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The macOS Monetary is the latest operating system for Macintosh computers, which will release this year. Along with many other features, the main highlight of macOS Monterey is that it will allow users to create facetime links, just like the iPad and iPhone. 

Facetime also went through a lot of exciting new updates recently. With the new features in Facetime, it looks like some of our official online meetings and business video conferences might shift to Facetime. Now, an android or windows user can finally join a facetime meeting through a web browser. The new update also allows users to create links that can be sent to people who want to be a part of the call. Just by clicking on that link once, people will be redirected to the call. These links can be sent through built-in apps like mails and messages or through any other third-party app like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc.  

However, a facetime meeting cannot be started by someone using windows, android, or Linux devices. They can only join a meeting hosted by an iPhone, iPad, or macOS Monterey user. Therefore, using Facetime on or windows and android devices won’t be as fulfilling an experience as it would be on an Apple device. 

Creating a facetime call link in macOS Monterey is almost as easy as on any other Apple device like the iPhone or the iPad. It is an excellent way of inviting multiple people on the same facetime call. The link of a facetime call remains active until it is deleted. Here is how you can create a facetime call link:

  1. The first thing you need to do is launch the facetime application.
  2. Tap on the create link option in the conversation browser. You can also name the link.create-and-share-facetime-link-on-mac
  3. Choose the contacts to share the link with, and then use your preferred sharing method to send the link.
  4. If the person who received the link uses windows or android devices, they can open the link using a web browser. They can join you for one-on-one and Group FaceTime calls right from their browser instantly — no login necessary.
  5. The facetime calls are end-to-end encrypted, which makes sure privacy isn’t compromised. Find more Option to Change Camera,
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Limited – 
Users with non-Apple devices can join using the latest version of Chrome or Edge. Sending video requires H.264 video encoding support. Some shared content [On Share Screen] may require a subscription to view.

Steps to Using a facetime link:

If you receive a facetime link and are not very sure what to do with it, the following steps will help you to use a facetime link: here’s how to fix the FaceTime link not working for error Waiting to be let in…”

  1. Click on the facetime link that you have received, and you will be redirected to a web browser or any app of a web browser. Use latest version of Chrome or Edge.start-facetime-using-link-on-windows-browser
  2. You will have to provide your name when you join the Facetime call. A pop up message will ask you to wait until the host lets you in.
  3. The one hosting the facetime call will be notified that you are waiting to join the call. 
  4. There are very few options that you can use while using Facetime like show or hide video, mute or unmute audio and enter chat in full screen. You cannot share documents or any other content on your Facetime calls. Make sure you allowed Camera access for Browser or App in Mobile Browser.allow-camera-and-microphone-to-facetime-on-windows-browser
  5. Tap on Join and Start Call.join-facetime-call-on-windows-browser-via-link
  6. If you want to quit the call, tap on leave. Use features like Turn off Camera, Mute Unmute Microphone, Full-Screen, and more options.facetime-settings-on-browser
  7. Like Copy link, Grid Layout, Change Camera, Microphone settings, FaceTime ID [Phone number or Apple ID]facetime-settings-in-browser-on-windows
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Also, you can re-join the same video call until the FaceTime call creates to delete it. Also, you can’t join calls until the FaceTime Call creator joined the call.

Steps to Delete a Facetime link:

If you have created a Facetime call link and sent it to people, but you don’t want it to function anymore, then you can quickly delete it. Once you delete a link, it deactivates the link. Just by working as per these steps, you can delete a Facetime call link:

  1. Go and open the Facetime application.
  2. You will see a small info button by the side of the link. Click on that ‘i’ button.
  3. You will get the option of deleting the link. Tap on the delete option.share-and-delete-facetime-link-on-mac
  4. Confirm it by tapping the delete link option once again.
  5. Once deleted, no one can join the link even if you have sent it to them.

I recommend deleting Created a link on FaceTime. that’s available on your own apple devices.

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To conclude,

we can say that the cross-platform Facetime call is an excellent initiative by Apple. But maybe it is “too little too late” as many other applications like Zoom and Google Meet have already captured the market. They have become the go-to option for conducting online meetings and classes for most organizations. However, if the company finds ways to make the Facetime calling option available to Windows and Android devices, Facetime may become a valuable tool for enterprises. They will be able to use it not just for personal video calls but for conducting online meetings and classes. 

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