55 Best Christmas Wallpapers iPhone in 4K of 2024


Christmas is the festival of joy and celebration and one of the kids’ favorite festivals. With the digital age, sending festive wishes digitally has become quite normal. If you are a wallpaper lover and want to give a unique festive touch to your iPhone screen, then there are Christmas wallpaper for iPhone available that can be easily used online. Whether you’re a fan of classic winter scenes, adorable snowmen, or elegant holiday aesthetics, there are a variety of live wallpaper iPhone selections to suit every style.

How to Set Wallpaper on your iPhone?

Launch the Settings on your iPhone > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Select Camera roll > Select Photo > Tap on Set (Set Lock Screen only or Set Home Screen Only or Set on Both Screen)

1. Christmas Wallpaper

Transform your device into a festive wonderland with these enchanting Christmas wallpapers.

Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone

2. Beautiful Christmas wallpaper

Celebrate the feeling of joy every time you unlock your screen with vibrant Christmas wallpaper designs.

Beautiful christmas wallpaper for iPhone

3. Aesthetic Christmas wallpaper

Immerse yourself in elegant designs and festive vibes with these cute Santa wallpapers.

Aesthetic christmas wallpaper for iPhone

4. Beautiful Christmas background wallpaper

Enjoy the serenity of the season with these Green Christmas wallpapers and transform your phone screen with a delightful green tree. 

Beautiful christmas background wallpaper for iPhone

5. Dark Christmas wallpaper

Spread the joy wherever you go! Elevate your phone with a Merry Christmas quote, a daily dose of festive inspiration at your fingertips.  

Dark christmas wallpaper for iPhone

6. Cute Merry Christmas wallpaper

Dress up your screen this festive season with adorable Merry Christmas wallpaper to make your device as joyful as the season!

Cute merry christmas wallpapaper for iPhone

7. Cute snowman Christmas wallpaper

Adorable snowmen will bring a smile to your screen this festive season! Explore a new snowman wallpaper this winter.

Cute snowman christmas wallpaper for iPhone

8. Funny Santa Christmas wallpaper

Bursting with laughter-inducing scenes of Santa’s antics, these whimsical backgrounds promise festive fun every time you glance at your screen. 

Funny santa christmas wallpaper for iPhone

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Christmas cookie wallpaper. Indulge in the festive spirit as sugar-coated treats adorn your screen, spreading joy with every glance.

Christmas cookie wallpaper for iPhone

10. Merry Christmas wallpaper

Get these captivating, merry Christmas designs and vibrant hues to transform your screen into a joyous celebration of the season. 

Merry christmas wallpaper for iPhone

11. Merry Christmas snow globe wallpaper

This Snow Globe Christmas Wallpaper transforms your screen into a whimsical winter wonderland.

Merry christmas snow globe wallpaper for iPhone

12. Funny Christmas Wallpaper

Laugh out loud this Christmas with funny Santa wallpaper and unleash your holiday humor.

Funny christmas wallpaper for iPhone

13. Green and Red Merry Christmas Wallpaper

The harmonious Merry Christmas Wallpaper will create a timeless backdrop for your joyful celebrations. Dive into this classic Merry Christmas wallpaper.

Green and Red Merry Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone

14. Red Aesthetic Christmas wallpapers

Add a vibrant touch to your phone screen with this Red Aesthetic Christmas wallpaper. 

Red Aesthetic christmas wallpaper for iPhone

15. Christmas snowman wallpaper

Dress up your screen in festive delight with Christmas Snowman Wallpaper. Adorable snowmen and snowy scenes bring the magic of winter to your device. 

Christmas snowman wallpaper for iPhone

16. Aesthetic Merry Christmas wallpaper

This timeless charm of Aesthetic Merry Christmas Wallpaper blends seamlessly, creating a visually enchanting backdrop for the holiday season.

Aesthetic merry christmas wallpaper for iPhone

17. Aesthetic Christmas tree wallpaper

Adorn your device with the enchanting beauty of trees, spreading joy and warmth with every glance.

Aesthetic christmas tree wallpaper for iPhone

18. Black Christmas wallpaper

These backgrounds bring a touch of modern flair to your device, embracing the Christmas spirit in style.

Black christmas wallpaper for iPhone

19. Teddy Christmas wallpaper

Wrap your device in cuddly warmth with this Teddy Christmas Wallpaper and bring a touch of coziness and cheer to your screen. 

Teddy chrismas wallpaper for iPhone

20. Green Christmas wallpaper

Explore diverse calming shades of the season by trying out these Christmas wallpapers, bringing a touch of nature’s serenity to your device. 

Green christmas wallpaper for iPhone

21. santa christmas wallpaper

Capture the merry magic of the season as Santa Claus and Jolly up your screen with this Santa Christmas Wallpaper.

Santa christmas wallpaper for iPhone

22. Joy of Christmas wallpaper

Let this joyous Christmas wallpaper illuminate your phone with magic.

Joy of christmas wallpaper for iPhone

23. X-MAS wallpaper

Explore the stunning X-MAS Wallpaper collection, where holiday magic meets digital art.

X-MAS wallpaper for iPhone

24. Pink Beautiful Christmas wallpaper

Break tradition with a unique touch by adding a delightful twist to the season with this beautiful pink Christmas wallpaper.

Pink Beautiful christmas wallpaper for iPhone

25. Joy of Merry Christmas wallpaper

Spread the season cheer with the best collection of Merry Christmas wallpapers and make this festive season merry and bright!

Joy of Merry Christmas wallpaper for iPhone

26. 3D Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone


Download 3D Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

27. Christmas Art Wallpaper for iPhone


Download Art Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

28. Kids Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone


Download Kids [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

29. Blue Christmas Tree Wallpaper


Download Blue Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

30. Christmas 2023 iPhone Wallpaper


Download pet Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

31. Christmas Day Before loading Wallpaper


Download Dark Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

32. Christmas Tree Lights Wallpaper


Download Light Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

33. Christmas Tree Wallpaper HD


Download Tree Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

34. Merry Christmas Baby Yoda Wallpaper

Merry Christmas Baby Yoda Wallpaper-9

Download Gaming Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

35. Decorative Christmas Wallpaper


Download Decorative Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

36. Lighting Christmas wallpaper

11-Lighting Christmas wallpaper

Lighting Wallpaper Download [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

37. Snowman Wallpaper for iPhone


Download Snow Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

38. Christmas Winter Wallpaper


Download Winter Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

39. HO HO HO Christmas Wallpaper


Download HO HO Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

40. Cute Christmas Baby Wallpaper


Download Christmas Kids

41. iPhone Merry Christmas Wallpaper

16-iPhone Merry Christmas Wallpaper

Download Christmas Wishes [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

42. Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2023 Wallpaper for iPhone

17-Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2023 Wallpaper for iPhone

Download Happy New Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

43. Real Santa iPhone Wallpaper


Download Santa Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

44. Red Christmas iPhone Wallpaper


Download Red Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

45. Santa Clause Christmas Wallpaper

Santa Clause Christmas Wallpaper-20

Download Christmas Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

46. Santa Clause Gift Christmas Wallpaper


Download Gift Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

47. Santa Clause White Christmas Wallpaper


Download White Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

48. The Night Before Christmas Wallpaper 2022


Download Quotes Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

49. Tom and Jerry Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone


Download Tom & Jerry Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

50. iPhone White Christmas Wallpaper


Download White Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

51. Winter Christmas iPhone Wallpaper


Download Winter 2021 Wallpaper [Guide to Set Wallpaper]

52. Christmas Festive aesthetic Wallpaper for iPhone


53. Christmas Deer Wallpaper


54. Merry Christmas Wallpaper for iPhone


55. Christmas snow globe iPhone wallpaper

  • Christmas Wallpaper 2532×1170 Pixels for iPhone 15 and iPhone 14
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2996×1290 Pixels for iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2556×1179 Pixels for iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2778×1284 Pixels for iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2,532×1,170 Pixels for iPhone 12
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2532×1170 Pixels for iPhone 12 Pro
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2778×1284 Pixels for iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2436 x 1125 for iPhone 11 Pro
  • Christmas Wallpaper 2688 x 1242 for iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Christmas Wallpaper 1792 x 828 for iPhone 11
  • Christmas Wallpaper 1242×2688 for iPhone XS Max
  • Christmas Wallpaper 1125×2436 for iPhone XS
  • Christmas Wallpaper 828×1792 for iPhone XR

Find your best from different categories of Christmas wallpaper for iPhone collections of more than 45. First, Download Wallpaper in your iPhone’s Camera roll with your Model Name that fits Exactly on your screen.

How to Download and Set as a Wallpaper on iPhone Lock or Home Screen

  1. Open this article – webpage on the Safari browser on the iPhone.
  2. Tap and hold on to the Download link just given below Each Wallpaper.
  3. Now, Open in New Tab.
  4. Next, From the top Tap on Download [icon button].
  5. The image will be downloaded in the Safari Download Manager in iOS 13 or later. [Earlier iOS devices get or Save to Camera rall]
  6. Next, click on the Downloaded image in the Safari Download Manager. To see the picture on the full screen, tap the Sharing icon and select Save image to the camera roll option. That’s it. Next, Set the Christmas wallpaper on the iPhone from the settings app.

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