Best VR Games for iPhone 15, 14 in 2023

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Explore the best iOS VR games and virtual reality experiences available for iPhone. From iPhone VR headset games to VR glasses games for iPhone, the options are diverse and engaging.

Whether you’re looking for immersive gameplay or high-quality graphics, there’s something for everyone. However, it’s crucial to consider factors like in-app purchases and compatibility when making your choice.

1. Rec room 

Rec room VR Games for iPhone
Rec room


  • The game features a lifelike environment, complete with animated rides.
  • New attractions are added regularly, keeping the game fresh.


  • Many rides are locked and require in-app purchases to access.

Rec Room is a virtual reality game available on iOS. It offers a virtual amusement park with 34 different attractions. These include roller coasters, horror houses, and carousels.

Rec Room is a solid choice if you’re looking for a virtual reality game on your iPhone. It offers a variety of experiences and is updated regularly. However, be prepared for in-app purchases if you want to unlock all the rides.

2. Roller Coaster VR Theme Park

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park Virtual Reality iOS Games
Roller Coaster VR Theme Park


  • Updated for smooth gameplay on the latest iPhone models.


  • Many attractions require additional payments to unlock.

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park is a virtual reality game for iPhones, compatible with iOS 11.0 or later. The game offers 34 different attractions, including roller coasters, horror houses, and animated carousels.

3. VR Jurassic: A Journey Back in Time

VR Jurassic A Journey Back in Time Virtual Reality iOS Games
VR Jurassic


  • Whether you’re into exploration, narrative, or thrill-seeking, there’s something for everyone.
  • The game offers a chance to explore and even ride dinosaurs, making it one of the best iPhone VR games for interactivity.


  • VR mode is only enabled for iPhone 5 series and above, leaving out users with older models.

VR Jurassic is a virtual reality game that takes you on a thrilling adventure to the age of dinosaurs. Available on the App Store, this game offers three different modes: Park, Movie, and Roller Coasters, each providing a unique experience. 

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4. VR XRacer

VR XRacer Virtual Reality iOS Games
VR XRacer


  • Offers both traditional and VR gameplay.
  • Works across a range of iPhone models, from older versions to the latest.


  • The game becomes more challenging as you advance, which may not be ideal for casual gamers.

The game has two gameplay modes: a hand mode for those who prefer the tactile feel of traditional gaming and a virtual reality mode for an immersive experience. 

Players earn credits that can be used to unlock new spaceships, each with unique attributes that can affect gameplay. This adds a strategic layer, encouraging players to think carefully about their choices and adding replay value to the game.

5. Ninja Kid Run VR 

Ninja Kid Run VR Games for iPhone
Ninja Kid Run


  • Ninja Kid Run VR is fully optimized for VR glasses games for iPhone.
  • The game employs swipe and touch controls, making it one of the most user-friendly iPhone VR headset games.


  • The game has multiple in-app purchases, which could be a downside for those looking for a completely free experience.

Ninja Kid Run VR is a runner game designed for iOS, offering a virtual reality experience. The game is compatible with VR glasses for iPhone, enhancing the gameplay. Swipe controls are used for dodging, jumping, and ducking, while touch controls allow you to shoot stars at obstacles. 

Ninja Kid Run VR ranks high among the best VR headset games for iPhone, especially for those interested in runner games. Its VR compatibility makes it one of the best virtual reality games for iPhone, offering an immersive experience that many iOS VR games lack.

6. VR Space Roller Coaster Galaxy

VR Space Roller Coaster Galaxy Virtual Reality iOS Games
VR Space Roller Coaster Galaxy


  • The game provides a comprehensive view of celestial bodies, setting it apart in the category of best virtual reality games for iPhone.
  • The game’s commitment to bi-weekly updates ensures a continually fresh user experience, making it one of the more dynamic iOS VR games on the market.
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  • The game’s monetization strategy includes in-app purchases, which could be a drawback for users looking for a fully unlocked experience at the initial download.

“VR Space Roller Coaster Galaxy” is a high-quality iOS VR game that offers an immersive 360-degree experience of the solar system. Designed for iOS 16, the game is compatible with multiple VR glasses for iPhone. 

It not only offers immersive experiences but also frequent updates, placing it high among the best VR headset games for iPhone.

7. VR Zoo 

VR Zoo Virtual Reality iOS Games
VR Zoo


  • Animal Variety: The game includes a diverse range of animals, from predators like lions to large herbivores like elephants, offering a comprehensive zoo experience.


  • The game has additional features locked behind in-app purchases, which could be a turn-off for some users.

The game provides a 360-degree view of a zoo featuring a variety of animals like lions, elephants, and crocodiles. It’s designed to work with multiple types of iPhone VR headsets.

8. VR Zombie Horror

VR Zombie Horror Virtual Reality iOS Games
VR Zombie Horror


  • The game offers a 360-degree audio and visual experience, making it one of the best VR apps for iPhones without a controller.
  • The 3D graphics are stunning, adding to the haunted horror atmosphere.
  • The game is frequently updated, offering new attractions and features.


  • Some users have reported that the game’s objectives are not clear, leading to confusion.
  • The game is free to download but offers in-app purchases, which might not be appealing to all users looking for free VR games for iPhone.

The game sets you in creepy rooms where you can almost feel someone’s breath on your neck. The objective is unclear, adding to the unsettling atmosphere. 

If you’re in search of virtual reality games for the iPhone that will give you chills, VR Zombie Horror Games are worth a look. It combines the elements of horror, high-end graphics, and immersive VR to offer an experience that’s both terrifying and captivating. It can also be considered one of the best VR horror games.

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In summary, 2023 brings a robust selection of the best iOS VR games and virtual reality games for iPhone. Whether you’re interested in iPhone VR headset games or looking for VR glasses games for iPhone, the market offers diverse choices. 

Key considerations include gameplay mechanics, graphical quality, and the presence of in-app purchases. Compatibility is also a crucial factor, especially for those seeking the best VR apps for iPhones without a controller. Make sure to check these details to ensure an optimal virtual reality experience on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is Apple VR called?

As of the information available up to early 2022, Apple has not yet released an official virtual reality (VR) product. iPhones, in the meantime, are compatible with third-party VR apps and games.

Q2. Can I play VR games on my iPhone?

Yes, iPhones are capable of running VR games, although with limitations compared to specialized VR hardware. Games like VR Jurassic are designed to offer a rich VR experience on iPhones. 

Q3. Why are VR games so expensive?

The development of VR games involves several complex factors that drive up costs. These include the need for specialized VR software development kits, intricate 3D modeling, and sometimes even motion capture technology for realistic movements. Additionally, the market for VR games is currently smaller than for traditional video games, which means that developers have fewer customers to spread the costs across.

Q4. How much is a VR gaming setup?

The cost of a VR gaming setup can vary widely based on the hardware. For iPhone users interested in a basic VR experience, a Google Cardboard viewer. 

Q5. Is VR gaming successful?

Virtual reality gaming is in a growth phase. While it hasn’t achieved mass adoption, advancements in VR technology are making these games more interactive and immersive, which is attracting a steadily growing user base

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In the meantime, this list adds thousands of new, most popular apps. Please keep visiting us and share with other kinds.

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