How to fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Pro iOS 9

[2020]How to Fix Apple Pencil Not Working on iPad Pro: iPadOS

Know this ultimate guide for fixing Apple pencil not working on iPad Pro. Apple Pencil, it’s a digital stylus that works for iPad Pro, Apple pencil let you draw as well useful for note-taking and writing on iPad Pro. There is not hard to use because it works with precision pressure sensitivity, low latency to enable smooth inking and angle detection. Also, inside has a multi-touch technology, so it quickly detects force and depends on the drawing apps for iPad Pro.

You want to sketch new life into your favorite apps on iPad Pro but if you are having an issue the Apple pencil not working then what you should do. Here, we offer you several potential workarounds, which will become helpful while Apple pencil is not responding or Apple pencil won’t work on iPad Pro. Many users are shouting that the Apple pencil is not functioning on the notes app or not working with the Procreate. So let go ahead and try to resolve Apple pencil unresponsive after iOS 13 update.

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Update 28-DEC-2019: Apple’s 2nd generation Apple Pencil available in the marketplace. Here you can get Apple Pencil 2 compatible Devices. Also, get here what is new in Apple Pencil 2 that’s not featured Apple Pencil 1st generation.

Potential clues to fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Pro after iOS update

The Apple pencil collaborates with that iOS app which is designed for iPad Pro and compatible with Apple pen-like Notes, Mail app, Paper by FiftyThree, Adobe Comp CC, with Pixelmator, with procreate and with PDF Expert. Therefore, before following these steps you at least you must the app is compatibles with Apple Pencil.

How to fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Pro iOS 9

Clue #1. Make sure the pencil tip is tighten

Apple Pencil shipping with the off tip. So make sure the tip is on, and it is tightened (screw on) cause tighten tip can take your Apple Pencil is in working mode. Please don’t apply too much pressure.

If this way worked for you then get back on work, otherwise, go next to fix Apple pencil not working matter.

Clue #2. Make confirm Apple Pencil Battery is Charged

The battery to the pencil is charged, You can make sure that the Apple pencil is charged. Open up Notification Center (Pull down from the screen) and check under batteries widget. If you have run out of battery, then charge a pencil and then start. Here’s the solution why is your iPad Not Showing Percentage for Apple Pencil Battery under the widget.

The pencil is charged, however, it won’t work on your iPad pro then keep continue.

Clue #3. Reboot your iPad Pro

Reboot iPad Pro works most of when your Apple Pencil Pairing unsuccessful or Apple Pencil pairing took too long.

This maybe works for many who are stuck on the screen. So reboot your iPad Pro once and get it working again. Get here how to reboot Apple iPad Pro.

Apple’s first Generation Face ID model has a different method to rebooting, you can get here more detail on how to reboot Face ID iPad Pro?

Clue #4. Make Bluetooth Pair Again

if your Apple Pencil Won’t Stay Paired then Make Bluetooth turn off on iPad Pro then turn on again and Repair Bluetooth with Apple Pencil again. And make confirmed the pencil is connected. Hope this would be work for you. Here are Multiple Ways to turn on Bluetooth iOS

Clue #5. Airplane Mode should turn off

Check out your iPad Pro is not under Airplane Mode. Pull up the control center from the screen and check out Airplane mode is off. in iOS 12/iPadOS, the trick to Access Control Center in iOS,

  • Way 1: Open Settings app > the First Option is Airplane Mode, Turn off the toggle to grey.
  • Way 2: From the iPad Control Center, Pull down your finger from the top-right edge of the iPad screen. Now, Touch and Hold on the network card, To See Airplane icon and must be turned off.

After tried above all workarounds, however, you get the same issue, then please follow the last clue.

Clue #6. Apple Pencil can’t pair with iPad Pro after iOS 12 update

If your Apple Pencil is not connecting to iPad Pro or take to pairing too much time after iOS update and you’re planning to bring it to the purchased store then please at least try our following guide.

  • Open up Settings App on your iPad Pro → Tap Bluetooth (needed turning Bluetooth ON/Green) → under ‘’My Device ‘’ tap on the (i) icon next to the ‘’Apple Pencil’’ → Next, tap on ‘forget this device.’ Then Pair your Apple pencil to your iPad Pro again.

We hope this tip will be fixed your Apple Pencil issues.

You can also try this Apple Pencil Alternative, which is supporting Apple iPad Pro 12.9’’ also other iPad models as well, and Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inches.

Clue #7.  Contact Apple Care

Apple provides customer service for that if the products customers buy are not perfect. And If they think, he/she got a faulty Apple Pencil. You can take it to an Apple Retail Store for further troubleshooting or exchange.

An alternative, you can get support through the telephone. You should call AppleCare at 1-800-MY-APPLE for mail-in repair or replacement. If you’re from Washington DC, then get more details here.

I hope the guide helps you handy. Please let’s send your feedback to us in below comment box and tell you about which way it worked in your case to get rid of Apple Pencil not working on iPad Pro after the software update. Share your response on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

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