How to Convert Keynote to Powerpoint on Mac, iPhone, iPad

Learn how to convert Keynote files to PowerPoint on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Follow our guide to seamless sharing of your presentations.

Apple devices don’t have Microsoft Office, so they developed Keynote as an alternative. It has all the necessary tools for creating presentations, but sharing outside the Apple environment can cause compatibility issues.

To solve compatibility issues, convert Keynote files to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. Since Microsoft Office cannot open Keynote files, you must convert them before using them. Here we will discuss ways to convert Keynote to Powerpoint on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. By converting Keynote files to Powerpoint, you can access them on any Windows or Android device.

How to Convert Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations on a Mac

To convert Keynote files to PowerPoint on your MacBook, download and install Keynote. Follow the steps carefully as there may be some variations due to different operating systems.

Step. 1→ Open the Keynote application or software on your MacBook.

Step. 2→ Select the Keynote file that you want to convert.

Step. 3→ From the list of options available on the menu bar at the top of the screen, select file.

Step. 4→ Then, click on the option labeled as Export to > PowerPoint from the dropdown menu.


Step. 5→ You’ll be presented with a choice to add a password or passcode to this entirely optional file. Once you have made a decision regarding whether to add a password or not, click on Next.


Step. 6→ Then add a name and allot a location to your converted file to be saved in.

Step. 7→ Click on Export, and your file will be converted.


You can easily convert the Keynote documents into PowerPoint presentations by following these simple steps. This converted file can now be accessed from any Windows computer or Android device where you can make the further necessary changes. If you still face some compatibility issues, you can click on the Advanced Options during the time of Export and select a file format compatible with the earlier versions of PowerPoint.

How to Convert Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations on iPhone & iPad

First, we should take into account the process of converting the Keynote files to PowerPoint Presentations on iPhone and iPad. Since most people already possess a Windows computer, it is essential to convert the Keynote files so that you can access them on your computer. Before getting into this process, ensure that you have the Keynote app downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Step. 1→ Launch the Keynote app on your iPad or iPhone.

Step. 2→ Choose the Keynote presentation that you wish to convert.

Step. 3→ Now, click on the circle with the three dots at the top right corner. This is the symbol for “More.”


Step. 4→ After that, click on the Export option from the pop-up menu.

Step. 5→ Now, for the exported file format, select PowerPoint.


Once you’ve followed these steps, the Keynote Presentation will be converted to Microsoft PowerPoint, and a pop-up will be visible on the screen asking you to share or save the file locally on your system. You can share this file with others using the IOS share sheet.

How to Convert Apple Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations on iCloud

This is one of the best methods for converting the Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations on Windows, Android, or any other gadget with a web browser in case you don’t have your Apple device with you. You just need to have an Apple account which is essential for using iCloud’s web client that takes care of the conversion process. So just stay along and follow these steps:

Step. 1→ Open the Web browser on your device.

Step. 2→ Head over to the website and log in using your Apple id.

Step. 3→ Then, from the list of apps available on the home page, click on Keynote.

Step. 4→ Upload Keynote file to convert online using cloud [online], or Open Keynote from iCloud to Look for the file you wish to convert.upload-or-open-keynote-document-online-to-icloud-from-mac-or-pc-browser

click on the “More” icon represented by three dots that pop up when you hover the cursor over your file.

Step. 5→ Now, choose the option labeled as Download a copy from the context menu.


Step. 6→ Finally, select PowerPoint as the format for the downloaded file.


After completing these steps, the converted file with PPT or PPTX format will automatically start downloading on your device’s system.


This is the fastest and the simplest way to convert any Keystone file into a PowerPoint presentation without using any Apple device.

How to Convert Apple Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations using online websites.

If you don’t have an Apple account and want to convert the Keystone file into a PowerPoint presentation, then you do this with the help of these fantastic online websites. These websites convert your Keynote documents into whatever file format you wish to convert them in. You can convert Keynote docs into PowerPoint quickly, efficiently, and with great ease by following the steps described below.


Step. 1→ Open the web browser on your device.

Step. 2→ Visit the website.

Step. 3→ Then, select and upload the Keynote file you want to convert.

Step. 4→ After uploading the document, choose the Convert Keynote to PPT or PPTX option.

Step. 5→ At last, click on Convert to start converting.

After clicking on the convert option, you might have to wait for a few seconds for the conversion to take place. Once the conversion is completed, the PowerPoint presentation will automatically be downloaded locally on your device. The Cloud Convert website is one of the most trusted and reliable web portals for converting documents, so you can rest assured about your data and files getting leaked or stolen.

These were some of the fastest, simplest, and most effective ways by which one can convert their Keynote docs into a PowerPoint presentation without losing the original format. Moreover, now you can convert and share these files with non-Apple users without worrying about the file being inaccessible to them. Therefore, seize this opportunity and select the method that is most convenient and suitable for you for converting the Keynote files to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

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