Best iPhone Navigation Apps Without Internet in 2023: Offline Apps for iOS Devices

Best Navigation iPhone app for UK, USA, Australia

Wow, grate the Best iPhone Navigation app without the internet. There are lots of Offline Navigation (iPhone /iPad mapping apps). Sygic GPS Navigation Maps for iOS and its compatible devices. Copilot is a Free offline navigation app special for your iPhone. Both apps can be work with the latest iOS iDevice. Using these Offline Navigation apps, you allow tracking your way with 3D Maps, turn by turn voice, and lane guidelines along with them you can get speed navigation warnings and junction view with lane indicator.

Here are few best Offline Navigation apps for iPhone to download.

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Best iPhone Navigation app without internet (Offline with GPS Only)

#1. Sygic: Best offline GPS Navigation appsBest iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Navigation app without internet

The Sygic Navigation App is powered by TomTom Maps, useful for navigate POI’s and find free maps location. Apple’s own search engine for turn-by-turn instruction with spoken street names. Just copy and paste your destination address or GPS coordinates in the search field. Avoid toll roads on your routes.

This is the Best iPhone Navigation app without the internet is compatible with iPad Air and iPad mini. In the Pro version of the app; you can get some extra useful Add – On features, which include – navigation instruction by celebrity voice (Homer Simpson and more), Premium online speed camera, and Cockpit as well Black Box dash.

This offline Navigation GPS tracker app covers the map of 111 Countries worldwide like, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, Asia & Middle East, Africa, etc.

Download Sygnic from App Store

#2. CoPilot GPS – Best iPhone Navigation app without internetBest Navigation iPhone app for UK, USA, Australia

Millions of PIOs are built-in for offline use. You can choose your destination from the given three routes in the app. for Direction preview you can scroll to manually view through the turns to your destination.

Discover and get interesting places and attractions nearby with Yelp, Google and Wikipedia, and much more. You can do rout editing through drag and drop attributes. You can add extra country by purchasing the Pro version of this offline GPS app.

Download CoPilot GPS Navigation from App Store

#3. Google MapsGoogle Maps

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app that is used by millions of people around the world, not only Android users, but iPhone people also prefer to use Google Maps. Previously, Google Maps doesn’t have support for offline maps, but with the latest update, Google Maps can store routes offline, with all the necessary information including Navigation Distance, ETA, and other instructions on the go.

Google Maps is available in more than 220 countries and 15000 cities across the globe, and compatible with native languages, English, Chinese, Catalan, French, Arabic, etc.

Download Google Maps from App Store

#4. MAPS.ME-Offline Map & Navigation2019 Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 13.9 4K UHD Touch-Screen Laptop

MAPS.ME is enriched with several features, that will make sure you don’t get lost in a foreign city even without an internet connection. From walking, driving to cycling, this app has back for you irrespective of location. Besides, the app contains the best travel places with descriptions, to help you plan the trip around the world.

Bookmark locations and share them with your colleagues or friends to plan trips directly from the app. However, to keep updated on all the locations on the Maps app, it is an open platform and all the OpenStreetMaps contributors update the location regularly.

Download MAPS.ME from App Store

#5. CityMaps2Go Offline MapCityMaps2Go Offline Map

Another best offline map for iPhone is CityMaps2Go Offline. I’d recommend this app because it is incredibly filled with photos of particular locations for in-depth information. The app is much more focused on the offline feature, the reason is people face many difficulties in unfamiliar places and lost internet connectivity in particular cities or in national parks.

But with easy offline support and an understandable interface on Maps, the app will work fine for you. Alongside this, check restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, and much more from the Maps.

Download CityMaps2Go Offline Map from App Store

#6. Pocket Earth MapsPocket Earth Maps

Pocket Earth covers more than 100000 places around the world, with detailed and interactive information on the app. Not only popular cities, but it can get you to any corner of the world, without internet connectivity. Mark your favorite spots, destinations and share them with your friends to plan future trips all the way.

Moreover, this app lets you share the current/live location of yours, just like we do in WhatsApp. For basics, the app is free to download, but the in-app purchases provide topographic maps, lets you download the whole country, and much more to keep you on track.

Download Pocket Earth Maps from App Store

Note: if you continued to use these Best iPhone Navigation apps without internet running in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life of your iDevice.

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