Fix Clubhouse only works on wifi on iPhone – Manage Clubhouse Cellular Data Settings

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There are two kinds of restrictions primarily for all apps on your iPhone, including the Clubhouse social app. Another data restriction is for parental control; if you cannot do this, you won’t be able to modify the above settings. Sometimes, the data gets disabled for the Clubhouse app, and you need to turn it on; else, you will receive an error. If you don’t do so, then the application won’t run at low speed when the wifi is disconnected. Also, check How much Cellular data is used by the Clubhouse app. and Go with the Strict Restrictions on using Cellular Data for the Clubhouse. You can get a fix here Clubhouse Poor connection error.

You all might be using several apps apart from the Clubhouse. Right! Have you faced any issues regarding the data? If yes, then feel free to continue reading!

Whenever I try to use Clubhouse on my cellular network it says “Poor Signal” and Won’t play the audio. No matter how many times I restart my phone or reinstall the app I still have the problem. So basically I can only use CH while on WIFI.

Fix Cellular Data not working on iPhone.

Fix WiFi Not Working on iPhone

How Can You Disable/Enable the Clubhouse Data Settings?

you can go for enabling/ disabling the data’s on the app by the following-

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Step #1. Open Settings App.
Step #2. Tap Cellular or Mobile Data. (make sure, you have an active data plan, and Line is enabled for dual sim)
Step #3. Now scroll the screen to turn the switch right side next to the clubhouse App. Use cellular data for Clubhouse, but be mindful of your usage to avoid exceeding your limit.

Tap on cellular data scroll enable clubhouse on iphone

Hint:- if the toggle is grayed out for the app, then Check the Screen Time restrictions settings for Cellular data in this article.

Sometimes, turning on flight mode and waiting for a while again to turn off flight mode on your iPhone will help you to fix mobile data-related issues.

Next, is how to View, How much Cellular Data used by Clubhouse app?

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How Much Data Used by Clubhouse App?

As Clubhouse is an audio-based application, it won’t fetch maximum data. These day’s people are more into wifi so you shouldn’t be more bothered about it. No worries, you can freely use this app without its data consumption.

But you can change the Clubhouse data usage by-

  1. Open your phone Settings.
  2. Tap on Cellular data or Mobile Data.
  3. Scroll to locate the Clubhouse app.
  4. Now, you can see the data usage for the app.
See Data used by Clubhouse app on Phone

Still, if you want to take care of your data, there is hope too by allowing permission or not.

How Would You Allow/Disallow Data to the Clubhouse?

Sometimes it is important to keep privacy for the app as children are using phones also, so better to follow the parental restrictions. After applying this restriction to your Phone, You will see the Option for changing permission to use Cellular data grayed out.

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Try These procedures for sure; this will be very helpful

Step #1. Open Settings.
Step #2. Tap Screen time.
Step #3. Tap Content & Privacy restrictions.


Step #4. Scroll down the screen to tap on Cellular Data Changes or Mobile data changes.
Step #5. Please Enter the screen time passcode if it’s enabled.
Step #6. Select Allow to remove data restrictions for a specific device.

Scroll cellular data changes check on password find enable allow on iphone

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Let’s come to the final note. If you are bothered about the app’s data usage, here you have its solution. As already mentioned, this app won’t consume much of your data as it is an audio-based app.

Give it a try on wifi for unlimited access. Else, you have another alternative to allow or disallow the data permission. A suggestion would be not to bother much about the same, rest it’s up to you!

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