Apple CarPlay Compatible Apps for iOS 17.1.1 in 2023

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Having all Apple products like HomePod, iPhone, iPad, Apple CarPlay, MacBook and HomeKit? it means you are living in the Apple ecosystem and enjoy each device by integrating them. So today we will talk about Apple CarPlay in this article. The Apple CarPlay is one of the best buddies that will never make you bore with its skills. While driving, you can attend calls or make calls, reply to someone or text, play music, get proper driving directions, and do much more with your voice. Here’s Apple Carplay 3rd Party Apps.

The only reason to buy Apple CarPlay is you can operate your iPhone with your Voice and drive safely. So in this post, we have listed some of the Best Apple CarPlay-compatible apps for you.

Most Useful Best Apple CarPlay Compatible apps for iPhone

  • Navigation and Maps

  1. Apple Maps

Since Apple CarPlay was introduced, we are using Apple Maps as our traveling assistant to guide the route. However, in past years, Apple Maps was not giving accurate results, but after hard works of developers, nowadays Apple Maps can help you to reach your destination without any issues.

  1. Google Maps

Luckily if you are new to Apple CarPlay and like to use Google Maps then yes you can use Google Maps in Apple CarPlay. Google Maps support has been added recently to the Apple CarPlay, and as we know, none of the navigation applications can beat Google Maps.

  • Messaging and Calling Apps

  1. iMessage and Phone
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It is hazardous if you are talking on a Phone call or messaging someone constantly while driving. Hence to increase the safety of people, the Apple CarPlay allows you to operate Phone calls and Messages using Siri commands. So with the help of Siri, you can make calls and ask Siri to message someone or read out the message for you while driving.

  1. WhatsApp

With the support of WhatsApp in Apple CarPlay, the users are too happy. WhatsApp is the most favorite third-party application that we were demanding from Apple in Apple CarPlay, and here it is. With the Siri commands you can read the last messages and message someone by just dictating to Siri without risking your life.

Download: Whatsapp on App Store

  1. Facebook Messenger

Compare to the above applications, Facebook Messenger doesn’t give full service. That means if someone calls you via Facebook messenger over VoIP calls, you can receive that call and answer it. The irony is you cannot make calls and messages using Facebook Messenger.

Download: Facebook Messenger on App store

  • Music Apps that is Apple CarPlay Compatible

  1. Apple Music

Good to see that Apple Music the growing deliberately than any other Music app in the world. Approximately Apple Music has 50milion paid subscribers across the globe which is outstanding. The everything music album is available in Apple Music; you have to say “Hey Siri” and get started with the newest songs right in your Apple CarPlay.

  1. Spotify

If we talk about third-party music application then no one can beat Spotify, the paid subscribers of Spotify are around 83million which is quite more than Apple Music. So if you are Spotify fan and already subscribed Spotify, then you would be happy to know that Apple CarPlay supports Spotify. Unluckily if you opt for Spotify, you have to manually control the app, as it doesn’t support Siri.

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Download: Spotify on App Store

  • The podcast and Audiobook Apps

  1. Overcast

Overcast is one of the best Podcast app supported by the Apple CarPlay. The preinstalled Podcast of Apple CarPlay is not better to compare to the Overcast app. You can download Overcast in your Apple CarPlay if you really want to enjoy the Podcast on Apple CarPlay.

Download: Overcast

  1. Pocket Casts

Alternatively, there is one more option is available for you, which is Pocket Casts. It is also worth trying applications in the category of Podcast applications. While driving, you can listen to your favorite Podcasts with the support of the Pocket Casts app on your Apple CarPlay.

Download: Pocket Casts

  1. iBooks Audiobooks

Usually, Podcast is best for the daily ride to the office, but Audiobooks are meant for extended traveling. With Audiobooks, you can listen to the stories, and the collaboration of Siri with Audiobooks increases flexibility while driving as you can ask Siri to Play or Pause or Rewind the story with your voice.

  1. Audible

While Audiobooks is best in his own way, Audible also provides fantastic service on Apple CarPlay. You have to buy a subscription of Audible and then you can enjoy seamlessly on Apple CarPlay. If you don’t want to buy the premium version then directly buy the books and pay the price for that book only.

Download: Audible on the App Store

  • Radio Apps

  1. iHeartRadio

Since decades we are using radio for our entertainment whether we are driving a car or at home. But now we can access the FM and AM of all the countries across the world because of the internet. So Apple has created iHeartRadio with all these abilities, and besides, it also added Apple CarPlay support for you. iHeartRadio contains almost all the favorite stations of the world, so you don’t have to look for another application.

  1. TuneIn Radio
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Practically TuneIn Radio is not radio service, but it is a radio service provider. That means it can bring you around 1,00,000 online FM and AM stations over the internet.

Download: TuneIN Radio on App Store

  • News and Sports Apps

  1. NPR One

If you love to read the newspaper or watch the News channel, then NPR is the best option for you while driving. NPR One is one of the wide networks that brings you all the latest updates of the US and some major stories around the world related to Technology, Politics, Science and many more. Start with the important news or headlines, then continue with your favorite part.

Download: NPR One App Store

  1. MLB At Bat

Major League Baseball is the best source to get new regarding all the activities and matches happening of the Baseball across the world. So whether you are driving or sitting at the office, you will never miss any single update from MLB.

Download: MLB at Bat App Store

  • Kids Apps

  1. Radio Disney

Traveling long with Kids is a bit risky as they will always distract you because they get easily bored. However, if you keep your kid busy with something, then you can drive the car peacefully and let the kid have fun. Download the Radio Disney app for your Kid, and they will remain busy and engaged with the cartoon shows and music videos.

Download: Radio Disney on App store

And these all are the most useful Apple Carplay Apps you can download, install, and set up without any extra technical knowledge.

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