Best iPad Apps For Sales Reps & Salespeople In 2023

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Sales reps and salespeople are the lifeblood of any company, but they need a variety of tools to stay on top of their game. The best iPad apps for sales reps and salespeople help you manage your time, schedule meetings, build relationships with prospects, close deals, and more.

We’re living in a world where salespeople need to be able to do more than just sell. They need to be able to engage with customers, manage relationships and improve processes. That’s why we have made this list of the best iPadOS and iOS apps for sales reps and salespeople.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software used by over 70% of Fortune 500 companies. The Salesforce App for iPad allows you to interact with your customers, manage leads and contacts, collaborate with colleagues on projects, and create reports that help you make more informed decisions. Salesforce has an extensive range of apps for businesses to use in their sales processes, such as sales cloud, Service Cloud, and much more, that allow them to track leads and manage other activities. It also provides custom push notifications to tailor workflows and receive regular updates.

Why should you use Salesforce?

  • Free and easy to use
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Access data securely from anywhere

2. Expensify

Expensify is a simple and effective way to send invoices. The app is free, easy to use, and great for tracking your expenses. One of the most important things you can do as a sales rep or salesperson is managing your expenses so that you’re paid correctly for what you’ve done. You can book flights, hotels, and buses with Expensify with just a click. Add your card to your Apple wallet and use Expensify for all your expenses. You no longer have to worry about receipts; with Expensify’s SmartScan technology, you can scan a photo and capture the important details for future use.

Why should you use Expensify?

  • Accurate tracking
  • Receipt integrations 
  • Apple Wallet for contactless payments.

3. DocuSign

DocuSign is the must-have app for every salesperson; it is the best Sales Apps for Salespeople that allows you to securely sign and send documents anywhere and anytime. It is free to use that can be used unlimited times for signing various business documents. You can easily create your virtual signature from your device and upload it via Google Drive, email, or any other photo-scanning app. You can also import and prepare your documents with tags like sign here and send them to the customers. The app also allows one to arrange multiple sign-in orders and send them to multiple signers. You can also receive real-time notifications when the document is signed.

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Why should you use DocuSign?

  • Free to use
  • Receive real-time notifications for sign
  • Upload and create a digital signature

4. Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps sales reps and sales managers capture, manage and analyze data. It’s also a great tool for executives who want to stay on top of their pipeline. It is basically available in two versions: Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, with additional features like advanced analytics and reporting capabilities (for more info). You can easily access relevant meetings, take notes and connect with contacts to stay tuned with the sales information. With Dynamic 365 sales, you can always access important business information and provide the best to customers.

Why should you use Dynamics 365 Sales?

  • Notification for important deals
  • Access meetings and important data
  • Manage and analyze data from anywhere

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales tool that helps you to stay in touch with your business people. It allows you to view their profiles, including email addresses and phone numbers. It also allows us to send them invites to connect on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also has a built-in scheduling feature so that you can automatically schedule meetings at particular times of the day or week based on the customer’s preferred time for connecting. You can discover new accounts and receive real-time sale updates and leads.

Why should you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

  • Free to use
  • Real-time sales updates 
  • Send timely InMail, messages, and connection requests

6. Time Buddy – Easy Time Zones 

Time Buddy is a time management app for salespeople. It’s also a time-tracking app, which is helpful for keeping track of your hours and costs. The interface is easy to use and can easily be handled by beginners without any hassle. Time Buddy has really great features like a simple dashboard, forex calendar, and time zone converter that allows you to schedule meetings and important calls at the perfect time. You can reorder and sort locations and timezone as per your needs. The app has landscape and portrait modes available for both iPhone and iPad.

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Why should you use Time Buddy?

  • landscape and portrait mode
  • Convert time easily as per zone
  • Autoupdated timezone

7. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business is a great app for salespeople. It’s easy to use and has all the features you need, so you can get your message across quickly without spending time learning how to use it. It allows creating a business profile to add important information such as website, location, and contact information. It has Inbuilt messaging tools so you can always be responsive to the customers. You can have separate accounts for personal and business with WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger. Moreover, it supports group chat, sending offline messages, and much more.

Why should you use WhatsApp business?

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Provide business details to customer
  • Free to use

8. Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a great app that every sales rep and salesperson must have on their iPad. It’s easy to share maps with your customers, team members, and bosses by sending them an email or posting them on social media. You can even add custom labels so that you know exactly where each person is at any given time! It has various great features, such as route optimization, interactive client data visualization, logging meeting notes, activity reports, etc. 

Why should you use Badger Maps?

  • Free to use
  • Solves the problem of traffic
  • Route optimization and activity reports

9. Zoom

Zoom is a great app that helps salespeople to stay connected with their customers. It’s a platform that lets you track your pipeline, customer relationships, and contact details. You can also use it to run effective campaigns on Facebook Messenger or Slack—and even get alerts when new leads are in the pipeline. Zoom offers features like email templates with pre-made messages (like thank you notes), automated follow-up emails based on previous conversations with customers or prospects, and live chat integration to schedule an appointment or call the customer at a convenient time.

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Why should you use Zoom?

  • Uninterrupted chats and video meetings
  • Free and easy to use
  • Customize Siri Shortcuts

10. Apple Notes

If you’re looking for an app that can help you keep track of all your ideas, this one is perfect! It’s also very easy to use and has a clean interface. With Apple Notes, you can add images, links, and various attachments. You can also lock your confidential note with a password. The app supports different styles, fonts, heading tags, tables, and much more to keep the data in organized way. You can also keep your notes in particular folders and subfolders and search manually with names. You can also draw or sketch using an apple pencil by using various brush styles and colors.

Why should you use Apple Notes?

  • Free to use
  • Keep notes of everything
  • Secure notes with a lock

11. Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that you can use to create presentations and other types of files. This app is great for sales reps who want to present their ideas, products, and services. It allows you to easily create professional-looking presentations in no time at all! It also allows syncing of the presentation with one drive. Moreover, it has a presenter coach available that provides feedback and helps with the presentation. It has various themes and templates to customize the slideshow to create an everlasting impression. You can also manage permissions to allow people to work on presentations.

Why should you use Microsoft Powerpoint?

  • Sync with one drive
  • Customize with themes and templates
  • Free to use

Get app Microsoft Powerpoint

Final words, 

There are limitless apps available in the market that can help a salesperson to carry their businesses seamlessly. It can be a daunting task for salespeople when it comes to choosing the best iPad apps for their work. But if you’re looking for an easy way to manage your team, the above list of apps can help with that. 

We hope you found the above list of iPad apps helpful for your business. Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendation on the Best Apps for Field Sales Reps in the comment box below.

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