Best iMac Carrying Case in 2024 Like a Pro Travel (24 & 27-Inch)

We all know Imac is an expensive investment; hence, it’s important to keep it protected. When it comes to traveling with your iMac, whether for work or leisure, having the right carrying case is essential. The best iMac carrying case can provide the protection and convenience you need to navigate airports, meetings, or remote workspaces with ease. In this blog, we have thoroughly researched and made a list of the best iMac carrying cases that will help you travel like a pro while keeping your valuable iMac safe and secure. If you’re a digital nomad, a creative professional who often travels with the iMac, then you must read our latest recommendations and insights for the iMac case in this article.


CURMIO iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The CURMIO Travel Carrying Bag is a versatile, protective solution designed for 27″ iMac Desktop Computer users. This bag includes a clever multiple-pocket design, allowing you to neatly organize your computer peripherals, such as the keyboard, mouse, magic trackpad, wires, hard drive, headphones, and more. Crafted from water-resistant nylon on the exterior, this bag is sturdy, durable, and highly effective in safeguarding your iMac from dust, dirt, and scratches, thanks to its soft velvet lining. It has adjustable back buckles to ensure a snug fit for your monitor. Its lightweight and portable design, complete with a rubber handle, makes transporting your iMac a breeze. Whether you’re an on-site worker, photographer, iMac user, or designer, this bag is the perfect gift to enhance your mobility and protect your valuable equipment.

Pros of using CURMIO Carrying Case:

  • It has Multiple pockets to keep things well-organized
  • It is Light-weight and has a portable design
  • It has water-resistant nylon material 

Price = $36.99

2. Trunab 

Trunab iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The Trunab Travel Carrying Bag is your reliable choice for safeguarding your 24-27″ screens while on the move, with a three-layer material design, including a sturdy, tear-resistant, and water-resistant nylon exterior, a soft velvet lining, and thickened PE foam padding. It offers comprehensive protection against scratches and bumps, ensuring your screens stay in pristine condition. It has dual compartments, which can accommodate two screens, with an adjustable padded belt to stabilize and reduce shaking during transport. Additional features include a large front pocket for peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, headphones, and more a water-resistant PU bottom, and anti-slip feet for enhanced screen protection. Carrying your screens is a breeze with the padded handle, and for heavier loads, the reinforced adjustable shoulder strap comes in handy. With dimensions of 27.2″ x 4.7″ x 18.5″, this bag simplifies the transport of monitors, making it ideal for those who frequently need to move or confidently carry their screens.

Pros of using Trunab Carrying Case:

  • Sturdy, tear-resistant, and water-resistant nylon material
  • Large pocket for front for keyboard, mouse, and headphones
  • Adjustable shoulder for easy take-and-go

Price = $79.99

3. Gator 

Gator iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The Gator Cases Creative Pro Series iMac Carry Tote is a highly recommended option. Designed to fit various iMac models, this case offers exceptional protection with a durable nylon exterior and thick padding to safeguard against bumps and impacts. It features reinforced handles and a removable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. It also includes a large pocket for accessories and is checkpoint-friendly for air travel. The Gator Carrying Bag is the perfect companion for your 27″ iMac Desktop Computer. Its lightweight and rugged heather gray exterior, fortified with plastic panel reinforcement, ensures your iMac’s safety during transport. It is a well-organized storage case with labeled pockets for your keyboard, trackpad, mouse, USB cables, and rain cover, providing comprehensive protection against the elements.

Pros of using Gator Carrying Case:

  • Perfect for transport with easy loading and unloading
  • It has separate pockets for all accessories with a label
  • It is light-weight and has a rugged outer plastic cover

Price = starts from $80.00 – $245.99


AKOZLIN iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The AKOZLIN Transport Case is an ideal solution for creative professionals looking to transport 27″-32″ size monitors or displays. This padded nylon tote bag provides superior protection, featuring anti-slip feet to safeguard your screens during transport. It has a spacious front pocket to easily store accessories like a keyboard, mouse, headphones, remote control, and more. The bag accommodates two screens with an adjustable padded divider and four padded belts for stability, or it can be used for a single monitor with a base attached. Designed by professionals, the interior has a soft velvet lining, thick foam padding, and a block cradle to protect your screens from scratches and bumps. A transparent label pocket on the back allows for easy identification. This bag features sturdy handles, a detachable shoulder strap, and an attached luggage strap for travel convenience. Whether you need a mobile office or simply want to keep your equipment secure on the go, the AKOZLIN carrying case has you covered.

Pros of using AKOZLIN Carrying Case:

  • It comes with soft velvet and interior padding to prevent scratches
  • It has a huge capacity to store a keyboard, mouse, headphones and many accessories
  • It has adjustable dividers and belts 

Price = starts from $59.99 – $69.99

5. Case Club 

Case Club iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel
Case Club

The Case Club Case is the ultimate protection and transportation solution for your 27″ iMac or iMac Pro, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, cords, and various accessories. Its compact design maximizes space efficiency, leaving no wasted room. The shell is constructed from injection-molded high-strength copolymer polypropylene plastic, with reinforced ribs for structural integrity. You can have unbeatable security with 5 metal-reinforced pad-lockable holes, 7 robust latches, stainless steel hinge pins, and a pressure relief valve for changing altitudes. The pre-cut closed-cell foam interior ensures a perfect fit right out of the box. Waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof, this TSA-approved case is designed to protect your valuable iMac during travel and storage, offering superior durability compared to fabric bags. 

Pros of using Case Club Carrying Case:

  • It has a shock-absorbing custom foam interior
  • 5 metal-reinforced pad-lockable holes for robust security 
  • It is light-weight, dustproof and airtight

Price = $434.95


KISLANE iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The KISLANE Adjustable Travel Carrying Case is a versatile solution if you are searching for the perfect iMac Travel Case for your 24-27 inch iMac desktop computer. It has the capacity to accommodate larger monitors and works as both a dust cover and a travel case. This case efficiently organizes your computer peripherals with multiple pockets, including the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, USB power adapter, charge cables, and even your AirPods. It offers excellent protection with its premium water-resistant surface, soft velvet lining, and padded cushion, shielding your iMac monitor from dust, dirt, and scratches. This practical and lightweight carrying case simplifies travel, work, and business trips by keeping all your computer peripherals in one place. 

Pros of using KISLANE Carrying Case:

  • Water-resistant and scratch-proof
  • Perfect for travel and business trips
  • It has a decent design and multiple pockets

Price = $36.90

7. BUBM 

BUBM iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The BUBM Carrying Case is a premium padded nylon tote bag designed exclusively for 27″ Apple iMac desktop computers. Created by professional designers, it offers adjustable interior padding and a foam block cradle for a secure, customized fit, ensuring your iMac stays safe and snug during transport. This case goes the extra mile for screen protection with a sturdy and durable hard panel reinforcement in the front flap. It features special safety designs, including two side ports and a folding sun and dust shield. The thoughtful design extends to a built-in rain cover with strap and handle cutouts, rubber feet, and PVC protection on the bag’s bottom. The removable adjustable carry strap adds to the convenience.

Pros of using BUBM Carrying Case:

  • Professional design with interior padding
  • It has a built-in rain cover and PVC protection
  • Sturdy and durable 

Price = $113.99

8. Qozabualy 

Qozabualy iMac Carrying Case Like a Pro Travel

The Qozabualy Monitor Bag is your choice if you own 24 and 27-inch Imac monitors. It accommodates the most common monitor sizes with dimensions of 21.9 x 13.4 inches for the 24-inch model and 26.2 x 17 inches for the 27-inch version. It is crafted from a high-quality nylon outer shell and a soft velvet inner, which gives it a comfy and stylish look. Moreover, it is durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable monitor. It pays attention to details, featuring adjustable buckles for secure locking, transparent card slots for easy access to important business cards, and two zippered pockets to neatly store various computer accessories. It has a professional ergonomic design with a shoulder strap to minimize discomfort, making carrying a breeze. Due to its lightweight and compact design, it takes up minimal space, making your business trips and vacations hassle-free and enjoyable.

Pros of using Qozabualy Carrying Case:

  • Built with premium materials for robust protection
  • Easy and comfortable while traveling
  • Light-weight and compact

Price = starts from $28.99 – $ 29.99


When it comes to safeguarding your valuable iMac while on the go, this carrying case is a top choice for professionals. You must pick the best iMac desktop carrying case if you often travel with your portable desktop from one place to another. Nowadays, the market offers a plethora of options, each catering to specific needs, from rugged protection to convenient organization. You must responsibly invest in a good Imac case to preserve your desktop in good condition and travel without stress.

Hope you found this article useful in exploring a variety of Apple iMac carrying cases. Do you use an iMac case for travel on a daily basis? Which one is your favorite? Do comment your thoughts on the iMac portable case in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1. Is the iMac easily transportable?

The iMac is not easily transportable due to its all-in-one design, which combines the computer and monitor in one unit. It is relatively heavy and does not have the portability of laptops or smaller desktop computers. However, Apple’s latest models have become thinner and lighter, making them easier to move than prior iMacs. You can use iMac Carry Bags for extra safety. Just make sure to wrap it properly with enough support while transporting to prevent further damage.

Q-2. Should I shut down my Mac when traveling?

It is not necessary to shut down your Mac when traveling, although it is a smart practice to save your battery life and avoid potential harm during transport. You can keep your MacOS laptops in sleep mode to use little power and quickly start the PC when you need it. However, if you are traveling for an extended amount of time or by air, it is best to turn it off totally.

Q-3. Is it safe to transport iMac?

With the right procedures, transporting an iMac can be safe. Because of its size and weight, utilize the original packaging or a protective carrying case. To avoid damage, keep it secure during shipment. Consider removing any external accessories and securing the stand if it is detachable for further security.

Q-4. What is the safest way to ship an iMac?

The most secure way to ship an iMac is to use its original packaging, which is designed for secure shipment. If not, use a strong box with enough padding and foam inserts to protect the iMac. Remove any external accessories, secure the stand if it is removable, and choose a reputable shipping service that includes insurance for further security.

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