Disable/ Remove recent contacts list in iOS 8: iPhone [How to]

For iOS 8, you can Disable/ remove recent contacts list in iOS 8 device, iPhone and iPad. So App Switcher can’t show recent contacts names and numbers.

In iOS 8, recent contacts we can view from App switcher but we can customize (Remove recent contacts list in iOS 8) it. To show or dial recent contacts from app switcher is the handy option (double tap on home button). From any of the screen you can access recent contacts at a time. Unfortunately, some people want to disable this functionality in iOS 8 device, it’s hence that for privacy. Otherwise no one wants to use this amazing functionality.

Note: For Disable/ Remove recent contacts list in iOS 8, you must have iOS 8 running on device. In older iOS 7/ iOS 6, you can’t do in this way.

Here Steps for How to Turnoff/ Disable/ Remove recent contacts list in iOS 8: iPhone and iPad

iPhone app switcher show recent contacts
Recent and favorite contacts on App switcher

Step 1: Go the setting app, Launch it.

Step 2: inside the setting app, Tap on Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

Step 3: Scroll down screen, You will see the Contacts settings tab

Step 4: inside the Contacts tap on Show in App Switcher.

option for Show in app switcher
Show in app switcher option

Step 5: From there, you can see Favorite contacts and recent dial contacts for your iPhone and iPad device.

Note: in app switcher screen you will first see the Favorite contacts and recent contacts in queue from left to right scrolling.

Step 6: Disable option (Phone favorites, Recent) which list you want from app switcher screen.

For turnoff save recent contact in list disable option recants.

disable option and Remove recent contacts list in iOS 8
turn off recent option from App switcher

Step 7: Now you are done, press double tap on home button, and check list showing or not.

by disable recent contacts in iOS 8
After Disable save recent contacts

Recent contacts auto delete is best features who believe keep iPhone clean all time or remove recent contact manually one by one.

So friends what’s your thought on Disable/ remove recent contacts list in iOS 8 device (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus or other supported version), Comment in below for further assistance on not able to hide contacts own self. This tip is Very useful for all, Don’t miss to share to other from below comment box.

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