How to Fix Clubhouse App Not Working on Mac macOS Sonoma

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Many users are reported that they have installed Clubhouse audio app on its M1 MacBook using imazing software tool. Luckily, clubhouse installed on mac successfully, but when they try to join the room on the clubhouse app on M1 Mac, an error shows up like the room is no longer available, the room doesn’t exist, and they should try another one. It says this for every room I can click. Is there a fix for this?

In reality, officially Clubhouse App not available on macOS App Store. But the “side loading” of apps from the iOS App Store to an M1 Mac with clubhouse as an example.

Unfortunately, you find that the app does not work on an M1 Mac. For Example, Clubhouse Room is not working on Mac.

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Useful Tricks to Make Clubhouse App Workable on Your M1 Chip Apple Mac

Note: I highly recommended you that first of all download the Clubhouse app on an iOS device first,

where i can get the Clubhouse App on Macbook m1?

You can download .ipa versions of applications by connecting your Apple iPhone / iPad to your Mac (using applications like iMazing).

Note: An app won’t working great for every application.

Solution #1.

make sure that you’ve M1 chip mac
You can only install the iOS application on your Mac. Open Mac App Store on Mac > Click. on Profile name > See the list of Downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad also download on Mac by click on Cloud icon.all-iphone-purchased-apps-and-games-on-mac
But if your iMac is using m1 chips, you need double clicks on app

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Solution #2.

Clear the Clubhouse App Data in container on Your Mac. To do that follow the bottom steps;

Open Finder > Click on Go on top menu > Go to Folder > Copy the below path and click on Go button.

~/Library/application Support


Now Find the Clubhouse Appfind-clubhouse-folder-on-mac
after that select, all files and folders of Clubhouse App then right-click and click on move to bin.

That’s it.

After done this, Restart your M1 Mac. Now try to use Clubhouse App on your M1 Mac.

hopefully, this found useful. If not work for you, Please continue the remain troubleshooting.

Solution #3.

Contact imazing Software tool
Let’s contact the imazing software support team and report to them your clubhouse won’t work on your M1 Mac issue.

Solution #4.

If the imazing tool is not responding or has no correct answer, you can report the Clubhouse team. Here’s a way to contact Clubhouse App Support.

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