Alternate ways to find app on iPhone, iPad, iPod home screen

search name from installed apps

Your iOS device installed with too many apps, you feel trouble to find app easily from your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch home screen. App Location of most use app from iOS device home screen should be easy on single device, but on different home screen layout on different apple devices, we can’t find and open app quickly. But here’s the solution on ways to find app on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.

Note: in any case, if you missed or lost app from home screen apps, then you need to reset home screen layout from iOS device. Although you continue to use hidden app without unhide app from screen then you can do that by below alternate stapes for ways to find app on iPhone/ iPad and iPod name from installed apps

Steps on ways to find app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: iOS 9, iOS 8

ways to find app on iPhone, iPad from Spotlight searchApple added new design and concept in spotlight search with iOS 8 released. New spotlight search is a Powerful search tools for find Applications, Mail, iMessage/ Text and App data within your iOS device. Also you can see default section in spotlight search for last or recently opened app. So we can easily use most frequent or last used app. If you disabled spotlight search then you didn’t show that inside spotlight search. Spotlight search is completely offline tool for search app on iOS device.


Use siri for find app from iPhone, iPad home screenNot all time useful, after prerequisite conditions about use of siri. We can efficiently use siri for open up app by speech or human voice. But command should be perfect like this, Ex, Here I want to open app store, then commands should be Lunch App Store or Open App Store – Open/ Launch “Name of the app”. To start siri > Press and hold home button long time from any screen on iOS device.

App Not Showing on Home screen

In the case, custom home screen layout might be change or wants to refresh all the app position. Then you can reset or rearrange home screen layout. Setting > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

Still not find the app: Know from app store

Go to the app store on iDevice, and open it. Updates > Purchased > My Purchases > All or Not on This iPhone/ iPad/ iPod. Not on This device apps are removed/ Deleted apps list, all installed apps.

Apps will be placed on default locations.

Any helping suggestion? That’s you experience and use to others like you then share with us on ways to find app on iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch.

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