Best Friendship Apps for iPhone to Make New Friends in 2024

Here are the best apps to find and Make New Friends on your iPhone and iPad. All Apps are Available for Free Use and Premium use.

One of the most important aspects indicating happiness is friendship. It benefits you regarding physical health, emotional health, business success, etc. However, it can be challenging for some people to make friends if they are introverted or socially isolated. People may need help to make friendships due to the remote work approach and shifting to a new place. Fortunately, if you are an iPhone user, the friendship apps are available to make your new friends. 

These apps are supported in various countries. You can easily make local and global friends at your convenience. Most of the friendship apps for iPhone are free, but they also support the pro version to benefit you with advanced features. Directly from your geographic location, you can easily track the closest friend to you. Let’s go through the details of the best friendship Apps for iPhone so that you can make amazing friends and explore a new world of friendly relationships.

1. Bumble


This most popular friendship app is the first app of its category to support friend-finding, career-building, and dating in a unified social networking platform. This versatility makes it one of the best apps for making friends online. It helps you easily establish new connections with people. Moreover, it enhances the perspective of online dating by prioritizing respectful behavior.

Its extraordinary features make it one of the best online apps for meeting new friends and help millions of people overcome loneliness and boredom. It allows users to swipe across potential connections in three unique mods. Bumble Date mode allows women to make the first move and establish meaningful relationships. Bumble BFF mode helps you to easily make a new friend, although you are new to a city.


  • Prioritizes meaningful connections
  • Enough time to make the first move
  • Allows finding mentors
  • Various subscription plans are available
  • Helps empower women


  • Poor customer service

2. Yubo 


Yubo holds millions of users worldwide and is renowned for connecting you with like-minded people across the globe. This app to meet friends in your area and also helps you to find friends from different parts of the world. 

It is a popular find friends with similar interests app because you can easily find individuals who share interests like yours. With swipe features, you can find online friends with similar interests.

It supports a live video with up to 10 friends. You can also invite new friends to join you. With the help of Tags, you can easily find other people interested in beauty, gaming, sports, dance, music, etc. Hence, Yubo is a recommended app to try whether you are a makeup artist, sportsperson, gamer, or simply looking for like-minded individuals.


  • Easy swipe to make new friends
  • Allows finding a new tribe
  • All features are safe to use
  • Many people supported in live chat
  • Easy to manage settings


  • It lacks a setting to show people in their state

3. MeetMe


MeetMe is one of the best iPhone apps for meeting new friends because it lets you meet people you have never met otherwise. The chat interface is easy to use, and you can instantly begin chatting with any desired individual. Hence, it simplifies your life and eliminates loneliness and boredom.

It consists of people with diverse interests. So, you can easily befriend the one with a similar interest. All individuals are easily accessible in one place, which gives you immense opportunity to enhance your social network. Moreover, the app provides an optional premium subscription service known as MeetMe+. It lets you handle your subscription and switch off auto-renewal anytime by using your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.


  • Supports live streaming services
  • Reliably connects with new people
  • Fun-friendly interface
  • Different subscription packages are available
  • Efficient bug fixes


  • Constantly revises app

4. Tagged


Tagged is the #1 place to connect with new people, relax and play games. It is a reliable app to make friends worldwide with 300+ million other users. With a single thumb swipe, you can watch a Live stream or begin your own, create a quick connection with people, match people with similar interests, and chat with new friends.

It simplifies how to make friends online near you with utmost safety. This is because the app takes your privacy very seriously. Your precise location and personal information will never be shared without your permission. You can determine when, how, and whom to connect with. For the subscription plan, the payment will be charged to your iTunes Account during the purchase confirmation.


  • Rules and policies ensure safe connections
  • Supports performance optimization
  • The algorithm matches you with relevant people
  • Allows live streaming
  • Quick connections with people nearby


  • Connectivity issues

5. Hoop  


Hoop is one of the best sites to make new friends since you can access millions of profiles from your nation and other nations. You can send friend requests to your preferred profiles and add them to your social apps. You can control your social media profile and determine who to share it with.

What makes it one of the versatile online friendship apps is that you can earn diamonds daily on Hoop. Subsequently, you can use those diamonds to send friend requests, check the previous profile or adapt your profile. With this app, you can earn diamonds in multiple ways. These ways are daily check-in, level-up, watching a video, purchasing a pack of diamonds, and sharing your profile.


  • Enhanced photo decoration
  • Improved notification system
  • Earn diamonds daily 
  • Easy sharing of profile
  • Controls your social media reach


  • May stop working

6. Wink 


Wink is the finest platform to make new friends and explore other features anywhere you are. This meets new friends online app helps you analyze nearby profiles and begin a conversation with a desired individual. You need to swipe through the profiles of people around you and find friends online with shared interests. One of the best friendship app quick picks is that it helps you find a concert buddy. You can connect with somebody who prefers the same music genres.

You can easily make your Wink profile and include vibes you wish to get back. Specifically, you can add up to 6 photos. Moreover, you can specify your interests, add a descriptive bio, modify your profile colors, and record a voice intro.


  • Quick and easy profile creation
  • It has a fun and safe community
  • Conveniently explores friends nearby
  • Prohibits buying and selling adult content
  • Allows buying coins or boost packs


  • Only 100 gems in 24 hours

7. Meetup


Meetup possesses more than 60 million members. It lets you create a career network, explore a tech community, make a personal brand, and more. It is a modern and best online friends-making app because it lets you explore various cutting-edge features. You can spare time for your hobbies and meet local friends with identical interests online.

You can form a group of friends that will be fascinated with your hobbies. Besides, you can participate in local or online events or discussions. Download the Meetup app and host your events or collaborate with one of the 100,000 Meetup events involving new people weekly. It is one of the places to find friends online, perfect because you can explore events by keyword or category.


  • Direct messaging to keep in touch
  • Allows hosting events online
  • Personalizes and schedules events
  • Meets new people from lacs of groups
  • Allows expanding your online network


  • Limited features in the free version

8. LMK  


LMK is one of the trendy social apps for making friends online in various ways. You can join its community to talk, chat, and hang out with people sharing similar interests. The fast response and access to various people make it one of the popular apps for meeting friends online. Accessing Audio Rooms helps you to communicate with a group of people.

Just swipe right on the name of the person you want to befriend with. It is easy to create your LMK profiles by uploading to the community feed that lets you depict your true self. The app prioritizes building a safe and positive community. Subscribing to LMK Premium benefits you with various additional features.


  • Easy purchase of gems
  • Builds safe and positive community
  • Instantly chat with people
  • No ads
  • Easy building of LMK profile


  • May ban account

9. Moco 


Whether you wish to make global friends or local friends online, Moco is a reliable app. You can watch live streams from nearby people or globally. The aspect that makes Moco one of the good apps for making friends is that you can start your live streams and earn money. It is straightforward to chat on plenty of forums and chat rooms. You can also participate in group and private chats. The smooth access to voice messages and video calls streamlines your conversation.

When looking for friends, you can search by gender, age, location, sexual preference, and more. One of the best features is customizing messages with emoticons, stickers, fonts, colors, and themes.


  • Fixes stability issues
  • Customize messages with various features
  • Supports free multiplayer and social games
  • Hundreds of chat rooms included
  • Allows watching live streaming


  • No exit button

10. Hey! VINA


For establishing women’s friendships, this app is one of the reliable apps to help make friends. Swipe to meet new friends, take quizzes, join communities, continue the live chat, and attend events.

For females who travel or have repositioned to a new city, this app helps them create a social circle of like-minded women. They can connect with female friends with quick reach. Swiping right helps you to make platonic friends online. Consequently, you can strengthen your friend base. Enjoy a community of friends and easily find those who precisely like what you like and live as you live. Moreover, the app organizes amusing personality quizzes to help you find friends with whom you find compatibility.


  • Easy swiping to meet people
  • Convenient friendship with a personalized intro
  • Supports fun and cheerful personality quizzes
  • Includes a community of like-minded people
  • VINA VIP allows faster matching


  • Minimalist aesthetic 

11. Spotafriend 


With over 2 million teenagers already registered, Spotafriend helps you to chat and meet any individual you want. It is one of the great apps to make friends for teenagers, working professionals, and others. It allows you to swipe pictures of other teenagers nearby. Making friends is easy by just swiping right. If both of you accept, there will be a match, and you can begin chatting privately. 

It is a real friendship app that values privacy and provides access to people around the globe. A single swipe allows you to invite friends, meet them in the real world, and hang up to get a unique life experience. Connecting with fascinating people in the vicinity, school, or community is straightforward.


  • New updates each month
  • Suitable for both teenagers and adults
  • Allows private chatting
  • The report button ensures the safety
  • Accessibility is provided using voiceover


  • Unreliable super swipe feature

Friendship apps allow you to find strangers with whom you can establish friendly relationships. These apps help you to make friends online, not dating, so they are quite reliable. Besides, they are equipped with a user-friendly interface and easy chat interface so that you can stay connected with your friends. Some apps support live streaming, strengthening your bond with your friends. These apps where you can make friends help you connect with like-minded individuals so that you can enjoy your friendship. Make sure to thoroughly go through the article above to pick the most suitable friendship app for iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make friends online safely?

You can follow the below approaches to make friends online safely. (i) Select the appropriate websites or apps that outfit your interests and hold a friendly community. (ii) Limit sharing your personal information and not sharing content that may compromise your safety or identity. (iii) You must research people you want to befriend and see their profiles for genuineness. (iv) Try meeting your online friends in a public place if you want to let your friendship stay offline too. Also, inform someone in your family about where you are going.

Are online friendships long-lasting?

Online friendships can be long-lasting, similar to offline friendships. People worldwide can connect to foster eloquent relationships that can last long. Various factors determine the longevity of online friendships. Firstly, online friendships usually begin with a common interest –a hobby, a cause, a profession, or a fandom. Usually, people look for online friends to get emotional support. Other factors determining the longevity of online friendships are distance and accessibility, convenience, online communities, and communication tools.

Why are online friendships hard?

Online friendships can pose some exceptional challenges that increase the difficulty to build and maintain friendships compared to offline friendships. Lack of physical presence is one of the key reasons for this. Online friendships have no face-to-face interactions, non-verbal cues, or body language. So, you can’t better understand and befriend anyone. The lack of physical presence makes it harder to understand feelings and emotions. Although online friendships involve text, gifs, and emojis to share our emotions online, they might not effectively express feelings. Hence, it can lead to misinterpretations during online conversations. The factors like online distractions, limited shared experiences, and inconsistent communication also make online friendships hard.

Should you meet an online friend in real life?

It can be an outstanding experience to meet an online friend in real life. Make sure to approach them cautiously and ensure your safety. Considering some factors will help you to decide whether you should meet an online friend in real life. Before organizing a meeting, ensure you have built a strong trust and bond with that person. Make sure to devote sufficient time to know that person online and feel comfortable with them before meeting offline. Also, you must verify their identity, inform somebody you trust, and bring a friend with you during the offline meeting.

Why online friends are better than offline friends?

Usually, online friendships begin with shared hobbies or interests. Connecting with like-minded people can lead to profound and eloquent conversations. You can connect with anybody from around the globe, irrespective of cultural or social barriers. Other factors that justify online friends being better than offline friends are accessibility and convenience, anonymity and reduced pressure, broad network support, sharing of diverse perspectives, non-discriminatory, and introvert-friendly.

What is the risk of online friends?

Online friendships can be positive and enriching. However, certain risks are linked to them. Staying aware of these risks can help you safely navigate online conversations. You must safely practice online friendships and use common sense to mitigate the risks. Some key risks involved are privacy concerns, online impersonation, cyberbullying, fraud and scams, catfishing, miscommunication, lack of accountability, friendship fade, emotional dependency, and friendship fade.

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