Wait for some time, until all the mail sync with mail app and download on your system. Now all the mail ready to read and also sent new mail.

Sync process on Mail coming from server to Mac

If you are already logged with Gmail Account and try with another Email id then follow the below steps for logout Gmail account from Mail App.

After Sync read mail coming in your account

Logout Gmail Mail app from OS X Yosemite

Step 1: on your Mail App, From the bottom side click on Setting icon.

remove or Logout Gmail account from Mail app on Mac OS X

Step 2: Click on “-” sign from the bottom side.Choose your gmail account and remove

Step 3: Next, Click on the internet account button from the popup option.

remove account verification

Step 4: Now choose which types of data your want to delete on your Mac and Click on “-“ sign again.What you want to remove from Mac disk

Step 5: Verify and Choose OK from Logout Gmail account from Mail app on your OS X.

Completely remove mail data from mail app in OS X yosemite

Log in and log out Gmail account in Mail app same for your all Mac devices: iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacMini.

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Logout process for another webmail account might quite different, but logic has been same, So you can easily try with above steps. Still, have you any query regarding Logout Gmail account from Mail app or other settings then share with us, We will suggest best for you.

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