How Do I Contact Clubhouse Social App Support in 2023?

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The Clubhouse Social App is at an exciting largest Drop-in Audio Social stage in its starting life. It’s standing out enough to be noticed and audience members, yet besides, the expanded examination that comes when a monstrous flood of users meet hazy balance arrangements.

The organization’s chiefs have been reprimanded for not putting assets in policing provocation or scorn discourse. The organization currently permits revealing of explicit individuals in an occurrence report however won’t determine the number of individuals or what mechanized frameworks it has committed to balancing.

How to Get Clubhouse Social App Support – Quick & Easy

Whether you are having trouble with your clubhouse app, like an error while using the app, service down, change email, or change your clubhouse username.

Also, want to know what to do when the app is not opening or Clubhouse App crashing? are you looking for more features in your clubhouse application?

We have got some tips to get you moving again.

Clubhouse Social App Support Services

  • Clubhouse Ticket Support [By Zendesk]
  • Email Support
  • App Document, Help
  • No Call
  • No Direct Chat

The clubhouse will take action from Registered email support and a Reference is given support forum. So before the move to the support contact, Here’s Register Email Address on the Clubhouse app.

1: Clubhouse Support Ticket

Enter the correct personal details with a full description of the problem is serious and want to take action immediately. The clubhouse will respond to a user shortly in working days. Right Now clubhouse working with limited resources and receiving thousands of requests from users. might be you have to wait a little more. Follow the below steps to create a support ticket from Mobile or Desktop.

  1. Go to this Support page and Create your own ticket. With the Right information.
  2. Enter your Registered email address on the Clubhouse app, and Type username Ex, @username
  3. Select Right Topic from the drop-down list and Then Select the right problem that you are facing. Now, Clubhouse is also taking a request to Change Mobile number, Change Username, Change Email Address, Delete Clubhouse account request as well.
    • If the problem is not listed then Select “Other Question” from the Topic list.Clubhouse Social app support & help
  4. Enter Summary and Description in detail. also Send the attachment like errors, warning if you have.
  5. And “Submit” successfully.
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Finally on submit request you will get confirmation message, “Thank you for contacting Clubhouse. We will be in touch!”.

2: Clubhouse App Support email

So, to contact clubhouse support, tap on your profile in the top right, tap on the Jira icon and then see here FAQs / Contact us so you will redirect to the Notion Clubhouse Knowledge Center.

If you can’t find the answer in our FAQs and need other help regarding clubhouse issues then, do email them at! from Clubhouse Registered email only.

3: For Further Support From Social Pages

If you want to connect with a Clubhouse Twitter account (@JoinClubhouse) to get the latest notifications and upcoming updates regarding this application, then go for it.

  • Take Part in Existing Twitter Discussion and Get the solution.

4: Clubhouse Social App Website Support & Feedback

Want to Share Feedback or a Feature Request?

If you like to give feedback as per your experience and want some new features for a better user experience, then they are always excited to hear from new users on what they like in the user interface and what they dislike.

If you want to fill the feedback form, click here.

CH Social app support on Web
CH Social app support on Web

Note: if you’re requesting a username or display name change, you must email them from an authenticated by Add email account on Clubhouse Account (as discussed before), so they can verify (for protecting user data) that you are the account owner. For now, they do not have phone number support, but for some issues, you can reach out via email support only.

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5. Can i do Clubhouse Voice Chat?

This is Essential service to quickly fix your problems. Right now This service is not Available for Whole Clubhouse Social app community. Alternatively users can use above contact methods.

Let’s discuss some FAQs:

How would I connect or disengage my Twitter or Instagram?

To connect with your Twitter or IG, tap on the catch “Add Twitter” or “Add Instagram” and watch that the right record comes up, and afterward approve the association. To detach your record, tap on the stuff symbol on your user profile, and select “Disengage Twitter” or “Disengage Instagram.”

How Might I Change My Notification Settings?

From your user profile, tap the stuff symbol at the upper right (settings). At that point, select the recurrence you need for notifications. You can likewise flip on/off moving room notices or decide to stop messages. Suppose you have a feeling that you’re getting an excessive number of notifications. In that case, they’d suggest picking “inconsistently” for recurrence so you’ll get told about co-follows, at the point when you get pinged into a room and when your invitees join. Get Everting fixed, Follow to Manage Clubhouse Notification.

What if I Want to Change the Phone Number on My Account?

They tragically don’t have an approach to change the telephone number on a record at present. They are chipping away at making it conceivable to keep your record or move it in future deliveries. Here’s some extra information to help at present:

In case you’re ready to keep admittance to both telephone numbers on the double, they are expecting to have the option to transform it for you soon manually and have more data on this soon.

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If you’ve just lost admittance to the old telephone number, then tragically, they would not have the option to move your old record to your new telephone number.

The quickest method to ensure you approach Clubhouse if your telephone number changes are to make another record (it will be a clear record!).

Note: They have one person – one account policy, so maintaining two accounts is against their guidelines. So, if you don’t want to be a restricted user, then use only one account.

Tip for you:

If you delete your account, you should be welcomed again by a current Clubhouse user to join once more. Kindly note that you won’t make another record utilizing a similar telephone number or username (@handle) for at any rate 30 days from the deletion request hour, and they can’t ensure the equivalent username will be accessible from that point. So, think once before deleting your clubhouse account if you don’t want to lose your unique username.


The Clubhouse gives a purposeful climate that makes a feeling of the local area and a spot to have a place. The Clubhouse as a spot to be the place where one can meet people in like circumstances has been recognized as accommodating in accomplishing recovery by giving the chance to reconstruct one’s broken interpersonal organization and offering contact with others in comparable settings.

What do you think? What are a couple of various ways you plan on using Clubhouse? Offer your considerations in the comments below.

Additionally, remark in the commentary that you have any inquiries concerning the Clubhouse.

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