How to Turn off or on Clubhouse App Notifications in 2023

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The Clubhouse App is a Voice-based social network application. You can only use it if anyone invites you via a link, meaning one of your friends, colleagues, or whoever should be using the Clubhouse app; that’s the only way to join the Clubhouse rooms. It’s easy to join the rooms in the Clubhouse app, listen to the ongoing conversations. While concerning the notifications, there are different ways to easily turn off, turn on, and manage the Clubhouse app notifications.

Not all users love to receive, while few want to customize the same in their ways. However, Apple doesn’t allow much more customizations, but surely, you’ll get the most out of it from this article. Like any other app, you can manage the Clubhouse App notifications on any device.

How to Manage Clubhouse App Notifications

Turning on Clubhouse Notification on the Phone will help to get an Upcoming Event Alert Notification on Clubhouse if you Followed the event.

How to Turn On Clubhouse App Notifications

Is the Clubhouse App notification not working for you? Make sure that you turned it on from the Settings on your device. Here’s how to turn on Clubhouse App notifications. Moreover, there are few options to tweak how you want to get CH notifications alert; it’s also explained in the same steps.

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Step #1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Step #2. Tap on Notifications.
Step #3. Scroll the screen to tap on Clubhouse App. (if not clubhouse setting not showing, please scroll the page to get the clubhouse app on the notification screen)

Open the settings tap on the notification click on clubhouse on iphone

Step #4. Turn the switch to the right side to Allow Notifications.

Select toggle allow notification off to on green on iphone

There will be three different options,

Automatic: This option will send messages in a group of a specific app, depending upon the app alerts.

By App: This option will group the notifications of a particular app that can expand by tapping on it.

Off: This option won’t group any notifications; the notifications will appear in the same order as they are received.

How to Fix Clubhouse Notification not showing in the notification settings page

Step #1. Open Clubhouse App
Step #2. Tap Profile icon
Step #3. Tap on the Settings icon

Open the clubhouse tap on the profile icon on iphone

Step #4. Now tap Turn On Notifications tab
Step #5. Tap Allow in pop-up
Step #6. Now tap Notification settings, so the next page allows you to manage various types of notifications for the Clubhouse app.

Select on turn on notification click on clubhouse send your notification tap on the notification settings on iphone

Step #7. So on this page, you can turn off Room Notifications, such as when follows start or join rooms; you also can handle Direct Notifications Backchannel, waves, pings, new followers, club invites, hosted events, furthermore, Other Notifications RSVPed events, etc.

Select on the notification settings toggle on to off on iphone

Step #8. To control your houses notifications, Tap Clubhouse HQ, So the next page will allow you to manage pause all notifications; in addition, more settings can control.

Select on the clubhouse HQ click on more settings toggle green on iphone

How to Turn Off Clubhouse App Notifications

If you don’t want to receive Clubhouse notifications, follow the steps below to completely turn off Clubhouse App notifications.

  1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Swipe down and select Notifications.
  3. Scroll the screen to tap on Clubhouse App.
  4. Turn the toggle to the left side to turn Off Allow Notifications.
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Open the settings tap on the notification click on clubhouse on iphone
Select on the clubhouse allow notification toggle green on then off on iphone

How to Manage Notifications Sound for Clubhouse App

Unfortunately, there is no separate way to set custom or change the App notifications sound on iPhone for the Clubhouse App. You’ll have to use the same notifications for this app.

Select the clubhouse click on sounds toggle off on iphone

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How to Hide/Show Preview Clubhouse App on Lock Screen Phone

Sometimes, Previews could show the information you don’t want to let another see; in that case, you can disable the Previews on an individual app.

Step #1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Step #2. Tap on the Notifications option.
Step #3. Select Clubhouse App.

Open the settings tap on the notification click on clubhouse on iphone

Step #4. Tap Show Previews.
Step #5. You can choose from Always, When Unlocked, or Never.

Select the clubhouse click on show previews tap on the never on iphone

How to Pause Notification on Clubhouse App

In-app settings let you pause notifications for an hour, for a week, until this evening and until morning, depending on your preference, change the settings.

  1. Go to the Clubhouse App.
  2. Tap the Profile icon.
  3. Tap Settings gear.
  4. Turn On the Pause Notifications button.
  5. Here you’ll have a few options: For an HourUntil this EveningUntil Morning, and For a Week.
How to Pause Notification on Clubhouse App
How to Pause Notification on Clubhouse App

How to get a notification when Your Follower Speak in Clubhouse App

  1. Open the Clubhouse App
  2. Find A people that you followed them
  3. now Click on The bell icon next to the Following button
  4. You’ll get a pop-up Screen likewise A people Name XYZ, talks, notify me
  5. Choose Always, Sometimes, Never Ever.
  6. You’ll have to select one of them.

That’s it.

How to Fix Notifications Are Disabled Error on Clubhouse App

If your App Settings show the message “Notifications are disabled” when tapping on Username to change it. We can’t let you know when amazing rooms are happening without notifications. And Open App Settings. Here’s the solution.

  1. Tap on “Open App Settings” to jump directly to this app notification setting on your iPhone or Open Settings app on device > Scroll to Clubhouse > Notifications > Enable toggle “Allow Notifications”. and Customize the preferred notification styles, Clubhouse app Notification Sounds, and more.
  2. You will not get a notification if there is a restriction or the app limit is turned on. So, Turn off Screen Time, Settings > Screen Time > Scroll to last and Turn off Screen Time, Restart iPhone, and check it works.
  3. If Clubhouse App settings are missing, then Delete the app and Re-install the Clubhouse app on your iPhone.
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Steps to Delete Clubhouse App

Open the clubhouse click on remove app on iphone
Clubhouse click on delete app on iphone

Steps to Re-install Clubhoues App

Ope App Store > Find Clubhouse in the search bar > Tap cloud with a down arrow icon to re-install.

Open the app store search clubhouse now download on iphone

Clubhouse App Support

if you found some bug with an incompatibility issue, that’s creating a notification alert issue, then Get help from Clubhouse help center, Select the option, and Quickly fix the issues.

Are you looking for any recommendations or tricks for clubhouse app notifications that are not mentioned above? Kindly, let me know in the comments!

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