Best MKV Video Player for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Here's the best Best MKV Video Player for iPhone and iPad from PlayerXtreme, KMPlayer, Infuse, OPlayerHD Lite, Outplayer, 8player, Player...

We all have faced the issue of video lags, absence of sound, or playback errors. Not being able to play your favorite video or audio can be the most irritating feeling. Whether you have the most expensive iPhone or android phone, no phone is fully-featured to suit the personalized needs of individuals. Most ios or Windows players don’t support .mkv files; hence, you might need to convert the video using software to play it smoothly or need a media player for mkv files. This can be time-consuming and may need some process.

This is where mkv video player comes in the picture. There are many applications on iTunes, but using the Best Media player that works with your needs and phone is important. Below are some Best MKV Video Players for the iPad of 2023 that will surely solve your video-playing problem, keep on reading the blog till the end.

1. PlayerXtreme Video Player


PlayerXtreme media player is known for its unbeatable features that support almost all files to play. This app supports a vast number of file formats, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, and many more. Watch your favorite movies and videos hassle-free with just one click. Don’t worry if your video is in another language; this app supports all types of subtitles formats and closed captions so that you always get everything and get the best video experience.

Reasons to try PlayerXtreme Video Player?

  • Allows direct playing without conversion
  • Easy audio and video streaming
  • Ultra HD playback support with unlimited storage



KM player is the Best HDR video player that allows playing all high-resolution videos, audio, and subtitles. It is the perfect app with outstanding features such as a 3d video playback function, local and online streaming, and much more. You can add a bookmark to your favorite point to watch it later. You can change color brightness, light intensity, and saturation too. Besides this, the app has a quick button for setting up player quickly. You can stream your favorite shows online on various networks like FTP, UPNP, SMB, and WebDAV.

Reasons to try KMPlayer:

  • It has a quick button and bookmark feature.
  • Supports cloud storage 
  • separate equalizers for music & video

You can also create your wallet for earning points by participating in various missions with KMPlayer.

3. Infuse


If you want silky smooth playback performance, then infuse is your choice. This app is improved explicitly for macOS 13 to offer powerful streaming and unbeatable airplay and subtitle support. You can also play your desired file using drag and drop, and you are good to go. The app also supports custom collections and playlists to offer you an ultra-HD video experience. The app allows connecting with trakt to watch sync history later. You don’t have to worry about folder and library organization with infuse.

Reasons to try Infuse:

  • Supports Multiple audio tracks
  • Effective gesture controls
  • 8 video zoom options

4. OPlayerHD Lite


OPlayerHD Lite is the best video player for iPad that supports almost all videos and audio formats. You can also download your favorite video or audio content from any source without any hassle. The app is optimized specially for all iPad running iOS 6.0, iPad Pro 12.9, and 9.7. With this app, you can also adjust the playback speed to 0.1x ~ 4.0x. It also supports multiple file transfers, such as USB and wifi transfers. Stream from anywhere just by sharing your folder on pc.

Reasons to try OPlayerHD Lite:

  • Built-in web browser for smooth streaming
  • Supports a wide range of devices
  • Excellent performance with less power consumption

5. Outplayer


Outplayer is the fastest video player loved by millions of people. The app has a sleek decent interface that plays content smoothly through powerful rendering. It supports integration with various files app and supports external hard drives. You can easily navigate between various folders and chapters while playing video seamlessly. The app has intuitive gesture controls with a clean interface for a better user experience. The best thing is that the app is highly secure and does not collect or transfer any data.

Reasons to try Outplayer:

  • Its ad-free for smooth video playing
  • HDR playback with clear color and brightness
  • Energy-efficient while high-quality video rendering

6) 8player


8player is the top-leading multimedia player that is used by millions of people globally . This app lets you easily access your files from cloud servers like SMB, FTP, Dropbox, Google, and others. You can also create and edit playlists as per your choice. You can connect to the DLNA / UPnP servers remotely using mobile internet. The app supports almost every file such as avi, mkv, mp4, mov, mpg, vob, wmv, and many more. 

Reasons to try 8player:

  • Create and edit playlists
  • Control media files playback on your DLNA players
  • Effective folder organization

7. nPlayer Lite


nPlayer Lite is the best video player for iPad, which is totally free and allows you to stream your favorite shows remotely. You can easily navigate to the previous and next subtitle positions, change the location and font size of the subtitles, and modify brightness and loudness, all with the touch of a finger. The app supports multitrack audio, audio boost, and audio sync with a lyrics display so you can enjoy your video and audio to the best. Other than this, the app has effective file management that allows deleting, moving, renaming, and creating a folder.

Reasons to try nPlayer Lite:

  • Its completely free
  • Folder lock
  • Interesting gesture controls

8. Fast player 


You will love Fast player if privacy is your top priority. The app has a privacy lock to protect the video and other personal files. The app supports iTunes sharing, wifi transfer, and other ways to share your favorite files with friends and other people. The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or greater versions. Though the app is free, you can purchase a professional version to get more features for compressing/unzipping files, removing ads, or adding a password lock.

Reasons to try Fast player :

  • Organized folder management
  • Supports all movie format
  • Privacy lock for file protection

9. MX Player 


MX Player is the widely used video player that automatically scans and shows all your files from the phone. The app is best at controlling sound and brightness without affecting the video quality. It has rich features like auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments, gestures to control volume, and brightness to have a personalized experience. Stream your favorite web series and new action movies with mx player in HD. It shows all videos and photos in an organized way with a specific folder arrangement.

Reasons to try MX Player

  • high-resolution HD video movies
  • Plays all formats of videos
  • Screen lock while playing video

10. VLC media player


Being a free and open-source platform, VLC is the most used and loved mkv movie player. If you are a movie lover, then vlc is a must-have media player in your laptop. The app plays all types of video in HD without any conversion. You can synchronize and share your files via google drive, dropbox, and other cloud storage. The app also offers advanced subtitles with SSA compatibility, multitrack audio, and playback speed control using Chromecast.

Reasons to try VLC media player:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Supports almost every files
  • Allows creating Audio and Video Effects

11. AVPlayerHD


AVPlayerHD is here to solve all your video-playing hassles. The app supports high-quality video files to give you a high-definition experience. You can also import external subtitles files such as SMI and SRT. You can easily adjust the playback option from 0.5X to 2.0X according to your choice. Other than this, you can watch a movie in picture mode and split mode. You can also attach email files to share and access files.

Reasons to try AVPlayerHD:

  • supports hardware decoding
  • High quality video clips of 720P (1280 x 720) 
  • Effective User setting support

12. HD Player


HD player is the finest video player that supports Dolby Vision & HDR10+ videos perfectly. It has a simple design with a Hardware-accelerated decoder for an excellent playback time. Don’t worry about file sharing with an HD player; the app supports WebDAV, SMB file sharing, iTunes & wifi files. You can play your video in normal mode, repeat mode, and shuffle mode as you like. If you want to watch video on a big screen, it also supports TV Output & Bluetooth Headset features.

Reasons to try HD Player:

  • Passcode protection
  • Muti-core decoding.
  • Subtitle and all file support

Signing Off,

Seeing the video format not support or playback error can ruin your moments. In today’s busy world, no one has time to do video conversion and other things. The MKV Video Player solves the problem of video conversion and allows you to play your desired videos from your computer, phone, or any network. Not only this, but this app also enhances video quality by adding brightness and proper contrast for a beautiful video experience. 

Hope you found the article useful in picking the right MKV Video Player for iPad. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to write them below in the comment box.

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