Where to Buy New MacBook Pro/M1 Air Charger in 2023 [MagSafe]

2 45 W Magsafe Macbook Air Charger

Based on apple’s last report on selling out Apple accessories on the online store is not 100% original. So it may be harming your device and effect on the human body. Third-party Accessories includes Charging cable, Headphone at on top position. Beware of fraud products and Get original that’s perfect with your device. Here’s the guide on which MacBook charger suits your Macbook model.

Overtime charging cord break, frying or Weakening due to Adapter hit or Rough use or Wind tightly to keep it bag for carrying to office, College or Home. A Professional Macbook bag gives extra protection for these types of sensitive accessories. So we can easily manage and place Charger, Pen drives, External DVD drive or Hard disk easily and safely without damage itself or Macbook.

Guide: Where to Buy New Macbook Charger From Deals: Macbook Pro/ Air  

#1. Apple MacBook Pro Retina – 85 W

3 85 W Macbook Pro charger

MacBook Pro retina display model required 85 W charger with Mag-safe technology powered by apple official. For new MacBook pro buyers, it’s the free mind that. So you don’t need to buy it separately.

Safety Guide: For longer durability, put carefully by the wind when not in use. This habit prevents frying and wreaking cable damage near to the adapter over time.

Disconnect or Turn off the power source after charge MacBook. Don’t stay on the power socket over day or night.

This charger charges your Macbook pro retina at any stage of the MacBook. Sleep/ Wake, Turn off or On.

Amazon ($77.30) & B&H ($77.30)

#2. MacBook Air Retina Power Charger – 60 W

2 60 W Macbook pro charger buy

60 W power adapters are for Macbook Pro and Macbook pro 13 inches. Other power functions and Indicator is the same as the earlier model’s charger. Limited Manufacturer warranty and help tutorial.

Third-Party Charger on Amazon | Buy Apple Charger on Amazon

#3. The 45 W Magsafe Macbook Chargers – Newest Version

2 45 W Magsafe Macbook Air Charger

Magnetic DC connector is Fuel your Macbook air battery. It depends on the battery capacity and the MacBook version. It’s compatible with only Macbook Air featuring Magsafe 2 Port.

Amazon ($79.00)

#4. Twelve South Macbook Adapter

1 Macbook charger adapter for global use

Charge your Macbook and iOS device (USB cable) at once using Power Adapter. Perfect for charge iOS devices carefully and under overload security. TwelveSouth design this adapter for global use.

Buy On B&H ($44.95)

You might also like Power Adapter for Travel users.

Above is the full list of MacBook chargers that we can use on the preferred MacBook model. Give rate us your satisfaction and help from the above list.

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