Best Red Eye Removal Apps For iPhone, Mac in 2024

There are instances where your picture-perfect pose in a candid shot could be damaged with that sneaky red dot in your eyes. These ‘red eyes’ could be a case of low, no, or too much light while taking the image. However, your picture woes are now coming to an end. Certain apps have been developed to aid you in red-eye removal within minutes. In addition, you can use the various features in these apps to modify images to your liking. 

Be it correcting or illuminating a picture, the apps listed below have all the features that make you shine in 2D. These red-eye removal apps are available for iPhone, Android, and Mac devices. So let’s take a closer look at them.


Developers are created various photo editing apps with in-built red-eye removal features exclusively for iOS and Android users. These apps that allow users to edit their images to perfection are listed below.

1. Photoshop Express Photo Editor


This all-in-one editor enhances, transforms, and refines reality with loads of free photo effects and editing features. The app is compatible with both Apple iPhone and Android devices and is used by millions of people. In addition, you can correct any faults in the images with Selective Editing and remove unwanted elements from your photos with Advanced Healing. 

Photoshop Editor also offers a quick fix for red-eye removal and smoothly removes it without distorting any part of the image. The popular tool also has clever cut-outs and layers, and healing technology, making it a perfect fit for all your editing and red-eye removal needs without any hassle.

2. Photos app


The Photos app on iPhone is a great tool to organize, edit, and share your pictures. This app is very competitive and has some of the best photo editing features in the market. Both beginners and advanced level users need to understand the know-how of the Photos app on their iPhones. 

When a person’s eyes dilate in a dim room, the probability of getting red eyes is higher. To avert such a situation, the Photos App has the red-eye removal option that you can use to erase the red eyes. This way, you can bring back the original picture without much effort. Here’s a tutorial on how to remove red-eye on the Photos app on iPhone.

3. Picsart


A bundle of user-friendly features, Picsart retouch photos with its built-in red-eye remover. That means no matter how much red eyes devastate our pictures, Picsart can remove those red-eye defects and reclaim those snaps in a moment. The AI technology developed by Picsart for its instant red-eye fix feature makes it convenient to bring your natural eye color back smoothly and naturally. 

Now you can rest assured knowing that just a few quick clicks can resolve these image defects. Picsart is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices and is a game-changer tool you need to have on your phone. 

4. Facetune2 Editor by Lightricks 


If you are still in a dilemma of choosing an app for breathtaking selfies and new filters, Facetune has a remarkable collection of retouching features. More than a selfie retouching app, this makeup and beauty editor gives almost natural results that do not hint at edits. In addition, Facetune has several artistic features that lighten up your look and smile. It is a fun, powerful, and easy-to-use tool with advanced technology. 

The red-eye can be replaced with the actual eye color. So, you can post your flawless pictures without other people noticing the edit. Wow, your friends with the red-eye removal technique from Facetune2! 

5. BeautyPlus – Snap, Retouch, Filter


A beauty selfie camera, text, stickers, object removal, and sky replacement – you got it all in one app, and that is the BeautyPlus that has over 800 million users worldwide. Click great-looking selfies, remove acne or wrinkles, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, add trendy makeup and filters, and special effects with this all-inclusive app. 

Beautify your selfies in seconds with HD Retouch, remove unwanted objects using powerful image processing, auto-enhance, retain details, add depth, discover excellent functionalities and trendy effects. The elephant in the room – red eyes – can also be resolved with the BeautyPlus app. So give it a try and make your snaps look better than before.

6. Pixl: Face & Red Eye Corrector 


Face and Red Eye Corrector is your go-to app for editing purposes. If you desire that coveted Instagram model look, this is just the app for you. In just a few minutes, you can remove the flaws in the picture for a stunning result. Add artistic flair to portraits with ease from the comfort of your iPhone. 

Improve your skin’s appearance, make it smooth, brighten dark circles under eyes, remove the red-eye effect, and highlight your eyes. Pixl has this new red-eye removal feature which is a life-saver. With just a click, you can throw away the red reflection from your eyes. So give this excellent app that caters to all your beautification needs a try!

7. Cymera 


Cymera is a photo and beauty editor and collage maker. With 200 million users worldwide, Cymera is a powerful editor with an all-in-one beauty camera. It offers a natural-looking glow with the most professional beauty tools, such as slimming and softening. Find your perfect skin makeover by using professional filters for fabulous results with Cymera. Over 130 filters and special effects make your pictures pop and 7 different camera lenses, including Divided Lenses, FishEye, and Lomo. 

Moreover, an added perk is Silent Mode. The app has another feature that makes your photos 100% better. You all know how photos clicked in dark or low-light places generate red-eye. To avoid that, try this app with impeccable attributes and the latest red-eye removal technology.


While there are several mobile apps for quick editing from the convenience of one’s mobile, there are other editing apps with advanced features designed for Mac users. These Mac-exclusive photo editing apps are listed below.

1. Apple Photos


Apple Photos is a photo management and editing app for Mac users. The Photos app is not complex and has some exciting features to boot. The editing in Apple Photos is quite advanced, and it organizes photos by “moments.” It is known as “Digital Photograph Manipulation.” The first thing that comes to mind is enriching the picture by increasing brightness, exposure, and other fixing properties. 

With the help of some basic steps, you can easily remove the red dot from the eyes. First, click on the Edit option and then the eye icon that will remove it. The red-eye, which occurs due to using flash while clicking pictures, can be corrected with Apple Photos. However, many traditional issues still arise and need attention. Here’s how to remove red-eye using the Photos app on Mac.

2. Fotor


Cover your photographic error quickly and simply with Fotor. You do not need to download any other software because Fotor is an all-in-one editor that helps you correct the flaws in a picture. Fotor is a photo editor and collage maker and has a massive pile of royalty-free photos to ameliorate. If you accidentally take pictures with red eyes, you need not worry. 

There is no doubt that the app can correct and rid the red-eye from images. Fotor amends the picture without damaging any other part of it. The app automatically detects the redness in your eyes, and you have to zoom into the area and use the brush to change the eye color. 

3. Picsart Photo & Video Editor


Designed for Mac users, Picsart is an all-in-one photo editor. It creates videos and enables the recreation of edits with replay. So dive into your creativity and get ready for a whole bunch of new effects that will give your pictures and videos a glow-up. Of course, your photographic content needs personal flair, so stand-out and flip/crop pictures. 

Use the red-eye removal feature to correct the red-eye and bring the original eye color of the image back. In addition, the AI-powered intelligent selection tool allows you to erase and even replace the backgrounds, clean up pictures and remove unwanted objects. Try this editor for sure!

Q and A

Can I remove red-eye in Snapseed?

Not really, but this might help. You can Undo, Redo, and, Revert with Snapseed, your ideal app for editing. Then, utilize the Selective Adjust filter within Snapseed to place a Control Point and edit the color in the eye. For example, pinpoint the red area and then desaturate the color. 

Remove the imperfections straight away. Discover the Red Eye Remover tool, along with other powerful features in Snapseed. Change the size of your image with the Crop tool, remove unwanted elements with the Background Remover, and so much more. You can also change the Exposure, Shadows, Highlight, Contrast, Structure, Temperature, and Tint alongside other handy editing features.

How to Remove Red Eye in Picsart?

Fix red eyes, keep the snaps, and enjoy posting on social media with Picsart. For example, let us say you are having a ball of a time with friends at a party and take loads of pictures to remember. However, the red eyes in these images due to low light could be concerning you. 

Use Picsart and touch up as many photos as you want. There’s no limit! The editing is so natural and smooth that there is hardly any trace of it. Do not let pictures ruin your moment. Instead, correct the things that consume your photographs with an easy and simple touch. 


So don’t waste your time anymore or delete images over a simple photographic flaw. The editing process has gotten more accessible and flexible with the wide range of iPhone, Android, and Mac devices. Users can now find ways to correct any imperfections in pictures and customize them according to their liking. The apps mentioned above offer a variety of features and effects that aid in improving your photographs. Get them installed onto your devices and all your photos are just a tap away from primness.

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