Best Voicemail Apps for iPhone & Android in 2024

You can choose here the best out of best voicemail app android and iOS users. Find where is my voicemail app?

In this blog, get the top best Voicemail Apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android. Suppose you do not like calling your network service providers and slowly listen as it tells you to press any number to check your messages, with visual voicemails. 

In that case, you can voicemails are displayed on an app like the default phone calling App. It is a more effortless and effective way to check your important messages. Here is a list of the top 5 voicemail applications you can use, and most importantly, they are available for Android and iOS.

Best Voicemail apps for iPhone & Android: Transcribe voicemail, top for Voicemail to Text

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#1. You Mail: A Very Flexible Voice Mail App

YouMail is a free voice mail app for iOS, Android smartphones, and tablets. Listen to your messages by downloading or streaming them over 4G/5G mobile data networks. With the YouMail App, users can access their voicemail messages in real-time, even if they are not connected to the Internet.

 It is a better voice mail app but a more innovative voice mail that can suppress the ringer and remove wrong messages from spam. This App initially indicates if there is any spam call by the people who make fraud robocalls, and if somehow they leave a message, this App puts them into the spam folder so that it does not bother you. 

YouMail works by setting up a conditional call forwarding system on your phone, which means that any call you do not answer is forwarded to their system. 

 The callers in your contact will not be affected, and missed calls from them will hear a personalized voice message that you record. But the numbers suspected to be a scam hear a default recording; the automated dialing system will inform them that the number they are trying to reach is not in service currently. So the idea is to reduce the not-so-necessary calls so that you can only get those that are important.

The prime thing is that YouMail Visual mail supports most major carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

You mail supported with Mac computer. The minimum system required macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 & M2 chip or later.

In-App Purchases

  • Premium – $4.99
  • Pro – $9.99

#2. Google Voice:

Grand Central Google Voice Voicemail was the name of this App earlier. This App is a Google service that allows you to listen and respond to voicemails from your smartphone. It’s one of the best features of Android phones, but it doesn’t come standard on every phone. You can download the App free from the Play Store or iOS App store. 

It is one of the oldest apps on the market. This service gives you an additional phone number to receive calls or texts on your Android or iPhone. 

You can use it for personal reasons or business purposes as well. To sign up, go to, where you will find private and business use options. The personal one is free, but the business one does charge you monthly. 

The set-up process is easy and pretty much the same on both web and application. When you first start with the App, it will ask you to log in to your Google account and then it will tell you to look for an available number according to your area code. Make sure you have an alternate phone or landline because you will get a call from this application to verify your identity with an automated message. 

By default, Google Voice transcribes your voicemail in the text, which is super helpful.

#3. HulloMail Voicemail:

Hullomail Voicemail is the most demanded voicemail app in the entire US; so far, this application’s technology has successfully stopped over 1 Billion Robocalls in the US. 

Using this visual voice mail, you can quickly prioritize who you want to call back; if you miss any notifications on your mobile device, you need to worry because they will be delivered to your mail. 

Another feature you can enjoy in this application is the customized greeting features for your special contacts. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

You can choose from the free and paid versions with their features. 

Enjoy the free two-week version and decide whether you want to go for the paid one. The file size of this application is just 54.5 MB, and it is available for its user in English, Spanish and Thai.

#4. Vox:

Voxist is a voicemail app for Android and iPhone. It allows users to listen to their messages, forward them or delete them from the App.

Vox also has an option to set up a tone for your phone so that when someone leaves you a message, they will hear it as soon as they pick up the phone.

In addition, the App connects with Google Voice, meaning that if you have a Google Voice number, then Voxist can be used on all your devices (Android phones, iPhones, and tablets).

With Voxist, you can | prioritize the frenzy of voicemail messages that come your way. Using the mobile App, you can see your voicemails on one screen. So you can now find important messages more quickly.

Using the voice-to-transcript feature, you can read your messages in multiple languages. Add a personal touch by customizing greetings for your callers so they feel they are unique. When you are busy and can’t reach out to your phone, Voxist will send all your voicemails on your mail and do not let you miss the important messages.

#5. InstaVoice: 

InstaVoice Visual Voicemail is a visual voicemail app for Android which allows users to view and manage their voicemails in an easy-to-use interface. You can easily listen to your messages, check the delivery time, and delete or forward them by clicking on the corresponding icons. In addition, Instavoice’s notification system will let you know when new messages come in, even if you are not using your phone at the moment.

InsatVoice is an intermediary between your voicemail and you, allowing you to listen to and respond to your messages free of charge. It is a voicemail managing application that visualizes your messages on a chat-like interface.

As soon as the voicemail has been received, it will show the name and number of the caller. You can then listen to them, replay them as many times as you want, and skip to whichever part you need to.

The voicemail will then remain in the App until you delete it yourself. Unlimited space for messages means no end to how long you can keep them. If you need to get back in contact with the caller, instavoice gives you the option to send voice, text, and picture messages. 

If you accidentally send any multimedia message, you can quickly delete it from the list.

#6. VTX Voicemail: 

The VTX voicemail system saves time and helps improve customer relationships by taking the hassle out of managing the voicemails with their innovative application. 

In the voice transcript, your voicemails are converted into texts and displayed on an interface that looks similar to mail. The email forwarding feature never lets you miss any message. You can forward your messages to your email and as many other emails as you like.

Record a personalized greeting using the contact-based greeting feature, which will play only to the particular contact it is assigned.

It’s always best to let an application manage all of your notifications so that you can focus on more critical throughout your day. Pick up the visual voicemail app from the list that suits you much.

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