Best Offline Maps app for iPhone in 2024 (GPS Navigation)

Maps play a crucial role in our life whether you are traveling in the city or outside the city. Navigation apps without the internet can be a lifesaver when you get stuck in some region. We all face internet and roaming issues when traveling to new places; offline navigation apps are best when you are lost and don’t have an internet connection available.

Nowadays, maps require too much data and stable internet, but this can be an issue when traveling to foreign countries or other regions. Apple maps can’t be used offline, but many offline navigation apps are available in the market that works best as an alternative if you don’t have a cellular connection. In this blog, you will read about Best iPhone Navigation Apps Without the Internet.

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12 Best Offline GPS Apps for iPhone

1. MAPS.ME – All-In-One offline maps for iPhone


MAPS.ME is a great offline app trusted and used by millions of travelers across the world. The app is quick and offers a detailed turn-by-turn navigation guide, so you never miss any turn. It offers accurate driving, cycling, and walking navigation so that you reach your destination without any hassle. You can rely on for a perfect journey, whether it is a car trip or any outdoor activities. The best thing about this app is that open street contributors update it daily to offer incredibly detailed navigation.

Why choose MAPS.ME?

  • Free and fast offline maps
  • Available worldwide
  • bookmark location and search through different categories

2. Avenza Maps


Avanza is the best phone navigation app without the internet if you often go hiking, biking, and on other adventures. It is a totally free offline navigation app best for recreational use. The app offers real-time positioning on the app; you can also import your custom map so that you never miss off the grid. The app features maps from national geographic, national parks, and many more. It allows you to record GPS tracks while you travel so you stay safe wherever you go. You can also try a premium subscription for unlimited custom map imports and access other features.

Why choose Avenza Maps?

  • High-accuracy GPS 
  • Download and search maps by different categories
  • Supports multiple Formats such as KML, CSV, and GPX .

3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps


Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the world top leading offline navigation app that has lots of smart features and beautiful 3 d offline maps for an excellent user experience. It has voice-guided GPS navigation that speaks street and location names to guide accurate direction. It has advanced safety features that give speed limit warnings, wrong-way driving, and real-time traffic information. You don’t have to worry about parking at unknown places; the app suggests you the best suitable places for parking. The app also supports apple car play connectivity.

Why choose Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps?

  • Advanced safety features
  • 3D Offline maps for all locations
  • Real View Navigation and route sharing

4. Google Maps


Google maps are a worldwide used navigation app that is faster and easier to use. You can stay updated with the latest information on your frequent location visits, such as grocery stores, offices, and other important places. You can get real-time information regarding business opening and closing hours and other important locations. It allows you creating a list of locations that will save you time with automatic re-routing. You can also see real-time info for bus, train, or cab rides using google maps. Here’s How to Use Offline Maps in Google Maps.

Why choose Google Maps?

  • Street view and indoor view
  • Real-time updates
  • Automatic re-routing

5. OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate


OsmAnd offers great features to access high-quality open street maps without an internet connection. Go for biking, walking, or any outdoor activities with the customizable navigation mode. You can also choose your desired places, such as restaurants, malls, or medical, which you want to display. You can bookmark your frequently visited places as favorites. You can see the visual data of the places and routes. Whether you are traveling by car or bike, the app allows you to customize the profiles for various vehicles.

Why choose  OsmAnd Maps?

  • Instant offline search
  • Turn-by-turn direction
  • Allows to record trip route

6. Karta GPS 


Explore new places without any hassle. Karta GPS will never make you feel lost. It is the Best offline map app featured by apple, and it’s completely free. You can download unlimited maps without any cost. The app supports powerful live traffic services that will find you the best route without any traffic jams. It also gives safety alerts when you arrive at speed control or traffic zones. It has automatic re-routing with perfect voice guidance. You can send an estimated time to anyone if you have a meeting or any date.

Why choose  Karta GPS?

  • Voice search and voice guidance
  • Safety cameras alert
  • Lane assistant and parking spot finder

7. Genius Maps


Here is another amazing offline GPS navigation app that will help you reach your destination without needing a cellular connection. Genius maps are free to install, and it has a 7-day free trial that offers pro guidance for navigation. You can use the app in the background while performing other tasks on your phone. The app doesn’t consume much power as the maps are stored in the phone. Try pro genius maps for more advanced features like turn-by-turn instruction in your desired language, vehicle connectivity, safety cameras, and much more.

Why choose  Genius Maps?

  • Unlimited free map downloads
  • Exploration and route planning
  • Less power usage

8. MapFactor Navigator


MapFactor Navigator is an all-in-one offline navigation app containing free maps of more than 200 countries. The app has voice navigation in different languages, camera warnings, traffic warnings, and many other advanced features. The app gives 2d and 3d visual representations to better understand routes. You get notified if there is any blockages or traffic issue with the route avoidance feature. It supports car play connectivity to switch to calls and messages while driving.

Why choose MapFactor Navigator?

  • Voice navigation in different languages
  • Safety warnings
  • Various routing modes

9. Magic Earth Navigation & Maps


Magic Earth is the safest and best offline navigation app for iPhone. It uses an open street map with a powerful search engine to fetch the best route for driving. The app has 2d,3d, and satellite modes to choose from according to your choice. The app does not collect data or track the profile; hence, it’s the safest. Whether you are driving on a mountain or flat surface, the app has collision warning and many other safety features for the ultimate navigation experience.

Why choose Magic Earth Navigation & Maps?

  • Real-time traffic info
  • Real-time weather forecasting
  • Driver Assistance warnings and Dash Cam features.

10. Organic Maps 


Organic Maps is a free offline navigation app specifically for travelers, hikers, bikers, and cyclists. The app offers detailed routes for places that don’t even exist on the map. You get the turn-by-turn voice assistance for the best user experience. You can choose the dark mode when traveling at night to protect your eyes. The best thing is organic maps do not collect any data for tracking; hence, this app ensures your privacy.

Why choose Organic Maps ?

  • Free from ads and spamming
  • Highlights elevation and slopes
  • Detailed offline maps

 11. Pocket Earth Maps


Pocket Earth maps can be your personal travel guide. Explore new places hassle-free with effective voice guidance and no roaming charges. The app has faster map loading with a crystal clear retina display so that you travel care-free. You can see detailed and personalized maps of your desired location that you wish to see. Nearby search is super fast, so you find your favorite spot quickly. More than this, you can also bookmark and make a customized list of your favorite places.

Why choose Pocket Earth Maps?

  • Topographic contour maps
  • It’s free and works totally fine offline.
  • Contact integration

12. CityMaps2Go 


Pack your bags and go for an adventure with this ultimate app. CityMaps2Go . It is the Best offline GPS navigation app that all you need to take with you. The app is highly optimized for outdoor use; it includes detailed maps with footpaths and contour lines.   CityMaps2Go covers more than 150 countries and millions of places. You can make a list of places you want to visit and share your route plan with your friends using this app. You can also create your profile and sync your account for a more personalized experience.

Why choose CityMaps2Go ?

  • Detailed information with photos
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Well-optimized for outdoor area

Final Thoughts,

Getting lost while you are on a trip can be a daunting feeling. Even if you go with complete preparation, it’s likely that you will face unstable connection issues and other problems. The offline maps are no less than a blessing because they will help to make out the way when you are lost on an unknown path. As you can see, there are various offline navigation apps, some are free, and some might require you to upgrade to premium to use advanced features. If you love traveling, hiking, and biking, offline navigation apps are worth trying.

What are your favorite offline navigation apps while you travel? Do let us know in the comment section.

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