Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone of 2023

Last Updated on Feb 6, 2023

What is the best video editor for iPhone? Such a great help on your big screen’s iOS device (iPhone, iPhone Plus or iPad) for video editing. Always use these 11+ best video editing apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod compatible with all iOS version. Built-in single touch tools make an excellent effect in the video, Most of the professions and Video shooter always keep these apps on a device. So let’s see the free or pro video editor app for your devices with features and Price. As of your requirements, you can pick any of the listed top best offline video editor apps for editing purpose.

All photos app need to allow permission to access your iPhone video on third-party video editing apps.

Check and Give rights for Access: Go to the Settings > Privacy > Photos > Find your app and Enable toggle.

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11+ Best Video Making and Editing Apps for iPhone/ iPad

1. VivaVideo

1 Vivavideo Photo editing apps for iPhone

This is open source video making and editing apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. Access all videos saved in camera roll using this app (Allow app permission to access camera roll from settings). Now you can use the browser or Take VivaVideo app camera option for instant record and edit at any time.

Make a slideshow for each photo in series and Gives different video effect from Cut & Trim, Join, Rotate. Join multiple sense from various video serially and create one video.

More theme options, Edit in music from Apple music library/Playlist or VivaVideo app music, Change volume level. Unlimited text effects, Prank skills and more fun for College students as well.

Make Draft or Save edited video.

Finally share directly with your favorite all social apps: Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, VK, Kik, Vimeo, WeChat, and Email.

From the first day make it fully accessible and use functionality for free. This app is Compatible with iOS 8 and later all iOS. (Reviews/Ratings: 5/5)

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200 million users love this app for edit video on the iOS device.

Download App – Free

2. iMovie

2 Free Video manager app for iPhone

Official iOS app is also available for edit video without any third-party apps. This app is also available for big screen Mac and stream at the theater and Apple TV from directly from iMovie app. Access all video and edit them directly from one tap. Otherwise, start the individual project and ready for edit anytime before publish finally.

iMovie also has some sample video effects and sound mechanism for the test.

Give your video look like news screen, Simple, Modern, Bright, Playful, Report.

Use Microphone or Camera directly on iMovie app.

3. VideoShop

3 Videoshop video editor app for iOS

Pro video apps for edit camera roll video using pro effects. Hope you experienced other free app and gives the fantastic result. But this app is a pro and proved smashing to all video lovers. Make the big video into multiple clips, Amazing sound effects, Slow Motion, Fast motion, Join clips into one, Animated title between video, reverse playback video, rotate on the 90-degree angle. Share directly with most of the social app.

Fast and easy to use, Advertisement free app for edit iPhone video

The app is available for use on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Supporting iOS version is 8 and later.

Download App – $1.99

4. Splice

4 Splice video editor iPhone app

This app is perfect who are looking for add some sound mixture in the video. Add your natural voice or Third-party sound using a microphone for the particular interval. Change audio level (UP or Down). Start a new project for new video and save in app for a re-edit. Straightforward and sturdy app ever seen for the iOS device on the app store is free.

More after sound functions, are add slow-motion effects, Adjust background, Orientation, Zoom effects.

Built-in Voice into for a live record and add in your selected area of video.

This app helps to make HD video (1080p). This iOS app is free and support iOS 9 or later.

Download App – Free

5. Cameo

5 Cameo iPhone app for video edit

This app has the online community within the app so we can watch out other creative video created using this app. And always learn new and trending videos are making ideas & thing before edit video. Are you beginners? Try this app and learn pro tips from others in the world (Streaming channel name is Cameo TV Great video by creators in the world).

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The second section projects, Start new project as a record new video or edit saved video from the camera roll. Browse video and import into this app, Play and cut anytime, Add new featured music or Search by genres. All the songs are original country wise and use for commercial.

Join other video clips, Themes, Fonts and Colors are additional editing tools in this app.

Download App – Free

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6. Quick

6 Quick video maker app for iPhone

Quick iOs app is useful for Edit Photo and Video from Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram. Once you import video or picture anyway, Copy and Cut clips from the full video at any time and rearrange back to front then edit for songs, Effects individually before save.

Video Formats: Cinema (Full Screen) or Square

Unique transition effects depend on mood and your video feel.

Add new slides after start video or before the end of the video.

After wholly done save in photo library or share on social pages.

This app is compatible with iOS 9 or later iDevices.

Download App – Free

7. Magisto

7 Magisto iPhone App for video editing

This app helps to over 80 million users in the world. Access app for a Secure own login or use as a guest instantly and anytime. Choose your video level to make for Personal or Business. Browser fabulous styles, Films, Videography as an Example for your video before start edit and auto-adjust all the tools that help to edit video. Then music, Video Title

In just one click prepare your video itself. It will take time for few seconds or minutes. After complete, you will get the popup message about your video is ready for a watch.

Pre-wedding, Functions, Beach and original video making apps for iPhone. iPad and iPod touch.

This app is compatible with iOS 9, iOS 10 and later all.

Download App – Free

8. Video Crop

Crop the object or area in video smarter way. Without removing whole scenes or clips from the video. This app only hides additional portion or highlight essential elements without hesitating the viewers. YouTubers are making this app too much helpful. This app helps to remove sensitive data from the screen and highlight only affected area.

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Cropping ratios option are in pre-defined ratios: Free Ratio or 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16, 2:3, 3:4.

After that Export into your camera roll from Save Video option.

Download App – Free

9. Magisto: The best Video editing appBest Video editing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

#1 app in the Top best Video editing app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Great reviews from thousands of users and Very popular on digital media due to its functionalities for Video and Photos. This app nominated in the Best app for iOS 8, Essential video app for editing, best in the free use and Premium features meet stunning tools for Create movies/ Video and Share to social app. More about this apple look in below link

Download Now – Free

10. AnimotoBest Animation type video making apps

Try 50+ built-in video style, made your video shooting smooth; Set your playback music, Set new picture, Scenes of video and Save in your device or share directly through Mail, FaceBook, Twitter, Message. Get more in Personal Basic premium features anytime.

Download Now – Free

11. Vintagio

Vintagio: Vintage video maker iOS app

Free in the app of the day – Today only (At Written this post), Make new vintage video or movie on your iOS device. Easy Editing tools, HD Quality, Basic operation Trim and Split, Duplicate filmmaker and more in single app

Download now – Free

12 Pinnacle Studio for video editing

Amazed for all video makers, due to own editing tools and user interface, Pinnacle video editing technology now on your smart device, Feel free and enjoy all quality video using this app.

Download Now – Free

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These are Full version Free and pro video editor apps for iPhone

New iPhone has a premium camera for record video in 4K mode, So we need dedicated apps that help to edit HD video without affecting resolution and original video quality.

iPhone camera user frustrated on an edited video has gone blurry and not clean on HD smart TV and Apple TV or 4K/ 5K iMac. Now, its time to share your favorite one video making and Editing app for iPhone.

Here’s the source of the Best Free Video Editors for Mac to easily crop, change the color tone and much more on your Apple Mac and iMac desktop.

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