Best Christmas Greeting Card Maker Apps for iPhone, iPad 2024

Create personalized Christmas cards with the best Christmas Card Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad. Discover thousands of designs and crafts.

With the digital world, greetings and wishes have also moved online. You might have seen GIFs, online greetings, and animated wishes, made using amazing apps to add a personal touch to your festive wishes. If you also find this interesting and want to craft heartfelt messages to design your Greeting Card this Christmas, then you must read this article until the end.

Here, we have listed the best iPhone Christmas Greeting Card Maker Apps that will make your greetings merry and bright!

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1. Greeting Cards and Gifts 

Greeting Cards and Gifts Christmas Greeting Card Maker App for iPhone and iPad

Why you should try the Greeting Cards and Gifts by Felt app?

  • You can print and email within 24 hours
  • It has thousands of designs
  • You can create a reminder list and browse gifts for them

Price = Free

Felt helps you to send genuine, handwritten cards and photos with a personal touch. You can add your personalized handwriting in card frames with your favorite designs, making every greeting card special. It is basically priced from $4.50, with various discounts and options for gifting cash, gift cards, or fresh-cut flowers. It has many other features like delayed delivery, reusable templates, a handwritten address book, birthday reminders, and international shipping. You can pick the best from thousands of designs and sign your card remotely.

2. ElfYourself

ElfYourself® Christmas Greeting Card Maker App for iPhone and iPad

Why should you try the ElfYourself app?

  • Simple and free to download
  • You can add dance and new features to the video
  • You can find lots of personalized videos with face

Price = In-app purchases start from $0.99 to $7.99

ElfYourself is the ultimate fun app that transforms you and your friends into dancing elves in personalized videos. You can add up to 5 faces, choose a dance, and let the app create a hilarious video for you. It can also be shared on social media or sent as festive greetings to loved ones. The app is free to download, where you get some free dances while others are available in a premium version. The best thing is you can explore other features, add personalized videos with your face, and create a funny look.

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3. Greeting Cards & Wishes 

Greeting Cards and Wishes Christmas Greeting Card Maker App for iPhone and iPad

Why should you try the Greeting Cards & Wishes app?

  • The app reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates
  • You can sync your phone and Facebook contacts
  • A diverse collection of free and premium e-cards

Price = $3.78

123 Greeting Cards has the world’s largest collection of free e-cards, perfect for birthdays, anniversary wishes, and other special occasions. It has Birthday and Anniversary Reminders to ensure you never miss a special date, prompting you to send warm wishes in just 4 seconds. It has over 40,000 free e-cards, including engaging videos, postcards, and gifs, to express your sentiments uniquely on Facebook or through messages. You can also sync contacts, schedule e-card deliveries, and discover the latest additions for every occasion.

4. Happy New Year Greeting Cards 

Happy New Year Greeting Cards Christmas Greeting Card Maker App for iPhone and iPad

Why should you try the Happy New Year Greeting Cards app?

  • Customizable templates for cards
  • It allows to download designs and share them easily over social network
  • You can find a good collection of messages and wishes in various languages

Price = In-app purchases start from $2.99 to $6.99

Happy New Year Greeting Cards offer a vast collection of greetings, messages, and wishes in various languages. You can use your images with stickers to create personalized cards. It has a bunch of custom Christmas and New Year cards featuring both trendy and classic templates that are easy to use and share. Whether for friends, parents, or grandparents, you can choose from a range of designs to bring smiles to your loved ones.

5. Christmas Greetings & Wishes 

Christmas Greetings and Wishes Card Maker App for iPhone and iPad

Why should you try the Christmas Greetings & Wishes app?

  • Preview card before sending
  • Easy sharing of cards over multiple networks
  • User-friendly and free app

Price = Free

Celebrate the festive season with this Christmas card app, offering a diverse range of over 1000 free e-cards to share joy with friends and family. Here, you can explore various categories such as Christmas wishes, humor, blessings, invitations, and more. The app keeps you updated on upcoming holidays, ensuring you’re always ready to send heartfelt greetings. It allows you to share video cards, postcards, and gifs, adding a vibrant touch to your social media wishes. You can schedule deliveries up to 60 days in advance for delightful surprises. 

6. justWink Greeting Cards 

justWink Greeting Cards Christmas Greeting Card Maker App for iPhone and iPad

Why should you try the justWink Greeting Cards app?

  • You can personalize your greeting cards with a personal message or photo
  • Send e-cards easily via email, text, or any social network
  • It supports dark mode for eye protection

Price = In-app purchases start from $1.99 to $3.99

justWink is your go-to app for sending personalized and awesome greeting cards straight from your mobile device. It offers hundreds of beautiful categories, perfect for every occasion. These e-cards open, flip, and evoke smiles like real cards, and you can customize them with personal notes, photos, or signatures for an authentic touch. Moreover, you can send your creations via email or text and also on your favorite social media network to add your creativity online.

Final verdict,

Hope you loved exploring the above best Christmas card applications. Your loved ones deserve special greetings this Christmas. Consider the above apps to Create Christmas greeting cards and impress your family and friends with your unique way of greetings this season.

Have you used any Christmas greeting maker earlier? We would love to hear other better options from you in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) :

Q1. How do I make a Christmas card on my iPhone?

To create a Christmas card on your iPhone, use apps like Canva or Adobe Spark Post for customizable templates. You can simply upload festive photos, add your personalized messages, and include holiday-themed graphics to create unique Christmas cards. Once satisfied, save or share your creation digitally or print it for a tangible card. 

Q2. What apps can I use to make Greeting cards?

You can use apps like Canva, 123 Greeting Cards, Greeting Card Studio, or any of your favorite design apps to craft personalized greeting cards. These apps offer user-friendly interfaces, customizable templates, and a variety of design elements. Express your creativity by adding images, text, and festive graphics, then share your heartfelt cards digitally or in print.

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