Can I Change Photo on Photos Widget to Any Photo on iPhone?

Hide Photos Widget Widgets on iPhone home screen

iOS is the last stop for the iPhone and iPad users to get the bigger, better, brighter App Icons, Widgets, and a lot of things, you haven’t thought of. It’s totally different and incomparable from the previous iOS updates. In this line of the article, we’ll answer the most asked question concerning the Photos Stack Widget of iOS; how to change featured photos on iPhone? Can I customize the Photos Widget?

Many folks wanted to know what is featured photos on iPhone? And how does the iPhone choose the featured photos in the Photos App? Well, to be honest, your iPhone uses the on-device intelligence by tracking down your activities and interactions with the Photos and Videos stored inside the native Photos App. Later, it collects a bunch of photos of your choice, and show in the Featured Photos tab, inside the For You tab.

We’ve covered a series of questions related to the Photos Widget of the iPhone, hope, it’ll answer all the questions and clear your doubts.

Can I Change Photo on Photos Stack to Any Photo?

No, you cannot put any photo manually on the Photos Stack to any photo, at the time of writing this article. However, iPhone users have the ability to remove the photos from Photos Stack Widget on iPhone, if they don’t like to see the next time.

The For You tab of the Photos App, can’t be controlled manually, the iPhone’s algorithm determines your interests, memories, and then displays it in the Featured Photos and also on the Photos Stack Widget. So conclusively, you cannot change featured photos on iPhone.

How to Customize Photos Widget on iPhone?

As of right now, there is no option or settings available to choose the Photos that you wish to see in the Photos Widget, which means, you cannot customize the Photos Widget in latest iOS. Therefore, the Photos Widget will use the Featured Photos and Memories to show on the Photos Stack.

But as a bonus point, you can remove photos you don’t want to see as a featured photo iPhone widget. To do that,

  1. Go to the Photos app on the iPhone.
  2. Select the For You tab.
  3. Locate the photos that you don’t want to see in Featured Photos.
Remove from Featured Photos for Photos widget
Remove from Featured Photos for Photos widget
  • Press and hold the photo and choose Remove from Featured Photos.
  • Remove unwanted Featured Photos and Hide from Photos widget
    Remove unwanted Featured Photos and Hide from Photos widget
  • After then your Photos widget will Hide Photos that are removed from Featured Photos. [This option will not Delete Photos from your iPhone camera roll, So Don’t worry]
  • That’s it.
  • Can You Add Images to the Photos Widget?

    Unfortunately, Latest iOS doesn’t provide any custom option to add the images to the Photos Widget. It all works based on device intelligence and your interests.

    Our best guess is to wait for upcoming updates, and see if Apple let us add the images we want to appear in the Photos Widget.

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