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1 Best iPhone browser use as Safari Alternatives

Best iPhone Browsers Safari Alternatives, Fast, Secure, Easy To Use

In Apple’s all device built-in Web browser is a Safari. But it’s not necessarily everyone has like to surfing on Safari Web browser cause there several many browsers are available in the App Store. Web browsers are Free and Paid available on App Store it can give you the better experience in Surfing, Bookmark, Private browsing than Safari.

Let to know which are the best Alternatives to Safari for your iPhone or iPad? Check over Excellent collection & able to use the best Alternate web browser for iPhone models.


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Compatible iOS Device: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Edge to edge iPhone X,  XS Max, XS, XR and Also Big screen iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro.

The web browsers are significant to our mobiles as you are having many things available in one place so anyone tap you are going to enjoy a lot of things, and it works so smoothly and faster. Some of the web- browser are listed below with their facilities they provide like Easy access Multiple Web pages, Find it, BookMarks, Save and more.

Don’t miss to update the app to the current version of App Store for new features and Security features.

1 Best iPhone browser use as Safari Alternatives

Best Web Browser for iPhone: Safari Alternatives

#1. Google Chrome

Web Browser Google Chrome is a Free Surfing app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Google makes it more accurate and secure in every update. It’s fully compatible with Smart Phone OS as well as Computer. According to the report, there is millions of User which are using Google Chrome on Window OS.

Google Chrome features – Good privacy settings, faster browsing, it provides Sync devices facility to accesses and bookmark from your tablet seamlessly, Phone as well laptop or computer; Google Voice search and Translation are advanced language correction tools.

Google Chrome designed with simple and allowed pick up where you’ve left your data surfing. The app is Compatible with running iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7 devices.

#2. Opera Mini

2 Opera Mini for iPhoneWe want to share our experience – we did get decent video quality and no buffering with Speedy browsing. Seriously this is the fantastic and Best Alternate Web Browser for iPhone. Sleek to

Watch fancy graphics, data saving monopoly, its give 90% data saving on ordinary web pages.

Opera’s mini version of the internet browser which provides you with the same things that normal browsing and also saves your data and memory in many ways. This browser gives you fastest browsing and also blocks the annoying ads that always disturbs you.

It gives you data Saving mode which helps to save your data and also you can open unlimited tabs at the same time. It offers night mode to protect and care your eyes, and it has a home screen search which makes an easy and fast search in time of emergency. This app requires iOS 7 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Get Opera on App Store – Free


1 Firefox Web Browser for iPhone and iPadFirefox web browser is by Mozilla. This browser gives you a fast and easy way to sites you want to and makes your phone have a safe Internet surfing. This web browser will make sure that you have safe, secure and faster surfing. This web browser will securely save your data and passwords.

Another thing is you can use many many tabs open at same time, and it also gives you to look at the top sites so you have don’t go to find them it will show up to you. This app requires iOS 9 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Get Firefox on App Store – Free

#4. Dolphin Web Browser

3 Dolphin Web browser for iPhoneThis browser offers you many things that you always want to have and the important thing is you are getting it right at the same place just you have to tap. This app provides you One tap share which let you share your favorite stuff on any social media. So You can sync this app with other gadgets to have fun in both of them.

Also, you can create your gesture so you can relate your way of net surfing. That gives you sonar option will make your web browsing easy to search, share and navigate by just shaking your mobile. This app requires iOS 7 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Get Dolphin on App Store – Free

#5. Puffin the Superfast iPhone browser

4 Puffin Browser for iPhoneThis browser will make you experience the fastest way of browsing which helps you to open the search results quick and easy. It gives you cloud protection which secures your device by the local hackers and saves your data and information.

It provides the best web – gaming, and it saves 90% of the bandwidth which makes your data usage at cheap units and gives fast results.  This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Get Puffin on App Store – Free

#6. Brave the Alternative of Safari browser

5 Brave Web Browser for iPhone and iPadThe brave web browser is fast, secure and easy to use. This app provides you quick and easy browsing with the majorities of this browser is it saves and reduce the data use. It gives you the protection during the surfing, and it also manages all your sensitive data and secures it from leaking. It gives you the best results as fast as possible. This app requires iOS 9 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Get Brave on App Store – Free

#7. Ghostery

6 Ghostery iPhone Web Browser as an Alternate BrowserThe ghostery privacy browser increases your browsing speed, privacy and decreases your data usage. This browser checks all the sites you visit and notifies that site which is harmful and blocks them, it is the largest tracker database, which contains over 2,200 trackers and 4,500 scripts, it disconnects you from all the tracker from a single track and it also clear all your cache and secure the search results.

This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.

Get Ghostery on App Store – Free

#8. VPN Browser

7 VPN Browser for iPhoneThis browser provides you internet access which deals with the wrong network. The websites will not show you the real IP address. The ISPs and insecure wireless will not turn up the surfing. It has excellent surfing capacity with unlimited tabs and popovers detection and blocking of harmful sites.

It also supports the audio and video of any videos or series you play. This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or IPad touch.

Get VPN Browser on App Store – Free

#9. Onion browser

8 Onion Browser for iPhone and iPadThis browser will browse you’re the network TOR, and The websites will not show up the IP address you are using and it. It also hides your IP address from those who are tracking it and it also regularly clears all your cache and history after every net browsing and decreases the data usage. This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Onion Browser on App Store – Free

#10. Mercury Web browser

It’s a stuff and cool web browser such as downloading, full-screen browsing, printing option, and multi-gesture as well as private browsing, save the page and with Passcode lock futures. More information.

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