10 Best Apple Pencil Holders in 2023

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In this article, you can get the best Apple pencil charging dock. Mainly, the Charging Dock contains aluminum material, is light in weight, high durability with Matte or shiny surfaces. In Case you are also in the market to buy an Apple Pencil charging stand. Then get here. Before, we looked at the best Case for iPad Pro with a pencil holder. Now we are showing you, the best in best Apple Pencil Charging Dock.

The Apple Pencil is equipment that strengthens the use of iPads. It is the perfect way to reach your goals precisely. However, as you can comfortably draw pictures, write, web surfing, etc., the Pencil needs some power to run, which you give by charging through an iPad. The problem with the user is that while charging through an iPad, they can’t use a Pencil, and this problem can be solved using a Charging Dock holder for an Apple Pencil, and the iPad’s battery can save through this stuff.

Best Apple Pencil Charging dock: Compatible Stand for Apple Pencil

The best and most affordable price Apple Pencil Dock is a perfect fit charging stand. In addition, there is a unique model to charge Apple pencils safely and securely.

1. Belkin Pencil Holder + Case

Apple pemcil holder by belkin

Belkin Case Plus Stand is a protective case that safely stores the Apple Pencil. It contains Polycarbonate and fabric lining materials. This portable holder plus Case can charge by removing the Apple Pencil Cap. In addition, this Pencil stand provides additional protection for the Pencil tip.

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It has a compact and minimalist design. This Belkin Case Plus Stand is compatible with Apple Pencil first generation and iPad Accessories. Purchase this Apple Pencil holder case with lightning adapter, Pencil cap, and extra Pencil trip. Belkin’s holder & charging case will soon be available for Apple Pencil 2.


Product NameBelkin Case Plus Stand for Apple Pencil
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1st generation
Dimensions9 x 1.75 x 1 inches
Weight4.00 ounces
Belkin Case Plus Stand for Apple Pencil Specifications

2. TechMatte Charging Stand & Holder

TechMatte Charging Stand & Holder

TechMatte Charging Case is a lightweight, durable plastic case that protects your device from scratches. It is compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd generation. Once you power the charging Case, you can charge your Apple Pencil wirelessly.

This charging case has a built-in light indicator to show the charging status. It flashes red to indicate a lower battery, Green for charging an Apple Pencil, and Red while fully charged. Try out this portable and compact charging case by placing an amazon order!


Product NameTechMatte Charging Case
MaterialHard Plastic
CompatibilityApple Pencil (2nd Generation)
Dimensions7.24 x 1.57 x 0.87 inches
Weight2.99 ounces
TechMatte Charging Case Specifications

Are you looking for Apple Pencil Alternatives? Pick your choice from here given list

3. MoKo Charger Dock Pen Holder

MoKo Charger Dock Pen Holder

The Charging Docks are another best alternative way to charge your Apple Pencil efficiently. The Dock is small enough to adjust your desk and quickly power your Apple Pencil 2nd Generation. The Dock contains solid aluminum material with an elegant silver color. 

The Dock charger is compatible with only iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 12.9, and Apple Pencil 2nd generation. You don’t need to plug a Pencil into the iPad; it does not require any setup. Instead, merely put a pen in the Dock to charge; with its portability, you can move quickly anywhere.


Product NameMoKo Charging Stand Compatible with Apple Pencil
MaterialAluminum alloy
CompatibilityiPad Pro 12.9 / 10.5 / 9.7 and Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
Dimensions1.2 x 1.2 x 2 inches
Weight1 ounces
MoKo Charging Stand Specifications

Check Moko Charging Stand Price on Amazon

4. Thankscase Solid Aluminium Holder

Thankscase Solid Aluminium Holder

The Thankscase little gadget will boost your experience of using an Apple Pencil. The Dock contains a built-in 6ft extended wire to increase the portability of a Dock. In addition, it has a beautiful texture that suits Apple devices and looks great on the desk with an apple Pencil.

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It uses synthesized aluminum to increase its durability, and it is light in weight. The product is exclusively made well by Thankscase to hold and stand Vertically or Horiznatally when a Pencil is charging via lightning cable. This device is only compatible with 1st generation Apple Pencil. If you want a holder for Apple Pencil 2, you can buy Thankscase Magic Holder. Get more information now!


Product NameThankscase Charging Dock Station 
MaterialSolid Aluminium
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1st generation
Dimensions3.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight‎5 ounces
Thankscase Charging Dock Station Specifications

5. MoKo Charging Stand with LED Indicator

MoKo Charging Stand with LED Indicator

Are you searching for a charging stand and holder for your Apple Pencil 1? Then, MoKo is a better choice for you. It is a pen holder for an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Pen. In addition, it is a portable and fast charging station with LED indicators. Remove the pencil cap and connect the lighting port to charge your Apple Pencil.

The best thing about this product is; you can charge another device, such as an iPad or iPhone. For that, you can connect your charging cable to the USB port of this stand. So, guys, what are you waiting for? Buy this sturdy, durable, stylish charging stand, and don’t worry about scratches!


Product NameMoKo Charging Stand with LED Indicator
MaterialAluminum alloy
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1st generation
Dimensions1.2 x 1.2 x 2 inches
Weight1 ounces
MoKo Charging Stand with LED Indicator Specifications

6. TiMOVO Charging Stand

TiMOVO Charging Stand for Apple Pencil

TiMOVO brand manufactures Charging Stand by using aluminum alloy and anti-slip Silicone materials. This device is durable and charges efficiently. Compatible with only Apple Pencil first generation. It has a thoughtful cap storage room to protect your Apple Pencil from an accidental drop.

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It saves time by offering an extra USB port to charge another device simultaneously. In addition, there is a power display to show you the charging status. Try this portable and efficient Charging Dock with a stand now!


Product NameTiMOVO Charging Stand
ColourBlack, Rose Gold, Green, Purple, Silver, Sky Blue, Gradient Blue
MaterialAluminum alloy
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1st generation & iPad Pen
Dimensions2.17 x 2.17 x 1.02 inches
Weight4.5 ounces
 TiMOVO Charging Stand Specifications

7. Ciscle Stylus Case and Holder

Ciscle Stylus Case and Holder for Apple Pencil

Ciscle brand manufactures Stylus Case and Holder. Compatible with Apple Pencil 1st, 2nd generation and other stylus pens like Samsung pen, Surface Pen, etc. It is a silicone plastic case and stands with a cable slot. It provides all-in-one storage to hold the pen, USB cable, and extra pencil nibs. There is an advanced grip to place the accessories and keep them safe.

This high-quality Case and holder come with a protective lid and fabric lining. So, you can easily protect your Apple Pencil and accessories from dust, dirt, and scratches. Visit the below link and learn more about this supportable and lightweight holder.


Product NameCiscle Stylus Case and Holder
MaterialSilicone Plastic
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1,2 and other accessories
Dimensions9 x 2.2 x 0.6 inches
Weight4.8 ounces
Ciscle Stylus Case and Holder Specifications

8. Square Jellyfish Stylus Holder

square jellyfish apple pencil stand

Square Jellyfish manufactures holders for Apple pencil 1st generation and stylus pens. It represents Tabletop mounting to hold your Pencil on your desk. You will love the stylish way of keeping your Apple Pencil on the desk.

So, if you want to surprise loved ones, this high-quality pencil stand is the perfect gift for them. It is an excellent option for your desk and a nice product to rest your Pencil.


Product NameSquare Jellyfish Apple Pencil Stand 
Brand/ManufacturerSquare Jellyfish
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1st generation
Dimensions6.6 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches
Weight0.64 Pounds
Square Jellyfish Apple Pencil Stand Specifications

9. Supmega Stand for Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

Supmega Stand for Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

Supmega Aluminum stand is a magnetic holder for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation. It offers Tabletop mounting to stand on a desk. The dimension of this item is 4.92 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches.

It is an easy-to-use, durable stand with a magnetic design to hold the Apple Pencil. In addition, you can peel off the pad to wash and reuse it.


Product NameSupmega Aluminum Stand for Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
CompatibilityApple Pencil 2nd Gen
Dimensions4.92 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches
Weight3.2 ounces
Supmega Stand for Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Specifications

10. iziz 2 in-1 Charger Dock and Holder

iziz 2 in 1 Charger Dock and Holder

iziz 2 in-1 Charger Dock and Holder is a portable and fast charging product for Apple Pencil 1. Also, it is compatible with iPad (6, 7, & 8th generation), iPad Air(3rd Gen), iPad Mini(5th Gen), and iPad Pro 12.9 inch(1st & 2nd Gen). In addition, it comes with a female lightning-to USB cable for direct charge.

This stand is suitable for Apple Pencil 1st generation and has a built-in USB charging cable. There is a 45-degree design plug interface available for apple Pencil. You can easily set up and use one socket for charging and the other for the cap. Try out this auto Charging Dock stand for Apple Pencil and share your experience!


Product Nameiziz 2 in 1 for Apple Pencil Charger Dock Stand
CompatibilityApple Pencil 1st Generation
Dimensions2 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches
Weight4.8 ounces
iziz 2 in 1 Charger Dock and Holder Specifications

One dock to fit all your devices

  • Charge and store your Apple Pencil
  • Small and elegant and is very portable.
  • Beautiful color with a textured design and Apple Style
  • Order here: Thankscase Charging Dock Station for Apple Pencil

Let’s share your caption in the comment box. For example, Do you have an Apple pencil charging dock?

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Use it on Travel as an External power bank for Apple Pencil. If you find any best Apple pencil charging stand, please do leave a comment.

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